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November 1-5, 1999 / Aban 10-14, 1378


* Politics: Cyrus meets Lincoln


* Iran-U.S.: Time to move on
* Identity: The truth sets you free
* Nostalgia: Hopes & dreams
* Travel: True awakening
* Cover story: Halloween 1999

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November 5, 1999


Cyrus meets Lincoln
Iranian-American runs for U.S. Senate

By S. Rob Sobhani
November 5, 1999
The Iranian

Twelve years ago on a crisp fall morning I entered the campaign offices of Connie Morella to volunteer my services. Connie, as she was called by everyone, was a Republican running for the U.S. Congress from heavily Democratic Montgomery County, Maryland ... Here I was, a descendant of Cyrus the Great in the land of Washington and Lincoln, making a difference. This experience got me interested in politics and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today I am campaigning to become the first U.S. Senator of Iranian descent (I was born in Kansas) because I truly believe that we, the descendants of Cyrus the Great, must join the children of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, to make a more perfect union. A union in which we care of those left behind, educate the uneducated, end prejudice and racism and protect our natural beauties ... GO TO FEATURE

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November 4, 1999


Time to move on
Twenty years after the hostage crisis

By J. Javid
November 4, 1999
The Iranian

Interview with Bruce Laingen, former U.S. charge d'affaires in Iran who was one of the American diplomats taken hostaage at the American embassy in Tehran 20 years ago this day. (RealAudio) ... GO TO FEATURE

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November 3, 1999


The truth sets you free
It did. Even during the hostage crisis

By Ali Hosseini
November 3, 1999
The Iranian

[After the American hostages crisis in Tehran], everything took a different turn. Most Americans knew Iran as a land of flying carpets, Omer Khayyam, and oil . They saw it as a friendly country. Now, overnight, Iran was the enemy. As mistrust, suspicion, and paranoia grew, I became more self-conscious about my black hair and dark appearance and could often feel that people were staring at me.

After a few harassing phone calls, I disconnected my phone, limited my normal everyday activities, and stayed in closer touch with my friends. Some of us decided to say we were from Pakistan if we were ever confronted. Denying my own identity - just thinking about it was painful ... GO TO FEATURE


Hopes & dreams

When Zan-e Ruz magazine published its last feature on Miss Iran finalists in 1978, it included notes from each of the girls. They wrote about their interests and aspirations, as well as their hight weight! For the next few days these notes will be featured in the Nostalgia section. Here's the first one from Roya Aqaie... GO TO

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November 2, 1999


True awakening
Going back to Iran was the best thing I had done in my life

By Kaveh Sartipi
November 2, 1999
The Iranian

"If you were to pay me a million dollars, I would not go back." This was what an Iranian co-worker said when she found out I was going to Iran for a month this past summer. I could not understand why. I kept telling her, this is your homeland, where you were born. Why would you not want to go?

Although, I must say, that when my parents first told me that they were putting in an application to get my Iranian passport, I was thinking the same thing. Why would I want to go back?

Well, that was then. I have since gone to Iran and I can say that it was the best time of my life ... GO TO FEATURE

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November 1, 1999

Cover story

Halloween 1999
Iranian party in Washington DC

Photos by Jahanshah Javid
November 1, 1999
The Iranian

Last Friday Iranians gathered at the Red Tomato restaurant in downtown Washington DC to celebrate Halloween ... GO TO FEATURE

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Moving along
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