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Wednesday, July 5, 2000 / Tir 15, 1379, No. 1015

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Frozen in time
A 30-year-old ad brings back memories

Esmail Nooriala
July 5, 2000
The Iranian

Thank you for surprising me this morning by putting that time-infested ad in your Nostalgia section. Also my thanks to Mr. Kamal Noori, the sender of this ad, whom I do not remember to have known before. What he has come up with is a piece of history from 30 years ago, frozen in time and faded away in memory. I cannot believe how we (me and my generation) managed to do so much in a short span of time ­ that is, between the ages of 20 and 30 >>> GO TO FEATURE


Vice on the rise

BBC Persian Service

Newspapers in Iran say a new report has, for the first time, acknowledged that prostitution and drug taking are widedspread among many young Iranians. One of Tehran's senior officials, Mohammad Ali Zam said that there had been a sharp rise in the number of prostitutes. Sima Bahrami spoke to Gholam Abbas Tavassoli, a leading sociologist in Iran and asked what are the reasons behind such a drastic increase in prostitution >>> LISTEN HERE

Also a report in Bahar newspaper >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Abadan protests

BBC Persian Service

Abadan protests as described by the head of the chamber of commerce in Abadan (go to five minutes and 48 seconds). >>> LISTEN HERE

Also a report in Bahar newspaper >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Jews of Iran

BBC Persian Service

"The Jews of Iran" by Habib Levi has been translated into English. An interview with the editor Houshang Ebrami (go to eight minutes and 11 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

Also a report from Radio Free Europe >>> FULL TEXT

Good news

If you are an Iranian, and a Christian AND in South KOREA you should stop by at these churchs. They have programs for you on every Lord's day >>> HERE

More Letters

* Serious omissions

Farshid Jamshidian writes: There are some serious omissions that undermine the objectivity if not authenticity of your article "Wake-up call".

You say "In 1991, Abdolkarim Soroush complained of lack of intellectual and ideological creativity and activism among Muslim students in universities," without mentioning that he was himself THE chief architect and executioner of "the cultural revolution," granted full mandate from Khomeini. Crucially, you fail to mention that not only Khamanei but also Khatami ordered the ban and the crack down on the student demonstration - in fact Khatami used very harsh words like they will be crushed, as they indeed were in the two days that followed >>> FULL TEXT

* Need a revolution

Mohandes writes: I read Dr Jim's letter ["Solidarity & strikes"] with some dismay. He compares Iran with Poland and the UK. The UK has a parliamentary democracy and the British have a very advanced respect for other people's opinion. Whereas the Iranian mentality is to supress anyone that has a differing opinion.

The Iranian people will not achieve anything of real significance through reform and strikes. Whatever it becomes under reform, it will still be the Islamic Republic of Iran. What we need is a revolution and please don't say "who's gonna be leading it?" That will become clear when the time is right, maybe next year, maybe in 10 years time.

* Complete outrage

Al-Amin writes: What the hell is happening to Iranian morals? You print such an outrageous article [in the Boxing ring section "Aazaadi-ye jensi va as-haab-e kahf"] about sexual freedom in Iran from a down to earth idiot who prabably hasn't had a proper family and as Iranians put it "maloom-e posht-e kodaam booteh amal oomadeh".

This is a matter which doesn't have anyhting to do with politics but lies deep within Iranian culture. You can clearlyy see, for example, what a dump the U.S. has turned into (from the social aspect) and you're trying to play the same prank on Iran?

This is a complete outrage, and you share responsibility for printing such crap.

Conference: Second US-Iranian Agricultural Conference

Last year the Iranian Trade Association hosted the first US-Iranian Agricultural Conference in Washington, DC featuring US Senator Chuck Hagel. On July 25th, ITA will assemble another panel of experts, organizations, and policymakers to address the status and future prospects of this dynamic market. Agribusiness II panelists will include >>> DETAILS HERE




In a Persian Mirror : Images of the West and Westerners in Iranian Fiction
By Mohammad Ghanoonparvar


Paasokh beh taarikh
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

I asked, 'What should I do?' He said, 'That's it.

Keep asking what to do.' I asked, 'That's it?

