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Friday September 1, 2000 / Shahrivar 11, 1379, No. 1056

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Sprint Long Distance

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Dry as hell
Well, not exactly. But almost.

Photos by Siamak Namazi
September 1, 2000
The Iranian

The photos below are from a trip to Yazd and Isfahan about a month ago. At the time Zayandehroud's water level in Isfahan was extremeley low. But the situation has gotten even worse. Iran is facing its worst drought in three decades >>> GO TO FEATURE


Love at first click
Never took cyberlovers seriously. Now I do.

By Ashkan Mosadegh
September 1, 2000
The Iranian

Four years ago, I married a very beautiful girl. Extremely kind and humble. Again in love with me. One-hundred percent submissive. All her family fell in love with me. Things went smooth and easy. A happy marriage. No arguments at all. Success continued when we came to the U.S. three years ago. No problems at all. Studies went on, top grades and achievements. Success after success.

Until a month ago.

Just by accident, I went to a chatroom and started talking to a young girl. When it ended, life was never the same >>> GO TO FEATURE


Rafsanjani's Reaction to Khoramabad Unrest

BBC Persian Service

The former president of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, has said the unrest in Khorramabad demonstrated that the enemy had entered the Iranian political scene in earnest. For this reason, he said, the Assembly of Experts in its recent meeting decided to be more vigilant. Maria Sarsalari talks to Mohammad Hassan Alizadeh, journalist in Tehran, about the assembly's new approach >>> LISTEN HERE

For Iran's Visiting Legislators, a Useful, Low-Key Exchange

The New York Times
September 1, 2000

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 31 -- A group of Iranian legislators, in New York for a meeting of parliamentary speakers from around the world, encountered some unusual guests at a reception on Wednesday evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Representative Bob Ney of Ohio, both Republicans, who were there to open a dialogue with their counterparts from a country with which the United States has no direct relations.

"I went because I think it's very important to have a dialogue with Iran, and the idea of parliamentarians meeting is one step removed from government-to-government," Senator Specter said in an interview today. "I think it is something that ought to be promoted." >>> FULL TEXT

Drought in Iran
Findings of the latest UN Mission to Iran Urgent Relief Assistance Critical

A UN Technical Assessment Team, comprising experts from OCHA, UNICEF, WHO, FAO and UNESCO, visited Iran from 22 July to 8 August 2000, in order to assess the short-term needs as well as the long-term strategy for the mitigation of future drought impacts in the country and the region. The main findings of the expert report are as follows. Iran is currently facing its worst drought since mid-1960s. A severe drought in 1999 followed by an extreme drought in 2000 has seriously affected 18 of the country's 28 provinces >>> FULL TEXT

Iraqis hurting from loss of business from Iranian pilgrims

KARBALA, Iraq (AP) - In the last two years, Iranian pilgrims have flocked here by the thousands, visiting holy Shiite Muslim shrines and boosting Iraq's tourism economy by spending on hotels, food and sacred souvenirs.

But following a recent dispute over pilgrimage fees, Iranians have stayed away, and Iraqi business people near the shrines in southern and central Iraq are already hurting from their absence >>> FULL TEXT

2,500-year-old recipes

We've all heard it a million times: Iranian civilization goes back 2,500 years. So why not attract customers to a Persian restaurant with "2,500-year-old recipes"? And why stop there? Put Cyrus the Great on the menu and say he made the first zereshk-polo. Kee beh kiyeh? >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Hope God guides you (or destroys you)

Mehdi Paryavi writes: I surf your site every day. But this week you had a so-called painting of a naked woman on your front page. Shame on you.

You are not Iranian. Iranians have "hojb o hayaa". You are a disgrace to the Iranian people. I ask God to guide you and if not destroy you!

* Tired of films with poor kids

Dario Margeli writes: If we really think about movies like "Children of heaven", "Apple", etc. , you see all these miserably poor kids, doing incredible things so that they can buy a god damn "shoe" or "watch". I'm sorry but I can't sit there and watch a movie where all women are covered by a chador all the time and you hardly can see their faces. I'm also getting tired of seeing misery and suicidal people...etc.

It doesn't represent my reality and it doesn't inspire me... it just reminds me how awful things still are in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

* Ghoncheh Tazmini?

Floyd Gadd writes: I wonder if you can help me. I rented a movie The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas that came out in 1999. At the begining of the movie, there was a brief appearence by a beautiful Iranian woman. Her name was Ghoncheh Tazmini. Could you tell me about her; where she is from and is she a popular actress?

Editor: Never heard of her. But there's a poem by a person by that same name (very uncommon name) in the Iranian women's web size,

* Jokes made to protect Reza Shah

Ali Moradi writes: I just want to mention that there is a research that shows that jokes against Turks and Rashtis were part of a strategy to prevent protests against Reza Shah. Unfortunately I have forgotten the reference but I hope if someone knows about it will provide information.

