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Wednesday, March 3, 1999/ Esfand 12, 1377, No. 678

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Shining rotten apple
A horrific film that must be seen

By Jasmin Darznik

    Samira Makhmalbaf is exacting, indicting in her telling of [The Apple] . Her camera lingers at length over this abnormally infantile pair of twin girls. She fixes her gaze on their pained attempts at communication. And she forces us to see them.

    I am convinced that "The Apple" is a story that the West has been waiting for Iran tell about itself. To this young director's infinite credit, it is much more than this.

    Makhmalbaf has an eye for cruelty, but she has an eye, too, for the tenacity of the human soul, its delight in beauty even when mercilessly fettered. The girls play a game of fingerprinting on the walls, delighting in their imprints. Straining against their bars, they water a plant in the courtyard and watch it grow. The film has many such moments of surprising delight and tenderness ... GO TO FEATURE



Amir Entezam's open letter

"About Iran" has translated the following text which is an open letter by Mr. Abbas Amir-Entezam, the longest held prisoner of conscience under the Islamic Republic. The Farsi version of this letter was given to "About Iran" by the Committee in Defense of Abbas Amir-Entezam in New York.

Dear Compatriots, Freedom-Loving People of the World:

I am thankful to a virtuous God for once again, from his divine dispensations, presenting the opportunity [for the world] to see the rising disgrace of the Judiciary branch of the Islamic Republic for violating the legal and human rights [in my case]. This adds another chapter to the past volumes of [the Islamic Republic's] shameful acts ... FULL TEXT

Growing opposition to Kadivar's arrest

In Persian:

- Ten newspaper publishers call for investigation
- Ayatollah Saneie: Can Evin stop thought?
- Hadi Khamenei: You cannot criminalize thought
- Kargozaran party condemns arrest
- Students: People still being jailed for their beliefs
- Ayatollah Yazdi's press conference: Part (1) (2) (3) (4)


    ... khol
    London-based militant leader threatens to blow up planes: report

CAIRO, Feb 25 (AFP) - London-based Islamic militant leader Abu Hamza al-Masri has threatened to blow up military and civilian planes in a bid to end the West's "hegemony" on aviation, an Arabic newspaper reported Thursday.

"Abu Hamza said he will reveal the plan to put an end to Western hegemony over aviation at a meeting of Islamic groups Friday in London," Al-Hayat reported.

"The plan stipulates blowing up military and civilian airplanes in mid-air," Al-Hayat quoted Abu Hamza as saying in a telephone interview.

"Flying mines" would be used in the scheme. "Air space must be for all or none," Abu Hamza was quoted as saying.

Thanks to Ali Nikseresht

More Letters

* Owpatan to Obbadan to Abadan

I was born and raised in Abadan although my father and mother were Zoroastrians from Yazd. I like to give you a brief explanation about the name of our hometown: Abadan.

When I was a young boy I asked about the meaning of "Abadan" and people always interpreted it as "a place that is aabaad" (flourishing). Many years later when I went to university I found a book named Iranvij by Dr Bahram Frahvashi and there was a short explanation about Abadan's name.

According to this book: there was a small castle and light tower near the mouth of Arvand river, built to protect the waterway and guiding boats or small ships in and out of the river. This place initially called OWPATAN which is combination of OW (aab=water), PAT (pad=defend or protect) and AN (jaa/makaan=place). Put together OW-PAT-AN means the place for protecting water.

"P" changed to "B" during the Islamic period and the name became Obbadan and finally during recent times it turned into Abadan.

Daryoush Mehrshahi
Geography Department
Sheffield University

* Media: Media's Representation of Iranians, DC

Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC) presents: Conference: "Mass Media's Representation of Iranians"

Washington DC, March 6, 1999

Featured speaker: Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour, professor of Mass and International Communications and director of graduate studies at the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University Calumet.

