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June 28 - July 2, 1999 / Tir 7-11, 1378


* Poetry: The sound of home
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* America: After all, I am Iranian
* Sports: On the ball
* Opinion: Not about Khatami
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July 2, 1999


The sound of home
Three poems

By Reza Shirazi
July 2, 1999
The Iranian

From "A World Between: Poems Stories and Essays by Iranian-Americans"- a collection of writings by 30 authors and poets edited by Persis M. Karim and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami (1999, George Braziller Inc., New York). ... GO TO FEATURE


    Drink wine
    Shajarian & Shamlu's do Khayyam

    "Rubaiyat-e Khayyam", produced right around the time of the revolution, marked the first time I fell in love with traditional music. This is Mohammad Reza Shajarian at his very best. But there's more to this collection. Ahmad Shamlu's narration of Khayyam captures the very essense of his poetry ... LISTEN HERE

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July 1, 1999


After all, I am Iranian
Do not let us forget who we are

By Shima Jalalipour
July 1, 1999
The Iranian

To be an Iranian teenager in America is undoubtedly difficult. There are so many temptations and pressures. We must preserve our culture, but adjust ourselves to our surroundings. We are expected to achieve great feats, while remaining simple and down-to-earth. To our parents we a reflection of them. We strive to belong; we want to be acepted by our friends, and hope our parents would accept them ...

Today's Iranian teenagers do not deny their culture, they just want to belong. Parents need to enrich their children's lives, but they also need to trust them. We are not growing up under the same circumstances as you did. Let us go out with friends and try new things. Let us wear our designer clothes and blast our music. But please, please do not let us forget who we are, and the great country we come from ... GO TO FEATURE

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June 30, 1999


On the ball
Comparing the Iranian and U.S. soccer teams

By Amir Aras
June 30, 1999
The Iranian

Will the U.S., currently ranked 24th, continue its path to success and become one of the top 10 teams in the world? After completing three successful professional soccer seasons and attracting foreign players and, more importantly, sponsors, the U.S. is making all the right moves to get to the top. Soccer is now the most popular sport among American kids. It's only a matter of time...

Now my question is, will MY team, the Iranian national team, find a steady path to success even in Asia? Like most of you, I love our team. But watching a few players who want to save their legs for foreign clubs does not give much pleasure anymore. And what about the team's managers? Do they know what they are doing? ... GO TO FEATURE

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June 29, 1999


Not about Khatami
All about the younger citizens who are prepared to take a stand

By Mehrdad Emadi-Moghadam
June 29, 1999
The Iranian

I think as Iranians, we owe this to ourselves to raise the profile of what is happening in Iran. We do not need to be in agreement with President Khatami and his government. This is not about him! The appeal is on behalf of many Iranians who during my nine days in Iran kept asking me, "Why is it that nobody in the West takes our struggle seriously and help us?" Help for them did not mean sending troops. Or intervening in their struggle against the so-called conservatives. I think it was more like why there is so little said about what we have achieved and trying to?

I believe that Iran today is similar to Spain in the last few years of Franco and Greece under the colonels. The outcome is not certain but there are many encouraging signs that after all these years, we may earn the right to live in a democratic society ... GO TO FEATURE


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June 28, 1999

Cover story

Khiyaar chambar
Persian words in the English language

By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat
June 28, 1999
The Iranian

- What are you scribbling?
- Nothing...
- Nothing? It's the third time you've written down something on that notepad in the past 20 minutes. What's so interesting about Star Trek?
- Nothing, really.
- ...
- (Starts taking down notes again.)
- May I see that notepad for a second? I'm really curious. |
- I'm just writing down words with Persian roots commonly used in English. This guy at work challenged me to find 100 words.
- Fascinating... So how many 2have you got so far?
- About fifty.
- Like what?
- Algebra...
- Aziz I think that's Arabic ... GO TO FEATURE

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