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Dec 18-22, 2000 / Azar 28-Dey 2, 1379

Books of the week

Persian Poets
By Peter Washington & LuAnn Walther (Editors)

Taarikh-e Bakhtiari
By Aliqoli Sardar Asad

The Gift
Poems by the Great Sufi Master Hafiz
By Daniel Ladinsky (translator)

Sharafnaameh: Taarikh-e mofassal-e kordestaan
Four-hundred-year-old history
By Amir Sharif Khan Badlisi

Gates of Fire
Persian victory over Spartans in 480 B.C.
By Steven Pressfield

Safarnaameh-ye Mirza Qoli Khan


Persian Bride
A novel
By Dorit Rabinyan

Ganj-e sokhan
Persian literary gems compiled by Zabihollah Safa

The Tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam
From the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi
By Jerome W. Clinton

Naabegheh yaa divaaneh
On Sadegh Hedayat
By Mahmoud Tolouie

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