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November 1-5, 1999 / Aban 10-14, 1378


* Halloween:
- Haaloo

- Frustration


* Concert:
- When will we learn?

* Halloween:
- Mocking the chador
- Happiness in their eyes

- Bii yoo tii fool
- Francis Bacon

* Ferdowsi:
- Politically informative

* Nostalgia:
- Dubai ahead of us

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November 5, 1999

* Haaloo

Vaghti in haaloo-haaye iraani ["Halloween 1999"] baraay-e jashn-e haaloohaa intor khod-baakhteh dar moghaabel-e doorbin-e to zhest gereftand, aayaa delet nagereft beh khaater-e iraan va farhang-e iraani?!

Maryam Kazemi

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* Frustration

This is in response to Isa Tanha. I am wondering where and in which era does Mr. Tanha thinks he is living. Young people in America have traditionally used Halloween ["Halloween 1999"] to make fun of older generations. Most masks and costumes depict politicians and figures who have gained prominance in the preceding year.

It is sad that our Americanized youth can't be more creative to mock the more famous American figures. It would make it easier to be judged and understood by their own fellow revelers. Instead they resort to making fun of certain values that are sacred for Mr. Tanha.

These poor ignorant youth don't know any better but to attack the very symbol that is being projected worldwide by The Iranian as well as international media as the symbol of a corrupt society.

Mr. Tanha has failed to remember that during the reign of the "dictator", most street-walkers never separated from their chadors while in public. What are you trying to protect?

Look my dear friend, I really do share your frustration with the speed our cultural values are being diluted in this day and age. But you can not blame Iranian youth. I would rather criticize The Iranian for glorifying it by posting the pictures in its site.

Moftaki Majjani

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November 4, 1999

* Thinking small

I read some of the articles on your site. America is a great country and I'll kick anyone's butt for trying to run over my country! I try to have no hatred towards any man but when your people live in the past and continue to burn our flags and shout out "Death to American" it causes nothing but hatred towards your people from Americans.

We just look at Iran as a bunch of ignorant individuals who are jealous of our country and our life styles and can't handle life as it is. They are people that live in the past and have nothing to look forward too. If they would open their eyes and look for a future of good living and stop blaming the world for their past failures then maybe they would have a life of opportunity and prosperity to look forward to.

As for the British, yes, we did have a revolution against them and yes, we did win and break away from Britian but any and all of those hard feelings have since vanished and are forgotten where as if it were Iran, they would still be boo-hooing about it! I do feel sorry for the people in Iran because they do have a real big problem of thinking small.

Duke Beeler

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* Mocking the chador

I am writing this letter in regard to your article ["Halloween 1999"]. Apparently, the pictures show some young people dressed in different costumes at a Halloween party. From what I see in those distorted pictures, some of the costumes also appear to depict the traditional Iranian dress -- the chador (veil). If this is the case, I like to express my deepest disappointment in the attitude of such young compatriots who humiliate and demean a traditional dress worn by our mothers and great grandmothers ...

Those who wear chador BY CHOICE are not ignorant as some may think. They know what they are doing. What kind of message are we implying by mocking them? Such displays are as bad as those who force women to wear the chador, and those who forcefully prevented them to follow their belief ... FULL TEXT

Isa Tanha

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November 3, 1999

* Happiness in their eyes

I saw the Halloween photos ["Halloween 1999"]. They are a little bit spoiled but you can see the happiness in their eyes; they makes me cry . I've been in Spain for more than three years and it's like that I'm living in a glass bubble.

Mandana Asadi

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* Bii yoo tii fool

Your pictures ["Halloween 1999"] are so weird and bii yoo tii fool! And the most dangerous thing is that some of them are so blasphemous. I'm afraid the hezbollah might find another target!


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November 2, 1999

* When will we learn?

Last Saturday, October 30, we went to a concert in Burlingame, California. The two entertainers, Ebi and Bijan Mortazavi were great, and put in a lot of effort, love and dedication to please the audience. What I don't understand is why don't the organizers choose a more appropriate venue?...

The other problem was that after half an hour, when Ebi got real hot and into it, people started getting up, and before long you had all but like 10 tables (out of maybe 150 tables) standing up, and blocking everyone else, and sure enough a fight started. I heard a security person say "I knew something was going to happen."

It is so ridicules that after being in this country for over 20 years our people have not learned to do things the right way. I truly believe Iranians are extremely humble, and then there are those few who take advantage of that and just do things that are beneficial to themselves, and others don't count. What a shame ... FULL TEXT

Shirin Razavi

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* Francis Bacon

Pictures of Halloween Iranian style in Washington DC ["Halloween 1999"] were so much like Francis Bacon's paintings. Very interesting visually.

Nargess Shahmanesh

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November 1, 1999

* Dubai ahead of us

The nostalgia of 70's will always be with us. For the generation that grew up in Iran in the 70's, Googoosh was the crystallization of an epoch, a landmark which tells a lot about our society.

I have been living in Dubai for about three months now. I look round and I feel very sad to see that the we as nation did not realize and appreciate the country that we lived in 25 years ago.

There used to be very little in Dubai. But now it's a dynamic city, cosmopolitan and free, In a way it reminds of Tehran of the 70's. We dived into the unknown are are seeing the consequences.

Iran will find her place at the world stage once again. In the mean time life must go on.

Reza Mousoli

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* Politically informative

I wanted to thank you immensely for the most politically informative article you have contributed to The Iranian ["Democracy or Theocracy"]. It is always a source of immeasurable pride to know graduates of such prestigious schools such as yours, are working hard to keep bright the flame of our knowledge, from our very distant past.

I very much enjoyed reading your article on Ferdowsi's conclusion of the best form of rule, as compared to socrates.

Haleh Akhlaghi

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