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Human Rights
March 8-12, 1999 / Esfand 17-21,1377

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* Khatami rebukes Europe for backing Rushdie
* MKO charges ambush
* Iran's Khatami, Italy PM to discuss rights
* Protestors hurl paint at Khatami's car
* Students call for boycott over liberal cleric's arrest
* Conservatives, reformers battle over vote results
* Iranian opposition from "across Europe"
* Khatami: human rights depend on "world balance"
* Reformers sweep Tehran elections
* Police torture case heightens tensions
* Criticism mounting against religious court
* Hundreds of students rally in Tehran
* 300 women elected in municipal polls

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March 12, 1999

* Spectre of nationalism haunts Iran

AHMADABAD, Iran, March 11 (Reuters) - The spectre of secular nationalism is stalking the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowhere is this more evident than in the accelerating revival of the late Mohammad Mossadeq, the former prime minister who nationalised British oil interests, advocated a policy of non-alignment and steadily undermined the pro-Western shah only to be brought down by a CIA coup in 1953 ... FULL TEXT

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March 11, 1999

* Khatami rebukes Europe for backing Rushdie

TEHRAN, March 11 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami broke from his pro-Western message in Italy to deliver a stinging rebuke to European nations which have supported author Salman Rushdie. Khatami criticised European nations for backing "a person who has desecrated ... the feelings of more than one billion Moslems" around the world, the official news agency IRNA reported ... FULL TEXT

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* MKO charges ambush

March 11, 1999, BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- An Iranian opposition group in exile said Thursday that armed gunmen ambushed its members traveling in a convoy in southern Iraq, and that one assailant was killed in retaliatory fire. The attackers, who worked for the Iranian government, fired machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades on the vehicles Wednesday near Amara, 250 miles southeast of Baghdad, the Iraq-based Mujahedeen Khalq Organization said in a statement ... FULL TEXT

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March 10, 1999

* Iran's Khatami, Italy PM to discuss rights

ROME, March 10 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, sounding a theme of peace and reconciliation on his state visit to Italy, was expected to discuss human rights with Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema on Wednesday. D'Alema, a former communist, has signalled that while he believes the West and Iran should push harder towards a firm rapprochement, he will also make clear to Khatami that more must be done to combat human rights abuses ... FULL TEXT

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* Protestors hurl paint at Iranian leader's car, 13 arrested

ROME, March 10 (AFP) - Thirteen people were arrested Wednesday after protestors hurled paint at a car carrying Iranian President Mohammad Khatami through central Rome, police said. (See photo) Their identities and nationalities were not immediately disclosed. Police said some were in possession of eggs filled with paint when they were detained. At least two eggs filled with yellow paint hit Khatami's car in the protest ... FULL TEXT

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* Iranian students call for boycott over liberal cleric's arrest

TEHRAN, March 10 (AFP) - Iranian university students called for a boycott of classes Wednesday to protest the arrest of popular liberal cleric Mohsen Kadivar. The Students' Unity Movement called on students across the capital not to attend classes as a show of solidarity with Kadivar, who was jailed last month by order of Iran's powerful Supreme Court for Clergy (SCC) for spreading propaganda "hostile" to the Islamic republic ... FULL TEXT

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* Conservatives, reformers battle over meaning of Iran vote results

TEHRAN, March 10 (AFP) - Iran's conservatives on Wednesday tried to play down sweeping victories by reformers in the Islamic republic's first-ever municipal elections as both sides battle over interpreting the results. "Only 30 percent of those eligible participated in the local elections in Tehran," where reformers backing moderate President Mohammad Khatami swept all 15 council seats, the conservative Tehran Times said ... FULL TEXT

