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May 10-14, 1999 / Ordibehesht 20-24, 1378


* Googoosh:
- In Italy

* Scammers:
- Backstabber

* The Iranian:
- God have mercy


* Midget
- Mind of a lunatic
Energy man:
- Complete fraud

* Qajar:
- Marvelous

- Photos speak for themselves
- Guessing in the dark

- Unmarriageable girls
- No piece of cake
- Shomaa migin chekaar konam
* The Iranian:
- Chance to learn

- People endure

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May 14, 1999

* Googoosh in Italy

I need information about Googoosh's performance at the Sanremo music festival in Italy. From what I have heard she went to Italy and sang three songs in English (including "I Believe") in an international competition sometime in 1970s.

Does anyone know exactly which year that was? RAI (Italian TV station) has its entire archive on sale. If I can find out which year that show went on air, we might be able to find videos of Googoosh that have never been seen before!

Pedram Missaghi

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* Backstabber

I do not think Mr. Yekrangi realizes that half of the Iranian population here in America are trying to get there relatives on welfare ["Aaberoo reezi"]. It is not a big surprise to any of us, and I would like to know where Mr. Yekrangi has been for the past 100 years. Everyone wants to come to the U.S. and get the French Benefits so-to-speak.

All kinds of immigrants are coming here and getting welfare money and going back, it's not just Iranians. There are Cubans, Haitians, and many others. Instead of trying to help the Iranian population out, he is trying to get them in trouble.

It is not new however to find a Persian backstabber.


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* God have mercy

Cyrus Raafat wrote: "...deep down inside every guy wants an untouched piece of cake, right?" ["Real Iranian girls?"] You must be kidding me. Every Iranian girl in the U.S. is "neither moral, nor virtuous; neither chaste, nor hard working!" he says, and all Iranian women in Iran are "chaste".

God have mercy on the woman whom you choose to marry. May she smack, and I mean literally smack, some sense into you and your ignorant pea of a brain.

Massi Behbahani

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May 13, 1999

* Marvelous

Thank you so much for publishing the photos from "ganj-e peyda" ["Casual moments"]. They are absolutely marvelous and captivating.

Malihe Evans

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* Guessing in the dark

Mr. Raafat, a very interesting article ["Real Iranian girls?"]. It is nice to see that you actually took the time to go to Iran and visit. A word about generalization: I don't know if you have heard the old Molla Nassredin joke:

An elephant was brought to a town where no one had seen such a creature before. The elephant was kept in a very dark place and people had to guess what it was by their sense of touch. Some felt his trunk and came out saying it was a long snake-like animal . Others felt his tail and said it was a tall skinny animal.... do you see where I'm going with this?

Unfortunately for me, I haven't met too many Iranian women in the U.S., partly due to where I live. However, I would certainly hesitate to say that all Iranian women, in your age group, living in the States are ghaati-paati. I'm quite certain you'll find women, or men, of the same nature no matter where you go across the planet earth, Iran included.

I am sorry to see that you have not been able to find yourself a virtuous, self-respecting, educated and motivated Iranian woman in the States. Have you looked within for an answer?

Ali S.

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* Chance to learn

[Regarding The Iranian] Thank you very much for offering us all this most precious chance to learn more about the fascinating Iranian culture.

Miryam Librán Moreno

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May 12, 1999

* Mind of a lunatic

"Midget" is a very good story. Very well written and very descriptive. I really saw inside the mind of this lunatic. Again, well done.

Nima "John" Sharifi

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* Unmarriageable girls

I read Mr. Erfani and Ms. Elmi's responses to Cyrus Raafat's "Real Iranian girls?". Ms. Elmi's response is the typical response one could expect from a feminist/ghaatipaati Iranian girl. She says she felt sad for Mr. Raafat, while she'd better feel sad for her species.

These unmarriageable girls are not only robbed of the happiness their mothers and grandmothers once enjoyed in Iran, but neither do they quite fit with the American way of life.

I believe among them, the ones who can live with an American guy, no matter how unsatisfied, are the happiest. By marrying an Iranian man they just drive him nuts in a matter of months, as I myself have witnessed.


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May 11, 1999

* Complete fraud

A very interesting story, but a complete fraud ["The energy man"]. The spoon bending experiment is old news - the famous Uri Geller was among the first to claim such supernatural powers. He was "debunked" repeatedly by people who actually showed how to do the spoon bending. As for energy waves and healing, these are also old news and have been debunked repeatedly in the scientific community.

If Mr. Aliakbari is really serious about his so-called powers, he can do the following two things:

1) Produce for us humble people, the results of the alleged Princeton University study.

2) Take a look at this site: // A prize of over one million dollars has been offered for years by this foundation, to anybody who can actually demonstrate something supernatural. Surely there is much to be gained by Mr. Aliakbari if indeed his claims are true, isn't it so?

Many people have taken this challenge, but all have failed. James Randi has been able to demonstrate EXACTLY how they do *it*. Take a look at this site, read about him, and his articles and books. You will not believe a word of charlatans such as Mohammad Aliakbari any more. He is a disgrace to Iran, Iranians, and the world community of rational and intelligent people.

Payman Arabshahi

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* Photos speak for themselves

The Qajar-era pictures are very interesting ["Casual moments"] and I think the people who own them can remember more. There must be stories behind each one, but I know it is very difficult to present the past and get people interested. Anyway, photographs speak for themselves and the sky is the limit for immagination.

