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February 14-18, 2000 / Bahman 23-27, 1378

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February 18, 2000

Kahrizak Foundation

Home for the disabled and the elderly in Tehran. A great site with lots of detailed information. Hope they will get financial support.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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February 17, 2000

Kargozaran Party

This party was created by members of former president Rafsanjani's cabinet. It's only one page, but it says what their election platform is. Lots of nice words but not mention of "freedom".

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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February 16, 2000

Ayatollah Montazeri

Official site of the dissident cleric.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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February 15, 2000

Iran Post

Iranian community newspaper in Canada.

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February 14, 2000


Former Tehran Meyor Gholam-Hossein Karbaschi: Out of prison and on the information superhighway.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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