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March 9, 1999

* Iranian opposition from "across Europe" gathers in Rome: IRNA

TEHRAN, March 9 (AFP) - Members of Iran's opposition People's Mujahedeen have gathered in Rome from across Europe to protest the visit of President Mohammad Khatami, the official news agency IRNA said Tuesday. "They are planning a protest in the centre of Rome against the Iranian head of state's visit," IRNA said, adding that members of the opposition group, which is banned in Iran, had come "from across Europe." Their presence is "very noteworthy," IRNA said ... FULL TEXT

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* Khatami says human rights depend on "world balance"

ROME, March 9 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami told Italian political leaders Tuesday that human rights can only be guaranteed in "a world in balance" and called for the strengthening of international institutions. Khatami, the first Iranian leader to visit western Europe since the 1979 Islamic revolution, was speaking at the Italian parliament, against a backdrop of protests by thousands of Iranians living in exile in Europe ... FULL TEXT

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March 8, 1999

* Iran reformers score another big win, sweep Tehran elections

TEHRAN, March 8 (AFP) - Reformist supporters of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami swept all 15 seats on the Tehran municipal council Monday in another stunning defeat over the Islamic regime's conservatives. The victory is a powerful endorsement of the president's reform agenda on the eve of his historic trip to Italy, the first to a western European nation by an Iranian head of state since the 1979 Islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT

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* Iran police torture case heightens political tensions

TEHRAN, March 7 (AFP) - The head of security affairs for the Iranian police is to be tried for torture in a case that has further heightened simmering political tensions between reformers and hardliners in the Islamic republic. General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi and 10 other officers will be tried in a military court on May 3 on charges of beating and torturing top officials in the Tehran municipal government, it was announced last week ... FULL TEXT

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* Criticism mounting against powerful Iranian religious court

TEHRAN, March 8 (AFP) - Reformers stepped up the pressure on Iran's special religious court Monday amid growing public anger at one of the Islamic regime's most hardline institutions. A reformist MP lashed out at Iran's all-powerful Special Court for Clergy (SCC) over its arrest of liberal cleric Mohsen Kadivar, who is increasingly being seen here as a political prisoner in a case that has sparked public demonstrations and widespread outrage ... FULL TEXT

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* Hundreds of Iranian students rally in Tehran

TEHRAN, March 7 (AFP) - Several hundred Iranian students demonstrated at Tehran university Sunday over the arrest of leading liberal cleric Mohsen Kadivar, defying calls to postpone the rally over fears of violence. Anti-riot police stationed around the campus put a quick end to a shoving match that erupted between protesters and Islamic fundamentalists but otherwise there was no violence ... FULL TEXT

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* 300 women elected in Iranian municipal polls

TEHRAN, March 8 (AFP) - Female candidates did extremely well in Iran's first-ever municipal elections with 300 of them elected to city councils across the country, Interior Minister Abdolvahed Moussavi-Lari said Monday. "It's a very interesting score, because in many districts, women account for a not insignificant proportion" of the new councillors, Moussavi-Lari told a news conference ... FULL TEXT

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Arash Forouhar

Arash Farouhar on Iran's struggle for freedom

Feb 3 1999, (The Washington Post)- Two decades after Iran's Islamic Revolution scrambled political and religious landscapes of the Middle East and of Muslim states beyond, Arash Farouhar, 30, the son of Iranian dissidents who were stabbed to death late last year, offered a glimpse into the unresolved and heroic struggle for freedom and democracy in his country... FULL TEXT

Letter to UN Human Rights Comissioner

25th January 1999, (IHRWG) - Dear Mrs. Robinson, we, the Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG), would like to strongly urge you to take action regarding the atmosphere of terror that has engulfed Iran as a result of the disappearances and extra-judicial killings of dissident intellectuals in the recent past ... FULL TEXT


Missing: Pirouz Davani

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Bahai Institute of Higher Education shut down

"At the end of September 1998 the Iranian government launched a coordinated attack to shut down the Bahá'í Institute of Higher Education -- also known as the "Open University" -- by orchestrating the arrests of its most prominent professors and staff and looting more than 500 homes where the Institute's activities had been conducted."... FULL TEXT



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