Soudabeh Mathews

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* No piece of cake

I read your article with interest ["Real Iranian girls?"]. While I can understand this thought in a purely cultural context, I cannot understand or accept it as the logic of a mature adult.

I do agree with your opinion of the self-respect and intellect of Iranian women. However, I do take offense at your regard of a woman as an object to be had such as "a piece of cake."

Correct me if I err, but your article conveys the undertone of failed relationships in your personal past and an unjustified sense of entitlement. I am sorry if any woman is willing to play into and up to this idea to get a life partner.

While you comment so strongly on the advantageous aspects of Iranian womanhood you seem to utterly disregard them as full and equal human beings.

To go from your article, you do not need a partner. You need a combination of objects:

a) a mucous membrane (Try blowing your nose.)
b) a good bakery shop around the corner
c) an "Uebermutter"
d) a test tube and
e) a uterus.

These objects used in various combinations over a longer period of time are guaranteed to satisfy all needs.

To base high regard of a person on an issue so basic is to insult and debase the very qualities you profess to admire.

Pamela Blevins

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May 10, 1999

* Shomaa migin chekaar konam

Aghaye sardabir,digeh az bas dar morede zanhaaye iraani maghaaleh khundim khasteh shodim vallaa ["Real Iranian girls?"]. bandeh yek dokhtare bisto hasht saaleh iraani hastam, dar iraan ham dasrs khundam. felan do saalo nimeh khaaej az iraan zendegi mikonam.

1 - avalan moshkelaate zanhaaye iraani aslan az moshkelaate mardhaa jodaa nist. be hich surat nemisheh jame-eh raa be do ghesmate zan va mard taghsim kard. agar dokhtarhaaye iraani-ye moghim Amrikaa ziaad iraani nistand, pesarhaaye iraani moghim Amrikaa ham be hamin tartib. che unhaee ke bande shakhsan dar iraan didam, che unhaaee ke dar kharej az iraan didam.

2 - hame jaaye donyaa hamye zanhaa hanuz baa hoghugheshun va khaastehaashun moshkel daarand , faghat iraan nist ke intoreh. movafaghiyat har shakhsi be avaamele ziaadi bastegi daareh ke shaayad yeki az un avaamel sex baashe.

3 - baa yeki do hafte tuye iraan zendegi kardan va mehmuni raftan nemisheh dar morede hame iraan ghezaavat kard tehraan baa hame shahrhaaye digeh kheyli tafaavot daareh. be ghole maruf "rafti tehraan barnagard iraan".

4 - kolan alaan moshkele bozorge javunhaaye iraani moshkele kaar va pul hast - unghadr-haa ham masaleh bekaarat va dushizegi na ahamiat daare va na ahamiat nadaareh. aslan unghadr hame dargireh ye loghmeh nune shab hastan ke ki gushesh bedehkaare in harfhaast? aslan jaaee nist ke to beri unja bekaartet ro az dast bedi. aakhe kojaa? na maashin daari, na khuneh, kojaa beri? in harfhaa baraaye nojavunhaaee ke hanuz moshkele kaar va pul nadaarand momkeneh jaaleb basheh.

5 - man hanuz baa kheyli az dustaanam (dokhtar va pesar) dar iraan (tehraan va shahrestaanha) ertebaat va mokaatebeh daaram. oonhaa dars mikhunand , kar mikonand , aarezu mikonand, omidvaarand.

Khaahesh mikonam in darkhaaste mano tuye majaletun montasher konid, "YE FEKRI BE HAALE JAVUNHAAYE IRAANI BEKONID", inghadr ham dar morede dokhtarhaaye khub va khoshgele iraani ke aashpazishun khubeh va Engelisi ham khub harf mizanad fekr nakonid! be man ham az in chizhaa ziaad goftand vali man hanuz dargire moshkele maskan va ejaareh_khuneh hastam.

Beesto hasht saalameh, mohandesam, panj saale daaram kaar mikonam (dar iraan va khaarej) va hichi nadaaram! duste pesare ghablim ham moratab az iraan naameh miniviseh migeh davatnaame befrest! maadaram ham hamash minaaleh migeh mano tanhaa gozaashti rafti! shomaa migin chekaar konam!?


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* People endure

In response to your letter (Babak Banaei), I think you make an interesting point . There is a large distinction to be made between the experience of Iranians residing in Iran and those who have had to assimilate into other cultures. Still, even Iranian expats need and want to hang on to their sense of being Iranian. Being Iranian can mean many things, just as being human can mean many things. Whether we identify with the Islamic regime or not is really not the issue.

Governments are not loved, it is the land, its history and its people that matter most. Governments fall every day, but the people endure.

Perhaps if the Islamic government of Iran were not so fearful of public access to the internet, The Iranian Times would be in the happy position of publishing articles by those who are more able to write about the realities of Iran today. Perhaps more traditional Islamic Iranians in Iran would have a voice and those of us who are interested, could listen to what they have to say.

Ironic, but I think your complaint is misdirected. You should be complaining to the Islamic Republic for denying its people access to this forum for education/exchange and debate. Censorship is more their modus operandus, is it not?

Our neighbors in Turkey have certainly not missed the ball. In a recent Time magazine internet poll for man of the century, the internet literate Turkish people made themselves heard in a big way. Kemal Ataturk won by a landslide in every category, including best entertainer of the century ... leaving Elvis Presley in the dust.

I for one, would be most delighted to read the words of real Islamic thinkers about issues that concern the world today. But unfortunately, they seem to frighten the Islamic Republic as much as the internet does.

Yasmine Rafii

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