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Thursday May 27, 1999 / Khordad 6, 1378, No. 735

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Two incidents
Further evidence of the erosion of idealism

By Fariba Keshtgar Hamadani
May 27, 1999
The Iranian

I knew once I decided to come to Iran after 22 years, I would inevitably face the Komiteh in some form. The environment had no doubt improved during Khatami's presidency, but I knew well that events were always unpredictable here. Although I had tried to prepare for it, when it happened I felt completely helpless as I had never lived in Iran and was unskilled at ways to get myself out of such trouble ... GO TO FEATURE


The CIA Must Keep Its Vows of Openness

Los Angeles Times
Wednesday, May 26,

WASHINGTON-- For anyone who likes to keep track of the CIA and its foibles, a wedding announcement a few months ago was a precious collector's item.

The notice, which appeared in the Sunday society pages of the New York Times, said the bride was a great-great-granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt. It then went on: "Her grandfather, Kermit Roosevelt of Cockeysvile, Md., was an official of the Central Intelligence Agency who organized the 1953 counter-coup that put the Shah of Iran in power."

What was interesting here was not the fact itself. Kermit Roosevelt's role in organizing the overthrow of the Iranian government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh had been unearthed a long time ago. Indeed, Kermit Roosevelt had written about it in his memoirs. Rather, what made this wedding announcement so remarkable was that the CIA has tried so hard for so long to obscure its involvement in the coup ... FULL TEXT


Sinners since the dawn of civilization

May 26, 1999 JERUSALEM (AP) -- An exhibit on ancient drinking habits and paraphernalia used by imbibers in biblical times opens next week at the Israel Museum...

Wine in the Middle East dates at least to the sixth millennium B.C., according to recent discoveries in Neolithic villages in the northern Zagros mountains of Iran ... FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Must learn to tolerate

Ali Rajabi writes: In order to achieve a civil society we must learn how to tolerate people. Your recent articles about minorities "I must be a Jew" and "Siaah Sookhteh" moved me (I am neither Jewish nor Black).

Our country had a much better human rights record 2500 years ago than it does today (relatively speaking). I just want to thank you for paying attention to this very important issue. Thank you The Iranian. Long live CIVIL SOCIETY ... FULL TEXT

* Japanese food tastes GOOD!

Soheil writes: Your article about sushi ["Well, excuuuse me!"] made me laugh with disgust... Japanese cuisine has many cooked dishes that include beef, chicken, seafood and steak. And they taste GOOD! Have you ever heard of a Japanese Steakhouse? Hello!!...

If you're going to talk about another nation's food, then study about it before you open your naive, onion-scented mouth ... FULL TEXT

* What were you on?

P. Levin writes: I don't know. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, he was, high on opium or heroin. Edgar Allen Poe also wrote some of his most horrifying tales while stoned out of his mind.

I wonder what the author here is on to write such a brutal scene ["Midget"]? If it isn't drugs then it must be personal experience or imagination. Either of which should be cause for alarm and a general psychological evaluation.

* Lecture: Hollywood's perception of Iranians

"Center for Dialogue" in Berkeley, California, on May 29 presents: "Hollywood's Perception of Iranian", a talk by Yahya Kamalipour, Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue University. As a part of this presentation, there will be short excerpts from several Hollywood movies in which Iranians are stereotyped... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

Home, Exile, Homeland
Film, Media, and the Politics of Place
Edited by Hamid Naficy

    Global changes in capital, power, technology, and the media have caused massive shifts in how we define home and community, leaving redrawn territories and globalized contexts. Ranging from intensely personal to highly theoretical, the contributors explore our complex negotiation of "home" and "homeland" in a postmodern world ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Iranian NASA researcher shows tool can diagnose cataracts, glaucoma

Birmingham, Alabama (The Birmingham News) -- Alireza Arabshahi is a wizard with a laser who hopes his experiment with light will lead to a medical breakthrough. The idea is to diffuse a laser beam to measure the growth of protein molecules responsible for eye disease ... FULL TEXT

Japan mulls unlocking official loans to Iran: reports

TOKYO, May 27 (AFP) -Japan is considering lifting a US-inspired freeze on low-interest official loans to Iran as President Mohammad Khatami is seen to be pursuing moderate and realistic policies, press reports said Thursday ... FULL TEXT

MKO says Iran attacked base in Iraq

BAGHDAD, May 27 (Reuters) - The armed Iranian opposition group Mujahideen Khalq has said that Iranian government agents attacked one of its bases in Iraq. It said in a statement that Iranian ``terrorists'' fired rockets at their Homayoun base in the suburbs of the Iraqi city of Amarah about 360 km (220 miles) south of Baghdad before dawn on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Iran slams ``irresponsible'' U.S. general's comments

TEHRAN, May 27 (Reuters) - Iran has denounced critical remarks by the general in command of U.S. forces in the Middle East as an attempt to create tensions in the Gulf region. Iranian newspapers said the Foreign Ministry was reacting to comments on Monday by General Anthony Zinni who cautioned against over-hasty engagement with Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iran says may sweeten Caspian buyback terms

LONDON, May 26 (Reuters) - An Iranian deputy oil minister confirmed on Wednesday that Iran may improve terms for companies carrying out high risk exploration in the country's Caspian Sea blocks ... FULL TEXT

Constraints check nascent Iran advertising

TEHRAN, May 28 (Reuters) - A man's hand emerges from behind a door, puts down a bottle, turns it towards the camera, and disappears. This is as far as a television commercial for a shampoo can go in Iran. The ban on showing any naked part of the body with the exception of hands and the face, or any picture of women without hejab, or Islamic dress, is only one of many taboos for advertising in the Islamic republic ... FULL TEXT

Satellite TV equipment seized in Iran

TEHRAN, May 27 (AFP) -Iranian police seized 855 satellite television dishes and decoders hidden in a trailer hauling wheat in a southern suburb of Tehran, Kayhan paper reported Thursday ... FULL TEXT

Persepolis looking for new players

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Persepolis is looking at 10 players who may rejuvinate the team. Two more news briefs about the team ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mahdavi-Kia to join squad

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia will return to Tehran to join the national under-21 soccer team's training camp... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Karimi's plea rejected

Tehran (Iran daily) -- The Asian Football Federation has refused to reduce national team player Ali Karimi's one-year suspension for attacking a referee ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Letter to The Iranian
May 27, 1999

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