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Monday November 15, 1999 / Aban 24, 1378, No. 848

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Iranian books

    Obayd Zakani

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Let's not talk about sex
Zakani's ribald satire: what's wrong with the act of love?

November 15, 1999
The Iranian

Bibliotheca Persica Press in New York, under the supervision of Ehsan Yarshater, has published Obayd Zakani: Collected Works. Edited by the late Mohammad-Ja'far Mahjoub, this must be considered the definitive collection of Zakani's brilliant works of satire and social criticism ...


Let's assume Zakani's writings about sex are tactless and crude. But how many works of Persian literature can be named where the physical expression of love is beautifully described? Has Iranian society ever had the tolerance for it (before and after the revolution, or before and after Islam)? Why not? ... GO TO FEATURE


* U.S. Disappointed by Shell-Iran Deal

By Jonathan Wright

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Monday it was ``deeply disappointed and much concerned'' by an $800 million agreement between Royal Dutch/Shell and the Iranian National Oil Company to develop two Iranian oilfields.

But analysts said they doubted the Clinton administration would break with precedent and impose sanctions on the Anglo-Dutch giant under the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA) of 1996, barring a sudden shock to Iranian-American relations ... FULL TEXT


Let's talk

A letter to parents from a teacher writing on behalf of her elementary school students. Quite touching... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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* Reverse situation

Ali S. writes: Mr. Hosseini's essay ["Go Big Red!"] brings back memories of my first days in U.S. What a time and what a place alive! Those of us who came to the U.S right during the revolution must have had at least some similar experiences like those of Mr. Hosseini's. Even where I was in California, the sentiments ran as deep and as fast as they did in Nebraska.

As Westernized and as Americanized I have become in the past twenty some odd years, I will never forget the feelings expressed to me and my other Iranian friends by many (not all) American students. The students' parents were much more understanding. Heck, some of them even empathized with our situation. It was the students we saw every day though who cared about their parents. Ugly days and some ugly memories.

Although, I have to admit that if the situation was reversed (Iranians taken hostages in the U.S. by radical students after a revolution) Americans in Iran would've forgotten the meaning of Iranian hospitality and ta'arof faster than a NY minute!

* How confused we were

Sudabeh writes: As I read the story ["Go Big Red!"] I remebered those days. I also witnessed different views and situations. I remembered how confused, tender and sensetive we were toward this historic event.

It also made me feel older, but am I not glad we passed through thoses horrible times? The days when we were young and should have been proud and a lot happier?

* Film: "Divorce Iranian Style", Virginia

FILM EVENT: "Divorce Iranian Style" screening & discussion
SPECIAL GUEST: Ms. Ziba Mir-Hosseini (Co-director)
WHEN: Friday, 19 November 1999, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner, VA, Corner of Chain Bridge Rd (Rt. 123) & International Drive across from Tysons I & II Mall.
ADMISSION: Free, but due to limited seats you need to RSVP by emailing your name and number of tickets needed to DETAILS HERE


Books of the Week

* Ruzegaran (1999)
History of Iran up to the Pahlavi dynasty
By Abdol-Hossein Zarrinkoub

* Zanaan haramsaraa-ye Nasserdin Shah (1998)
Pictorial history
By Khosro Motazed and Abolghasem Tafazoli

* Baagh (1998)
Short stories
By Parviz Davaie

* Qand va namak (1998)
Tehrani proverbs
By Jafar Shahri

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Video of the Week

Divorce Iranian Style

A new documentary that goes where Western camera s have never before gone: into an Iranian divorce court. The film is directed by award- winning independent filmmaker Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini, an Iranian anthropologist and writer, based in London, whose specialty is women's rights and family law in the Mid-East.

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More news

Shell keeps U.S. informed of Iran deal

LONDON (Reuters) - Royal Dutch/Shell declined to comment on Monday on the possibility of U.S. legal retaliation over its agreement to develop two offshore oilfields in Iran, which Washington seeks to isolate economically ... FULL TEXT

Poll candidates to be told why they are rejected

TEHRAN, Nov 14 (AFP) - Candidates in February's Iranian general elections will be told in future why they have been rejected by a powerful conservative vetting body, a leading official was quoted as saying Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Reformists set up election campaign staff

TEHRAN, Nov 14 (AFP) - Eighteen political, religious and professional groups supporting the reforms of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami have set up a joint election campaign staff ahead of the February polls, press reports said Sunday ... FULL TEXT IN ENGLISH ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Shamsolvaezin defies press court judge

TEHRAN, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Reformist editor Mashallah Shamsolvaezin defied Iran's press court on Sunday, challenging the fairness of the judge and vowing not to be intimidated. ``You want to forcibly remove me from journalism,'' Shamsolvaezin told Judge Saeed Mortazavi on the third tumultuous day of his trial for forgery and insulting Islam ... FULL TEXT

Press court deals with woman editor in three hours

TEHRAN, Nov 15 (AFP) - Iran's press court Monday took just three hours to hear charges against a female newspaper editor accused of 15 different offences including the publication of anti-Islamic articles ... FULL TEXT

Tabriz court jails five students in wake of unrest

TEHRAN, Nov 14 (AFP) - A court in the western Iranian city of Tabriz has sentenced five students to jail terms of between eight months and eight years in connection with last July's violent unrest, the reformist daily Khordad reported Sunday ... FULL TEXT

French Prime Minister "immature" in comments on Jews

TEHRAN, Nov 15 (AFP) - Tehran on Monday blasted French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin as "immature" after he warned Iran could be frozen out of the international community over the case of 13 Jews facing trial on espionage charges ... FULL TEXT

British parliamentary delegation to visit Iran

TEHRAN, Nov 13 (AFP) - Iran will receive its first visit by a British parliamentary delegation in 12 years Sunday, only two days after the arrival here of a British trade delegation, the official IRNA news agency said ... FULL TEXT

Conoco's CEO on Shell deal with Iran

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 1999--Conoco Chairman and CEO Archie W. Dunham issued the following statement in response to news reports of Royal Dutch/Shell signing an $800 million deal to develop two Iranian oilfield ... FULL TEXT

Bank chief forecasts three billion dollars extra after oil price rise

TEHRAN, Nov 14 (AFP) - Iran's central bank governor said Sunday that oil revenues will run some three billion dollars above the forecast in the next economic plan, the official IRNA news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

Iran interested in U.S. planes-Boeing

DUBAI, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Airlines from Iraq, Iran and Libya, all under U.S. or U.N. sanctions, would like to be able to buy U.S. planes to get more competitive prices in renewing their ageing fleets, a Boeing Co official said on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Page turner

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Hossein Maleki's novel "Madaar'e jonun" is a real page turner. The story takes place among ethnic Arbs in southern Iran. Characters include a ghostly giant ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

How sweet

Tehran (Hamshahri) - On the first day of a book fair in Tehran, the French embassy has donated 180 books (in French) worth $11,000 Francs to a local library ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteqlal blamed for much of the trouble

Tehran (Iran daily) - Two Esteqlal players and a team official have been suspended and fined for their role in stirring up last week's incident in Shiraz where thousands of fans beh joon-e hamdigeh oftaadan ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran Air: World Champs

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The Iran Air's team (Homa) has won the international airlines soccer championship in Malaysia ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Reports of the participation by Shell [in an Iranian oil project] once again illustrate that the U.S. unilateral sanctions policy only serves to eliminate U.S. companies from global competition and do not achieve the effect desired by Washington.

-- Archie W. Dunham, Conoco Chairman and CEO
November 15, 1999

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