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August 28-September 1, 2000 / Shahrivar 7-11, 1379

Books of the week

Intellectual Traditions in Islam
By Farhad Daftary (Editor)

Posht-e pardeh-haaye haramsaraa
By Hassan Azad

An English-Persian Dictionary
By Dariush Gilani

Faraaz o neshib-e aqlaaniyat
By Mohammad Saeed Bahram-pour

By Jamshid Fanaian

Safar beh khaaneh-ye aazaad shodeh
Award-winning journal on haj pilgrimage
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi


Frontier Fictions
By Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet

On the assassination attempt against Saeed Hajjairan
By Mohammad Ali Zakariaie

The Making of Iran's Islamic Revolution
From Monarchy to Islamic Republic
By Mohsen Milani

Moqaavemat dar zendaan
By Ebrahim Yazdi

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