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Thursday June 3, 1999 / Khordad 13, 1378, No. 740

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Harmless, joyful rituals
The Iranian way of finding a mate is not unique

By Afshin Afshar
June 3, 1999
The Iranian

I have yet to hear of a couple who met without the initial eye contact. The only difference is that the Iranian version is indeed longer and more seductive. I admit to be guilty of loving it! There is nothing like the moment when the eyes lock for a third or fourth time, and you realize you may approach and initiate a conversation. Where it goes from there no one really knows, but that only adds to the excitement. Now that I have seen "the Iranian way", I can not imagine myself preferring any other to this most enjoyable and delicious process ... GO TO FEATURE


    After 20 years in exile, Reza Shah II no long expects to rule Iran
    His dream is to serve the people, he tells Elizabeth Grice

Daily Telegraph, London
Thursday 3 June 1999

HIS Imperial Majesty Reza Shah II is eating small Iranian cucumbers from a fruit bowl to ease his prickly throat. He snaps them in half and crunches them noisily, ignoring the huge plate of patisserie laid before him by his London hostess. Neither the cucumbers nor the bad throat are capable of interrupting the urgent flow of his thoughts ... FULL TEXT


Double vision

There's something very odd about a photo on the front page of Thursday's Tehran Times. Are your eyes seeing double too?... SEE IT HERE

Thanks to Ali Nikseresht

More Letters

* As an Iranian Buddhist...

K. Khadivi writes: Salaam! I'd like to thank The Iranian Times for promoting a discussion (albeit sometimes bloody) about the controversial topic of the attitude of many Iranians toward Jews ["I must be a Jew"].

I sympathize wholeheartedly with the suffering that Jews collectively have experienced throughout the years. Part ignorance, part jealousy have led some people to react to Jews in such inhumane way. However, Jewish "hezbollah," like Mr. (Ms) Geytanch, as well as other intolerant individuals, regardless of their religious affiliation, are part of the problem, as well.

As an Iranian Buddhist, I love Iran despite its imperfections. I pray every day for the renewal of her strength. The richness of language and the depth of genuine friendship one experiences by being an Iranian are extraordinarily unique. Khosh behaal-e maa!

* You know THE way

Kamran Dianat writes: I have been aware of for quite a while and visit frequently to read the articles on the site. Almost always, after reading an article I merely decide what I thought of the article. Mostly I don't feel the need to react to any of the letters by writing an email to the author or in this case to the Iranian itself.

However, after reading one particular letter I could not contain myself from responding. The letter in question is titled "Why so blatantly biased?" The commanding and demanding tone of the author through out his letter , labeling every one and calling them names reminded me very much of the attitude of hezbullahis in the early years of revolution ... FULL TEXT

* Concert: Iranian traditional music

Seattle's Iranian Cultural-Arts Society (ICAS) and the Persian Circle would like to invite you to an Iranian Traditional Music Concert featuring Mehdi Falaah (vocals), Hossein Behrozinia (barbat), Ramin Bahrami (tombak), Mehrdad Naghebian (daf), and Reza Honari (kamancheh) on Saturday, June 19 at 8:00 PM, Kane Hall, University of Washington. Tickets are $15 each and will be sold at the Iranian stores and restaurants soon. More information will be sent later. For information please call (206) 285-5922 or send an email to

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Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Iran (2nd Ed)
Best-selling travel guide to Iran
By Paul Greenway

    "This detailed guide finally updates the old guidebook with new information. A must for travelers to Iran. Paul Greenway's narrative and explanations are also more interesting (and quite funny in some cases) than David St. Vincent's older edition." -- A reader ...
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More news

Khatami Islam must serve the people,not the state

TEHRAN, June 3 (Reuters) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami called on Thursday for the speeding up of his social and political reforms and pledged to construct an Islamic system at the service of the people. In a speech to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the president said the people had to be allowed to shape their own destiny, rather than blindly serve the state... FULL TEXT

Iranian official calls for end to press crackdown

TEHRAN, June 3 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian culture ministry official has appealed for an end to harassment of the liberal press by the conservative-led judiciary after a spate of arrests of newspaper directors, newspapers reported on Thursday. ``I formally protest the mistreatment of the press corps. Currently, journalists do not feel safe,'' newspapers quoted the Deputy Culture Minister on press affairs, Shaban Shahidi-Moaddab, as saying ... FULL TEXT

Khamenei boosts hardliners in media battle

Prague, 3 June 1999 (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) -- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently sent a message which can be regarded as the opening salvo of a new effort by hardliners to tighten their control over Iran's broadcast and print media. The battle over the media is likely to gain significance in the coming months as Iran approaches parliamentary elections due early next year, and control of the media could help decide the outcome of the polls ... FULL TEXT

Iran to mark 10th anniversary of Khomeini's death

TEHRAN, June 3 (Reuters) - Iran marks the 10th anniversary of the death of late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Friday with rival factions claiming his political legacy. As the gap between reformers and religious conservatives widens, admiration for Khomeini is one of the few sentiments they share, though each group highlights aspects of Khomeini's thoughts that fit best with their own political vision ... FULL TEXT

Refugee activists released

New York, June 3, 1999 (Press Release) - The International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) is pleased to announce the release of Habibollah Abdullahi, the IFIR Erbil branch representative, and Abdullah Veissi, a member of that branch's Executive Committee. Abdullahi and Veissi had been arrested by the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) of Iraq on May 30, 1999 ... FULL TEXT

Khatami urges resolve to improve ``ill'' economy

TEHRAN, June 2 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami called on Wednesday for national resolve to tackle his country's ``ill'' economy, as officials appeared confused and divided over policy direction. ``We have to accept the fact that our economy is ill,'' Khatami said in a speech before inaugurating an exports promotion centre. ``Our economy needs a serious and fundamental restructuring. We need national resolve to boost exports,'' he declared ... FULL TEXT

Chinese back in running for Neka pipeline

June 4, 1999 , (Middle East Economic Digest) - The local Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (Mapna) is in the final stages of negotiation with a Chinese consortium to finalise a contract for the construction of a 400-kilometre crude oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Tehran. An agreement on the $350 million project is expected by the end of June, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) officials say ... FULL TEXT

Iran ties with Ecuador

Edmonton (IRNA) -- Iran managed a 1-1 tie with Ecuador in the first match of the Canadian friendship soccer games ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pour-Heydari keeps his cool

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Pour-Heydari, who is STILL the head coach of the national soccer team, is okay with the hiring of a German assistant coach ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

What's shakin' at Esteqlal?

Tehran (Iran daily) -- News briefs on the latest shake-up inside Esteqlal before the Azadegan Leaguge's new season ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The government is at the service of the people. We are not the custodian of the people. We should listen to the voice of the people.

President Khatami
"Khatami: Islam must serve the people,not the state"
June 3, 1999

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