The conference will be on March 6th at 7:00 P.M. It will be held at the: John Hopkins's University, School of SEIS, Kennedy Auditorium 1740 Massachusetts Ave, Washington DC There will be a reception from 7:00-8:00 p.m., prior to the speech.... MORE INFORMATION

Book of the Week

A Taste of Persia
An Introduction to Persian Cooking

By Najmieh Batmanglij

A Taste of Persia is a collection of authentic recipes from one of the world's oldest cuisines, chosen and adapted for today's lifestyle and kitchen. Here are light appetizers and kababs, hearty stews and rich, golden-crusted rices, among many other dishes, all fragrant with the distinctive herbs, spices, or fruits of Iran. Each recipe offers clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Most take less than an hour to prepare; many require only a few moments; many others can be made in advance. Besides its 100 recipes and 60 photographs, the book includes a useful dictionary of Persian cooking techniques and ingredients.

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More news

Senior police chief charged with torture

March 3, (BBC) -The head of Iranian police intelligence, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, and ten of his men, are to be tried on charges of torture ... FULL TEXT

Reformers trouncing conservatives in landmark Iranian elections

TEHRAN, March 3 (AFP) - Reformists close to moderate Iranian President Mohammad Khatami were trouncing their conservative competitors, who have long held the reins of power, according to nationwide municipal election results published Wednesday. In Tehran, a city of 10 million people, the reform list headed by former interior minister Abdollah Nuri took 13 of the 15 municipal council seats in Friday's first-ever municipal elections in Iran ... FULL TEXT

West must end Iran isolation, Italy says

ROME, March 3 (Reuters) - Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini said on Wednesday the West had to end Iran's isolation and show clear support for President Mohammad Khatami after nationwide polls he described as of ``extraordinary importance.'' Dini, speaking hours before leaving on a trip to Washington with Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, said more Western leaders, while keeping up the pressure over human rights and non-proliferation, should welcome Khatami and his fellow moderates to their countries ... FULL TEXT

Italy to defend Iran oil deal in U.S.

ROME, March 3 (Reuters) - Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini said Wednesday a $1 billion oil deal with Iran involving Italy's ENI (ENI.MI) and France's Elf-Aquitaine (ELFP.PA) was smaller than Iran's gas accord with Total of France which escaped U.S. sanctions last year. Speaking on the eve of a visit to Washington with Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, Dini said Italian leaders expected U.S. officials to raise the new contract in their talks ... FULL TEXT

U.S. oil companies press U.S. for Iran access

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Just a day after the State Department warned it would review a $1.0 billion oil deal between Iran and two European oil companies, two of the largest domestic oil companies said they wanted an end to sanctions. Atlantic Richfield Co., the fifth-largest U.S. oil company, said Wednesday that not only were sanctions bad for the Los Angeles-based company, but they were bad for U.S. business ... FULL TEXT

World Court should hear Iran-UAE case-Kuwait

KUWAIT, March 3 (Reuters) - Kuwait told Iran on Wednesday that a growing dispute with the United Arab Emirates over three Gulf islands was not in its interests and called on the two sides to refer the issue to the World Court. ``If there is no agreement for direct talks, then there is the International Court of Justice...and I hope that this issue is sent to the court...,'' Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah told reporters ... FULL TEXT

Saudi Arabia to receive first Iranian presidential visit

RIYADH, March 3 (AFP) - Saudi Arabia is set to receive its first Iranian presidential visit later this month when Mohammad Khatami joins the annual hajj pilgrimage, Saudi Defence Minister Sultan ibn Abdel Aziz said Wednesday. The minister, quoted by the official SPA news agency, gave no precise date for the president's arrival, although the pilgrimage to Mecca starts at the end of March. Prince Sultan said he would visit Iran "after the pilgrimage." ... FULL TEXT

Azadegan league can produce strong teams

Tehran, March 3, (Hamshahri) - If Azadegan league matches are held in an orderly fashion, it will not only prepare better players for the national team, but also strengthen Iranian teams in Asian championships ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT


Program on Iranian girl soccer players

Mehrdad Masoudi writes: This is an dvisory regarding Futbol Mundial's piece on young Iranian girls playing football. Please take note of the following:

Futbol Mundial North America: Fox Sports World Repeat shows: Wednesday, March 3 (16:00 EST) and Friday, March 5 (13:00 EST)

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I shall carry on

I shall carry on this struggle for as long as my afflicted body, which has been subjected to 18 years of suffering and hardship in prison, will endure. I trust in God's kindness and the support of my freedom loving compatriots and people of the world, and I bear this historical lesson well in my mind: "A country survives blasphemy, but crumbles under tyranny."

Abbas Amirentezam
"Open letter"
February 25, 1999

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