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February 21-25, 2000 / Esfand 2-6, 1378

Book of the week

* Saazmaan e afsaraan e Hezb e Tudeh Iran
History of the Communist Tudeh Party Officer's Organization

* Bamdaad-e khomaar
The 20th edition of Iran's best selling novel

* Sag e velgard
Eight classic short stories by Sadegh Hedayat first published nearly 60 years ago

* Shah: Revaayat e cinemaaee
Script of a film that has not yet been made

* Baazgasht beh darkhongaah
Latest novel by one of Iran's most prolific and successful writers

* Golooleh bad ast
Masoud Behnoud articles in Jame'eh and Toos newspapers nd Adineh magazine

* Az del gorikhteh-haa
Neither fact or fiction. Forty stories by Masoud Behnoud

* Taataar-e khandaan
Gholamhosain Saedi's novel about a young doctor serving in a remote village

* Daftar-e ayaam
Collected thoughts of the great historian Abdolhosain Zarin Koob

* Honar
Dr. Ali Shariati's views on art and Islam

* Goosheh-haaee az khaateraat-e man dar 50 saal-e akhir
Revelaing memoirs on the Pahlavi era

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