Also I should remind you about the famous poet Ostad Shahriar who said about this subject: Beh rashti kaleh maahi khor, beh turki turke ... gofti

Literature: Women writers of Iranian diaspora: Deadline extended

A new collection of writing aims to bring together the chorus of voices by and about women of the Iranian Diaspora. We are seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction essays for a new collection of writing by and about Iranian women in the Diaspora. Works that particularly challenge the notion of a homogeneous Iranian female and that reflect a feminist perspective are encouraged. This new collection of writings authored by women attempts to give voice to the unique visions, concerns, and struggles that have been central for Iranian women in the Diaspora >>> DETAILS HERE




Intellectual Traditions in Islam
By Farhad Daftary (Editor)


Posht-e pardeh-haaye haramsaraa
By Hassan Azad

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

If you have the strength, don't wear the cloth of love,

Or if you do, don't moan about disaster.

The cloth will burn, but bear the pain in silence.

What's venom now is the juice of life hereafter.
-- Rumi
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More news

Majlis Speaker meet American Jewish leaders

JERUSALEM (AP) - American Jewish leaders have met with the speaker of the Iranian parliament, the first such meeting since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, one of the Jewish leaders said Friday. The meeting took place in New York on Thursday, said Malcolm Hoenlein, director of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. He said Mehdi Karrubi, the speaker of the parliament, or Majlis, sought out the Jewish leaders at a reception during an interparliamentary conference >>> FULL TEXT

Iran will crush all plots against regime: Rafsanjani

TEHRAN, Sept 1 (AFP) - Iran will crush all plots against the Islamic regime, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the powerful expediency council, warned Friday. "The Islamic Republic will not longer tolerate the plots against it, and will silence the voices of those who want to destroy it," he said in a sermon at Friday prayers in Tehran university >>> FULL TEXT

Earthquake in north-eastern Iran

TEHRAN, Sept 1 (AFP) - An earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale hit north-eastern Iran Friday, the official IRNA news agency reported Friday. The agency said it had no details about casualties or damage >>> FULL TEXT

Exxon Mobil at anti-Iran sanctions meet-trade group

NEW YORK, Sept 1 (Reuters) - The No. 1 U.S. oil company Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM - news) was part of a three-strong group of energy firms that met with a senior Iranian politician this week to discuss how to work against U.S. trade sanctions on the country. Exxon Mobil joined the No. 2 Chevron Corp (NYSE:CHV - news) and Conoco (NYSE:COCa - news) at Thursday's meeting with Iran's parliamentary speaker Mehdi Karroubi, said Hooshang Amirahmadi, President of the American-Iranian council, which arranged the meeting >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Speaker meets Chevron,Conoco over US sanctions

TEHRAN, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Iran's parliament speaker has met representatives of Chevron Corp (NYSE:CHV - news), Conoco Inc (NYSE:COC - news) and other U.S. oil firms and demanded an end to U.S. sanctions against Tehran, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Friday. ``America should lift them (sanctions) and end its hostile behaviour against Iran,'' IRNA quoted paliament speaker Mehdi Karroubi as saying at the meeting on Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian traders hope privatisation will bring "caviar renaissance"

TEHRAN, Aug 31 (AFP) - Caviar, for long a key part of Iranian feasts, has become out of reach even for wealthy Iranians, but traders are pinning their hopes on privatisation to bring about a renaissance. "There is no solution other than the privatisation that the government has accepted. And we will be able to sell to the Americans who have ended their embargo on this product," explained businessman Behrouz Neshati, who travels frequently to Britain and the United States >>> FULL TEXT

Kiarostami, the photographer

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Artistic photos by filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami will be on display in Venice concurrent with the city's famous film festival >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Comedy about youth

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Parviz Sabri has begun shooting his latest film "Mani va Neda": A comedy about issues facing today's Iranian youth >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

TV series about woman reporter

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Hamid Labkhandeh is directing a TV series about a woman reporter for a popualr women's magazine: "Zanaan-e Emrooz" (sounds like the pre-revolution "Zan-e Rooz"). An Interview >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Austria kicks butt! Ouch!

VIENNA, Sept 1 (Reuters)(DS) - Austria earned their first win in 2000 by thrashing Iran 5-1 in an emotional international friendly on Friday in wich Austria's veteran striker Toni Polster made his farewell. Goals by Andreas Herzog, Tomislav Kocijan, Christian Mayrleb (two) and Dietmar Kuehbauer served as a morale-booster for Austria's World Cup qualifying campaign, which starts on October 7 against Liechtenstein >>> FULL TEXT

Azizi's Quakes lose against Galaxy

LOS ANGELES, August 31: Los Angeles Galaxy faced the San Jose Earthquakes on WednsdayAugust 30,2000 in front of 11,974. Both teams were missing notable starters due to world cup dutyincluding Luis Hernandez, Cobi Jones, Mauricio Cienfuegos ( Galaxy) and Ronald Cerritos (Earthquakes) >>> FULL TEXT

Isfahan looks to 2004

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Asian soccer officials tour Isfahan's sports facilities to see if the city is able to host the 2004 Asia Cup finals >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Iranian Parliament Speaker Meets Americans

A delegation of Iranian parliamentarians has being having a groundbreaking visit to New York, meeting some of their American counterparts. The meetings have been completely informal, with Iran's parliamentary speaker Mehdi Karroubi, saying that his delegation simply bumped into the Americans during a reception. Pam O'Toole reports: >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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People = American agents

[The unrest in Khorramshahr] is still not completely over, and it seems that there are elements there who want to carry out the Americans' promise predicting that 2000 would be a year of trouble and tension in Iran.

-- Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
September 1, 2000

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