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September 20-24, 1999 / Shahrivar 29-2 Mehr, 1378


* Msuic: Play it again, Lily


* Relationships: Khodeti
* Critique: Lamentations of Laleh Khalili
* Identity: Stop or go?
* Cover story: Gharib-e aashenaa

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September 24, 1999


    Play it again, Lily
    Lily Afshar has the touch

    The Iranian
    September 24, 1998

    Guitarist Lily Afshar, hailed by the Washington Post as "remarkable, impeccable," is head of the guitar program at the University of Memphis. Chosen as Artistic Ambassador to Africa for the United States Information Agency, her numerous awards include three consecutive annual "Premier Guitarist" awards from the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

    Her latest CD, "Jug of Wine and Thou", is absolutely delightful. The effects of her delicate strokes of the guitar can only be described as heavenly. Among the 19 tracks are five popular Persian ballads which indeed create the perfect mood for a jug of wine and thou.

    If you are in Washington DC on October 10, don't miss her concert at the United Church on G Street.

    Tracks from "Jug of Wine and Thou" CD (RealAudio):

    * Jaan-e Maryam
    * Leila Leila
    * Gol-e gandom

    * Aire de Joropo
    * Asturias / Leyenda

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September 23, 1999


Who are you calling "kharaab"?

By Saghie Zarinkalk
September 23, 1999
The Iranian

If you are an Iranian girl, independent, single and without a family living in Europe or the U.S. or anywhere else outside Iran, you will relate to this .

It is very frustrating to see Iranian men and women label single Iranian girls abroad as "kharaab" (promiscuous, to put it mildly). What is even more disappointing is that these kinds of comments usually come from mothers! They expect unmarried women to at least lie about their social life ... GO TO FEATURE

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September 22, 1999


Lamentations of Laleh Khalili
A response to "New is good"

By Sohrab Mahdavi
September 22, 1999
The Iranian

Lamentations of Khalili sit well on many ears. They are the expression of many a diasporatic dreams and memories floating in hyperspace looking for a ground to land on. The sorrows of a generation unsure of its foundation in this gelatinous mass called reality. A generation used to staring at the hypertext, and who can only feel and express its affinities through the endless tapping of fingers on the keyboard. The stock in trade of many Iranians in Los Angeles and kindred other places around the globe where museums are rife and buildings are studded with placards and lengthy explanations about the significance of such landmarks, and where concert halls are duly packed with those ready to unleash their thunderous claps at the mention of the name of the old country ... GO TO FEATURE

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September 21, 1999


Stop or go?
Thoughts on identity and change

By Kayvan Alikhani
September 21, 1999
The Iranian

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend and all of a sudden, a vivid memory of my grandfather flashed before my eyes...

As a man, he learned to survive, traveled the world, managed vineyards, became a tailor and taught the Koran to his neighbors and friends. In the middle of all that, he built a great home and raised seven children with my grandmother Khanoom-Jan (rest in peace) whom I so dearly loved.

And I? Will I ever hold my head up high and stop living like a guest in someone else's house? I'm facing constant dilemmas as to what tomorrow will bring. Small and insignificant issues mostly add to one -- and only one -- thing: Conformity ... GO TO FEATURE

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September 20, 1999

Cover story

Gharib-e aashenaa
Letters to Googoosh

The deep love and affection expressed in these letters to Googoosh is truly amazing. And they come not just from Iranians. There are letters from American, Malaysian, Indian, Arab, Turkish and Hungarian fans too. And the near unanimous wish is: please, please sing again. As one of her famous songs goes, "Gharib-e aashenaa, duset daaram biyaa..." ("Come back intimate stranger, I love you...").

There are more than one hundred letters here which were registered at Googoosh.Com. Like the previous ones, they will be forwarded to Googoosh herself ... GO TO FEATURE

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Cover story

Gharib-e aashenaa
Letters to Googoosh

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