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Thursday, February 25, 1999/ Esfand 6, 1377, No. 674

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Come back tomorrow
Running around in government offices

    By Shahin Shahin

    Two days into my visit in Iran, a friend of mine from college days in Europe called and asked whether I would accompany him on some errands. Sure, why not. Little did I know that it would turn into a mission, an almost impossible mission.

    Inside the taxi, he explained that he wanted to change the deeds of a house the family owned into his brother's name. We went to see an attorney.

    The attorney was a very nice man, who did not laugh at us simple, naive souls. He began to explain the process and procedures. To me they seemed so complicated, that my head began to spin. Behind the attorney's head I saw a vision of a slow fuse, a lighted match lighting the fuse, and him saying to us, "should we accept the mission ...and the tape would self-destruct in five seconds". The theme music from Mission Impossible was ringing in my ears ... GO TO FEATURE


Western suits, ties mark new style for Islamic Republic

TEHRAN, Feb 25 (AFP) - Western-style management qualifications and suits and ties are taking over from Islamic beards and long prison records under the shah as the way to appeal to voters as Iran goes to the polls for its first ever municipal elections Friday.

In the capital one candidate for the city council has even earned the nickname "Mr. Tie" for his audacity in plastering the streets with pictures of himself wearing an item of clothing long scorned by the Islamic authorities as an unacceptable legacy of the pro-western shah.

Just a few years ago the tie would have earned Sadeq Sameieh serious problems with Iran's ubiquitous Islamic militias.

But now the cleanshaven, besuited image is a viable campaign strategy as the daily problems of everyday life here make voters more interested in a candidate's administrative abilities than in demonstrations of revolutionary commitment ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi


    Save a life

About May of 1998, the 16 years old handsome Pouya Mofrad was diagnosed of having Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. Initially, after his diagnosis, Pouya went through extensive Chemo therapy, and for a while he began feeling better. At one point his victory over this deadly cancer made him and his mother very happy. However, few months later, the sign of cancer resurfaced with much more force and more determination to destroy Pouya. He was no longer able to go to his high school in Walnut Creek of Northern California. Due to extreme Chemo therapy, he has lost his strength to continue school....

In order for us to guarantee this simple right of life for Pouya, all we need to do is to donate 1-2 teaspoon of our Iranian blood to one of the Bone Marrow blood Centers, so they can run some test on them to see, if it'll match Pouya's genetic type .... MORE DETAILS HERE

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* Ruined my life

Hossein Samiei writes: You sir have ruined my life. I had lived happily in this country for many years until I read your viciously perceptive article ["Waht's that smell?"]. Having blessed with a hypersensitive nose like you, I had also been vaguely aware of some strange odor, but never associated it with anything in particular.

Since I read your article I have become paralyzed: I am constantly aware of "that smell"; I am unable to interact with people; crowded rooms and elevators are worse than hell; sex has completely lost its meaning; and I spend most of my time away from people. The knowledge you gave me has taken away my blissful ignorance. I wish I had never read your article.

* Trash

Afshin David Youssefyeh writes: Why are you publishing this trash ["Waht's that smell?"]? What a waster of web space. Most people I know had no problems mastering the art of wiping themselves with toilet paper.

* Concert: Shahin & Sepehr free Noruz concert

Washington, D.C. - D.C. recording artists Shahin Shahida and Sepehr Haddad will perform with the band from their 4th CD World Café in two free 45-minute concerts on Saturday, March 20, at 1:00pm and 4:00pm, at the MCI Center's Discovery Channel Flagship Store, located at 601 F St., N.W. ... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

Life and Work of the Forerunner in Persia

Not really a collection of sacred texts, yet crucial to an understanding of one of the world's great religious traditions, is Zoroaster: Life and Work of the Forerunner in Persia.

Designed for a general audience, this biography of Zoroastrianism's prophet is sure to generate interest in the early religion of Persia from which Judaism and Christianity drew so much. -- Publisher's Weekly

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Reformers finally get go-ahead to stand on eve of landmark poll

TEHRAN, Feb 25 (AFP) - Less than 24 hours before polls were due to open for Iran's first ever municipal elections, a dozen leading reformist candidates in the capital finally received the green light to stand from moderate President Mohammed Khatami Thursday. In a last-minute statement carried by the official news agency IRNA, Khatami overruled a disqualification order issued against the candidates by the conservative head of the election Supervision Council, Ali Mohavedi-Savoji ... FULL TEXT

Several injured in attack on reformist party HQ in Tehran: reports

TEHRAN, Feb 25 (AFP) - Gunmen opened fire on the Tehran headquarters of Iran's leading moderate party, wounding up to three people amid a wave of political violence ahead of Friday's landmark municipal elections. Several bursts of automatic weapon fire riddled the northern Tehran offices of the Executives of Construction Party on Wednesday, the Hamshahri newspaper reported Thursday ... FULL TEXT ... also see ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Moderate party condemns attack

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - The moderate Servants of Construction party issues a statement condemning the armed attack on their headquarters in Tehran ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran exiles, Italy MPs denounce Khatami visit

ROME, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Italian parliamentarians and Iran's exiled opposition said on Thursday it was a bitter irony that Iranian President Mohammed Khatami's forthcoming visit to Italy would begin on International Women's Day. ``It's a bit of a joke that Khatami is arriving on March 8, International Women's Day,'' communist deputy Maria Celeste Nardini told a news conference in Italy's lower house of parliament. ``The rights of all Iranian citizens, but above all women, have been abused.'' ... FULL TEXT

Germany nears debt deal with Iran

BONN, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Talks on making it easier for Iran to service billions of marks in debts to Germany in the wake of a world oil price slump have reached an advanced stage, German officials said on Thursday. Details of the talks were sketchy, but an official at the Ausfuhrkreditanstalt (AKA) in Frankfurt, which represents 40 lender banks, said a restructuring could be announced in March ... FULL TEXT

Lingering Iran oil row hits OPEC prospects

LONDON, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Prospects for further oil output cuts suffered a fresh blow on Thursday when Iran indicated a lingering dispute with Saudi Arabia over supply restraint was still very much alive. A statement by an Iranian OPEC source shredded hopes for a resolution of a bad tempered row that has defied resolution for months, blocking progress by OPEC on moves to raise sagging prices ... FULL TEXT

Iran to allow private banks, official says

TEHRAN, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Iran has approved the creation of private banks for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution, which led to the nationalisation of banking, a senior official said in remarks published on Thursday. Nasser Yusefikia, a senior Central Bank official, told newspapers that the idea had been approved at the highest levels of the government ... FULL TEXT

New books: Farmanfarma

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - This week's book reviews in Hamshahri include one about the life and time of Abdol-Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal beats al-Hilal

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Esteqlal, one man short for much of the game, defeated Saudi Arabia's al-Hilal 2-1 in the latest round of the Asian cup-winners cup championships held in Kuwait ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

German to remain head coach of Omid

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The soccer federation has a given a vote of confidence to the German heach coach of the under 21 national team (Omid) ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Contrary to the norm in other elections, most candidates emphasize their professional and educational backgrounds instead of relying solely on their revolutionary experience.

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