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Human Rights
March 15-19, 1999 / Esfand 24-28,1377

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* Elected councils members "not to be vetted"
* 15 Held on Charges of Helping Alleged Terrorists Enter U.S.


* Iran considers ending satellite TV ban
* Moderates barred from Tehran council: paper
* MKO appeals designation as terror organizations
* Iran executes killer of prison chief
* Dowlatabadi gives award to families of slain writers
* Former Tehran mayor gets approval for new paper
* Khatami rebukes Europe for backing Rushdie
* MKO charges ambush

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March 17, 1999

* Elected councils members "not to be vetted"

Tehran, March 17, irna -- deputy minister for political and social affairs mostafa tajzadeh said here wednesday that all candidates for membership in the city and urban councils who were elected last month do not have to pass through any further vetting procedure. he said every rumour to the country emanating from whatsoever source is invalid and must not be heeded. tajzadeh said insofar as the interior ministry is concerned the issue of meeting qualification criteria by candidates is long since over and done with ... FULL TEXT

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* 15 Held on Charges of Helping Alleged Terrorists Enter U.S.

March 17, 1999, (Los Angeles Times) - Federal authorities arrested 15 people Tuesday on charges of operating an immigration fraud ring that helped members of an alleged Iranian terrorist group, among others, enter the United States illegally. U.S. Atty. Alejandro N. Mayorkas and other law enforcement officials refused, however, to provide any details about infiltration of the country by Mujahedeen Khalq members ... FULL TEXT

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March 16, 1999

* Iran considers ending satellite TV ban for cultural "elite"

TEHRAN, March 16 (AFP) - Iran's cultural and political elite may soon be free to have satellite dishes to receive foreign television, Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani said in a surprise announcement Tuesday. He told reporters the government is considering overturning its four-year ban on the devices for "elites" such as artists, professors, journalists and high-ranking public officials ... FULL TEXT

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March 15, 1999

* Five Iranian moderates barred from Tehran council: paper

TEHRAN, March 15 (AFP) - The election of five moderates to the Tehran municipal council has been annulled, a newspaper said Monday, as Iran's conservatives stepped up the pressure to overturn the sweeping victory by reformers in last month's elections. Former interior minister Abdollah Nuri and four other backers of reformist President Mohammad Khatami will not to be allowed to take their seats on the council by orders of the conservative-dominated Supervision Board, the pro-government newspaper Sobh-e-Emrouz said ... FULL TEXT

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* MKO appeals U.S. designation as terror organizations

March 14, 1999 (The Washington Post) -- Two groups designated by the Clinton administration as foreign terrorist organizations have turned to the American courts for vindication, waging the most significant challenge yet to a 1996 antiterrorism law and the way the State Department designates U.S. enemies. The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran and Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have hired prominent lawyers to take their cases to the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. They allege they were designated as terrorists by Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright in October 1997 based on a mostly secret record and with no advance notice or opportunity to respond ... FULL TEXT

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* Iran executes killer of prison chief

TEHRAN, March 14 (AFP) - Iran has executed the killer of former prison chief Assadollah Lajevardi who was gunned down in August, Tehran's revolutionary court announced on Sunday. Ali Asghar Ghazanfarnejad Jolodar, said to be a member of Iran's main armed opposition movement the People's Mujahedeen, was executed Saturday at Tehran's Evin prison, the court said in a statement, the official IRNA news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

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* Dowlatabadi gives his award to families of slain writers

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, who has received a special cultural award in Germany, has dedicated his award to the families of slain dissident writers, Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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* Former Tehran mayor gets approval for new paper

TEHRAN, March 15 (AFP) - The convicted former mayor of Tehran was given the green light Monday by Iran's culture ministry to launch a new newspaper, the official news agency IRNA said. Gholamhossein Karbaschi was given approval to launch the Ham-Mihan (Compatriot) paper despite onging efforts by opponents in the conservative-dominated parliament to take away his control over the official paper of the Tehran municipality, Hamshari (Citizen) ... FULL TEXT

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March 12, 1999

* Spectre of nationalism haunts Iran

AHMADABAD, Iran, March 11 (Reuters) - The spectre of secular nationalism is stalking the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowhere is this more evident than in the accelerating revival of the late Mohammad Mossadeq, the former prime minister who nationalised British oil interests, advocated a policy of non-alignment and steadily undermined the pro-Western shah only to be brought down by a CIA coup in 1953 ... FULL TEXT

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March 11, 1999

* Khatami rebukes Europe for backing Rushdie

TEHRAN, March 11 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami broke from his pro-Western message in Italy to deliver a stinging rebuke to European nations which have supported author Salman Rushdie. Khatami criticised European nations for backing "a person who has desecrated ... the feelings of more than one billion Moslems" around the world, the official news agency IRNA reported ... FULL TEXT

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* MKO charges ambush

March 11, 1999, BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- An Iranian opposition group in exile said Thursday that armed gunmen ambushed its members traveling in a convoy in southern Iraq, and that one assailant was killed in retaliatory fire. The attackers, who worked for the Iranian government, fired machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades on the vehicles Wednesday near Amara, 250 miles southeast of Baghdad, the Iraq-based Mujahedeen Khalq Organization said in a statement ... FULL TEXT

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Arash Forouhar

Arash Farouhar on Iran's struggle for freedom

Feb 3 1999, (The Washington Post)- Two decades after Iran's Islamic Revolution scrambled political and religious landscapes of the Middle East and of Muslim states beyond, Arash Farouhar, 30, the son of Iranian dissidents who were stabbed to death late last year, offered a glimpse into the unresolved and heroic struggle for freedom and democracy in his country... FULL TEXT

Letter to UN Human Rights Comissioner

25th January 1999, (IHRWG) - Dear Mrs. Robinson, we, the Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG), would like to strongly urge you to take action regarding the atmosphere of terror that has engulfed Iran as a result of the disappearances and extra-judicial killings of dissident intellectuals in the recent past ... FULL TEXT


Missing: Pirouz Davani

A special web page has been created for Pirouz Davani, a political activist who left his home in Tehran on the 25th of August 1998 and has not been heard from since. On the 27th of August foreign radio stations quoted reports that he had been arrested ... GO TO WEB SITE

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Bahai Institute of Higher Education shut down

"At the end of September 1998 the Iranian government launched a coordinated attack to shut down the Bahá'í Institute of Higher Education -- also known as the "Open University" -- by orchestrating the arrests of its most prominent professors and staff and looting more than 500 homes where the Institute's activities had been conducted."... FULL TEXT



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