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November 8-12, 1999 / Aban 17-21, 1378

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November 12, 1999

Bahai texts

These primary Bahai books are in Persian and Arabic. Many of them are not easy to read or understand, but interesting.

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November 11, 1999

Surviving Paradise

Kamshad Kooshan's latest independent film set in Los Angeles.

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November 10, 1999

* Zabihollah Safa

BBC feature on the outstanding historian of Persian literature, Zabihollah Safa. Includes interview with Safa himself.

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November 9, 1999

* Arizona Persian

If you want to create a site for your local community, you can learn a lot here. And the chatroom is very popular (especially in the evenings).

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November 8, 1999

1,000 songs

A fellow named Payam has linked "a thousand" Persian songs online in RealAudio. Although nearly all of them are from

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