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August 14-18, 2000 / Mordad 24-28, 1379

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August 18, 2000

Aashti Melli

Promotes national reconciliation not in Iran, but among Iranian oppsition groups abroad.

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August 17, 2000


Based in Kermanshah, this is the "first sattelite ISP" in Western Iran, but it takes forever to download. It's a start...

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August 16, 2000

Googoosh Superstore

Googoosh Superstore has a new look with an exclusive picture of her on stage decorating our merchandise. How about a Googoosh mousepad?

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August 15, 2000

Khalili Art Collection

"It is now some 30 years since Dr Nasser D. Khalili had the idea of assembling an historic collection of Islamic art. This he has done under the auspices of The Khalili Family Trust. With holdings of more than 20,000 objects documenting the entire artistic production of the Islamic lands over a period of some 1400 years, the Collection now ranks among the best in the world."

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August 14, 2000

Republican Nationalists of Iran

There all sorts of opposition groups. You have monarchists, communists, nationalists AND nationalist republicans.

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