Is that the best that you can do?' He turned to me:

'Truth seeker, stick to this: What should I do?'
-- Rumi
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More news

Students plan peaceful protests to mark anniversary of violence

TEHRAN, July 5 (AFP) - Iranian students who risked their lives last year to protest the closure of a reformist newspaper will mark the first anniversary of a violent police intervention, which sparked widespread unrest, by handing out flowers >>> FULL TEXT

Former Tehran riot squad officer jailed over student unrest

TEHRAN, July 4 (AFP) - The former head of a Tehran riot squad was recently jailed in connection with investigations into last July's assault on students which triggered mass unrest across the country, the government-run Iran paper said Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Pro-reform newspaper editors launch hunger-strike to mark student unrest

TEHRAN, July 5 (AFP) - Three jailed reformist Iranian newspaper editors will stage a hunger strike to mark the first anniversary of a violent police assault on a Tehran University, the government-run Iran paper reported Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian Jews in Israel call for solidarity with spy defendants

HOLON, Israel, July 5 (AFP) - In this town near Tel Aviv, the center of Israel's 200,000-strong community of Iranian Jews, the mood is grim and angry after an Iranian court sentenced 10 Jews to prison on charges of spying for Israel >>> FULL TEXT

Iran calls on UN to help free Iranians "kidnapped" by Israel

TEHRAN, July 5 (AFP) - Iran has called on the United Nations to help secure the release of four of its nationals "kidnapped by the Zionist regime" after they disappeared in Lebanon 18 years ago, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Opposition mounts in Germany against president Khatami's visit

BERLIN, July 5 (AFP) - Opposition mounted sharply Wednesday to a visit to Germany by Iranian President Mohammed Khatami set for next week, when national and regional parliamentary members called for its cancellation >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian, Egyptian presidents to meet at UN in New York: press

TEHRAN, July 4 (AFP) - The Iranian and Egyptian presidents agreed to meet in September during the UN General Assembly in New York, in a further sign of improving relations, an Iranian newspaper report said Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Egypt, Iran have "strong desire" to improve relations: MP

CAIRO, July 5 (AFP) - Egypt and Iran have a "strong desire" to improve their relations and there are no big hurdles to clear, a senior Iranian parliament official said Wednesday on a visit to Cairo >>> FULL TEXT

Kuwait's FM to visit Iran soon for border talks

KUWAIT CITY, July 4 (AFP) - Kuwait's Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah said Tuesday he will visit Tehran soon for talks on demarcating the sea border after the kingdom sealed a maritime border agreement with Saudi Arabia >>> FULL TEXT

Iran blasts Saudi plan to hike oil production by 500,000 bpd

TEHRAN, July 4 (AFP) - Iran Tuesday blasted Saudi Arabia's intention to hike its oil production by 500,000 barrels per day "very soon" if crude oil prices remain high >>> FULL TEXT

Foreign companies to finance bulk of major petrochemical plant

TEHRAN, July 5 (AFP) - A consortium of foreign companies will finance 70 percent of a major petrochemical plant to be built in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah, the head of the project was quoted by a newspaper Wednesday as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Remembering Shahid-Sales

Tehran (Goonagoon) -- On the anniversary of Sohrab Shahid-Sales' death, Mohsen Azarm looks back at the work of this great filmmaker >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Kiani's influence on contemporary music

Tehran (Hamahshari) -- Majid Kiani, a scholar and musician, holds several key positions in Iran's musical establishment. Here's a review of his influence on the direction of music in today's Iran >> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mohammad Ali writing "polici" book

Tehran (Bahar) -- Author Mohammad Mohammad Ali is writing a murder/mystery. He also answers the question: "Why haven't we seen much political fiction in recent years?" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran bars friendly visit by U.S. soccer team

TEHRAN, July 4 (Reuters) - Iran has barred a visit by a U.S. soccer team for friendly matches on the free trade island of Kish later this month, a Kish official said on Tuesday. The foreign ministry move retaliated for attempts by U.S. immigration officials to fingerprint Iranians visiting the United States, he told Reuters >>> FULL TEXT

Pass defender off to France?

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Pass and national soccer team defender Sabou Shahbazian is getting himself ready to join a French club >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pour-Heydari: We'll do with what we've got

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Esteqlal headcoach Mansour Pour-Heydari is not entirely happy about the make-up of his team, but >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN



Newspapers in Iran say a new report has, for the first time, acknowledged that prostitution and drug taking are widedspread among many young Iranians >>> LISTEN HERE

NOTE: BBC link content changes every 24 hours

BBC Persian Service

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Islamic Republic

Drug addiction is the rage among schoolchildren, prostitution has increased 635 percent among high school students and the (growth) rate of suicide in the country has exceeded the record by 109 percent" in the two years 1998 and 1999

-- Hojatoleslam Mohammad-Ali Zam, head of Tehran's cultural and artistic organization
July 5, 2000

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