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Friday, January 21, 2000 / Bahman 1, 1378, No. 900

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Night out on Broadway
Theater industry is as alive as film

By Soma
January 21, 2000
The Iranian

Three years into HIS presidency, Khatami's policies of cultural openness, which he tried to introduce in 1989, are back on the agenda with tenor. At no time in modern Iranian history has the country been witness to such a surge in cultural activity. This, of course, is not an objective evaluation, but a simple observation.

To stop only at one example, the City Theater has so many shows ready to be staged that it is hard to keep up with new ones appearing. The notorious bureaucratic disorder that is in place actually ends up shuffling and bungling many of them to the point where earlier in the year the director of BLOOD WEDDING, Ali Rafii, threatened to abort the show (written by Garcia Lorca and translated by Shamloo, and staged for a second time in the past year) because, he complained, interjections by other programs (notably Shahram Nazeri's concert in November) affected a discontinuity in the group's performance. He didn't make good on his threat, and the audience kept coming back for more, so to speak, turning the show into a box-office triump >>> GO TO FEATURE


    Khashayar Etemadi

    Khashayar Etemadi

    January 21, 2000
    The Iranian

    Khashayar Etemadi is among the new breed of Iranian Pop singers. His songs are broadcast on radio and TV and his tapes are sold with the permission of the culture ministry. These songs are from his "Delshureh" album >>> LISTEN HERE


Painting portraits of change
As revolutionary ardour fades, artist's subject is more likely to be detergent

By Sandro Contenta
The Toronto Star
December 26, 1999

Tehran -- ABBASS Barzegar Ganji's fervour for the Iranian revolution is on display all over this bustling capital.

Through the haze of car fumes that rises from one of the most polluted cities in the Middle East, Ganji's murals and billboards of the Islamic revolution are a striking part of Tehran's skyline >>> FULL TEXT


Death of Persia

Relax. It's just the name of a song >>> GO HERE

Thanks to Shahrokh Mortazavi

More Letters

* No food for thought

Bahman Djavid writes: I don't know if you want to expand The Iranian Times at all. How about a cooking/recipe column featuring ethnic Iranian cooking -- by Persian virgins, grandmothers and those who flunked academia. I, for one, would find that far more appealing than what Robin Wright offers ["The last great revolution"]. That kind of food for thought is best offered in journalism schools and by one time poli-sci majors. And what do they teach or learn as a poli-sci major? Give me ghalieh-mahi any day.

* Soccer's healing power?

Akbar Mahdi writes: I enjoyed reading Dr. Mirfendereski's reflections on the friendly soccer game between Iranian and American teams and its implication for U.S.-Iran relations ["All tied up"]. He pretty much summarizes the nature of problems between Iran and the United States. I agree with his views and find him very articulate on the matter.

In his commentary, he also brings up the subject of the Iranian community in the United States. He is of the opinion that though this game will not do much for improving U.S.-Iran relations, it will influence the way the Iranian community in the U.S. sees and deals with itself. I wonder how? Does he imply that the therapeutic effects of this single game can heal the wounds of the Iranian community in the U.S.? I wish he elaborated on this matter and saved me from guessing.

* Ethnic slurs

Gelareh Asayesh writes: Alex Vaughn's reference to a "greaseball Mexican," was deeply offensive. Iranians may not be the "politest people in the world," and such generalizations about cultures don't do anyone justice ["Most polite people in the world"]. But surely we can aspire to expressing our views without resorting to ethnic slurs.

* Celebrate:Jashneh Sadeh, Los Altos

Iranian Student Cultural and Aesthetic Organization (ISCAO) of UC DAVIS & Persian Student Association (PSA) at STANFORD UNIVERSITY present: A memorable night of historical skits, dance, music and poetry performances... Place: Foothill College, Los Altos. Date: January 23, 2000. Time: Doors open 4:00. Program begins promptly at 4:30. Admission: General audience $15. Students with ID $12. For more information email iscaoboard@ucdavis, call (530) 757- 2005, or check out our website at


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Abdollah Nouri's defense in court; the complete works of Forough Farrokhzad and Akhavan Sales; Reza Shah during and after his downfall; the life and times of Amir Abbas Hoveyda; Rumi's Shams Tabrizi >>> GO HERE

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Shadmehr Aghili: Dehaati; Farhad: Khaab Dar Bidaari; Heydazadeh: Mesl-e Hichkas; Ahmad Shamloo: Khoroos Zari >>> GO HERE

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Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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Rafsanjani hits back at critics of candidacy

TEHRAN, Jan 21 (AFP) - Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani hit back Friday at reformist critics of his candidacy for key parliamentary elections next month describing them as "like the AIDS virus." >>> FULL TEXT

German Businessman Back From Iran

BERLIN (AP) - A German businessman freed by Iran after once being condemned to death for a relationship with an Iranian woman returned home Friday, ending a two-year legal odyssey that strained ties between Germany and Iran. Helmut Hofer, who was being shielded from the media, reportedly landed at Cologne/Bonn airport on a German government plane. Government spokeswoman Charima Reinhardt confirmed his arrival but said his whereabouts would not be disclosed while he was undergoing several days of medical checks at a military hospital >>> FULL TEXT

Oil rises as OPEC trio seeks longer cuts

LONDON, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Oil markets rose after OPEC oil ministers from Iran, Libya and Algeria urged the cartel to prolong deep output cuts for another six months. Brent benchmark crude for March was last traded 25 cents a barrel higher at $26.35. The contract leaped a full dollar higher to $27.11 a barrel, its highest since the Gulf War in 1991, before slipping to a softer close >>> FULL TEXT

Libyan, Iranian and Algerian oil ministers meet in Tripoli

TRIPOLI, Jan 21 (AFP) - Oil ministers from OPEC member countries Libya, Iran and Algeria held talks Friday in Tripoli on developments in the oil market, the official JANA news agency reported. Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar-Zangheneh discussed with his counterparts from Libya, Abdullah Salem al-Badri, and Algeria, Chakib Khalil, "the development of prices and respect by OPEC members and non-members for their production quotas," JANA added >>> FULL TEXT

Musicians honored

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Musicians have not only gained legitimacy but they are being honored as well. Here are the winners of the first youth music festival >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Only ten days left to the launch of the Fajr film festival. Here's the latest details >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Books or..?

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Ahmad Masjed-Jameie is the deputy culture minister in charge of books. Here's an interview starting with the question about the proliferation of books that aren't really "books" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran 5 - Asia 0

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - The Iranian national soccer team demolished Asia's All-Star team Friday. But one wonders how some of the younger Iranian players made the team when they can't even handle simple moves >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - A player-by-payer performance review of the game between Iran and the Asian All-Stars >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Nader Mohammad-Khani has played his last gave for the national aoccer team. A tribute >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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It's a betrayal and a service to Britain, the United States and Israel to jeopardise the achievements of the (1979 Islamic) Revolution in a bid to eliminate one's opponents.

-- Former President Rafsanjani
January 21, 2000

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Khashayar Etemadi

Khashayar Etemadi

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