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Human Rights
July 10-14, 2000 / Tir 20-24, 1379

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July 14, 2000

PEN writes to Khatami to protest lawyers' detention

On behalf of the 2,700 writers who are members of PEN American Center, we write again this time to protest the detention of Shirin Ebadi and Mohsen Rahami, two leading pro-reform lawyers. Their imprisonment is another blow to the course of reform underway in Iran and speaks to the precarious situation facing writers and intellectuals >>> FULL TEXT



* PEN writes to Khatami to protest lawyers' detention
* Three political dissidents released
* Leniency possible in Jewish spy case appeal-Khatami
* Lawyer for Iran Jews raises torture allegations
* Cleric shot on student unrest anniversary
* Reformist MPs decry acquittal of police

* Former police chief acquitted
* Students stunned by verdict clearing police
* Judiciary "acquitted crime," student group says
* Deputy minister testifies in "tape-makers" case
* INS mulls Iranian dissident's fate
* Youth, elderly join Iran students in angry outburst
* Khamenei blames unrest on Western plot
* Reformist newspaper boss goes on trial in Tehran
* Security forces make more arrests
* Woman sentenced to death by stoning

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July 13, 2000

Three political dissidents released

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Three political dissidents belonging to a small opposition group have had their sentences commuted and are out of jail, a party official confirmed Thursday. The three members of the Iran Nation Party - Khosrow Seif, Behzad Namazi and Farzin Mokhber - were released Tuesday after serving one year, the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity >>> FULL TEXT


Leniency possible in Jewish spy case appeal-Khatami

BERLIN, July 12 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami on Wednesday defended Iran's conviction of 10 Jews for spying for Israel and suggested leniency might be shown when the case goes to appeal. The 10 Iranian Jews were sentenced this month to between four and 13 years in prison after being convicted of providing secret information to Israel. Two Moslems -- a military officer and a defence contractor -- were jailed for two years each >>> FULL TEXT


Lawyer for Iran Jews raises torture allegations

TEHRAN, July 13 (Reuters) - Iranian prosecutors resorted to unlawful methods, which could be defined as torture under Islamic law, to extract confessions from Iranian Jews convicted of espionage, a lawyer for the convicted men said on Thursday. ``Solitary confinement before court hearings is considered a form of torture by Islamic traditions and the constitution has banned torture as a means of getting confessions,'' Esmail Nasseri, lead defence lawyer for nine of the 10 Jews, told Reuters on Thursday >>> FULL TEXT


Cleric shot on student unrest anniversary

TEHRAN, July 13 (AFP) - An Iranian cleric, Mohammad-Reza Bozorgi Araqi was shot and injured by two unknown men in the early hours of Sunday morning, following commemorations of the first anniversary of a bloody police attack against a Tehran university dormitory, the conservative Qods paper reported Thursday. According to the paper, Bozorgi Araqi, was shot in the stomach shortly after midnight in front of his house >>> FULL TEXT


July 12, 2000

Reformist MPs decry acquittal of police for attack on university

TEHRAN, July 12 (AFP) - MPs and other politicians close to reformist President Mohammad Khatami Wednesday decried a court verdict in which the former police chief of Tehran and 17 other police were acquitted for a bloody assault on Tehran University last year. On Tuesday, a military court acquitted the former Tehran police chief, Farhad Nazari, and his men of all charges against them arising from the attack he led on university dormitories last July, which sparked several days of riots that led to deaths and injuries >>> FULL TEXT


July 11, 2000

Former police chief acquitted

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A military court acquitted a former Tehran police chief Tuesday of ordering the storming of a student hostel that left one person dead, Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency reported. The acquittal of Brig. Gen. Farhad Nazari and 17 other fellow police officers was promptly condemned by a liberal member of parliament and a student leader >>> FULL TEXT


Students stunned by verdict clearing police in dorm attack case

TEHRAN, July 11 (AFP) - Stunned Students at Tehran University said Tuesday that they will not accept a court verdict that exonerated the policemen who violently attacked their university dormitories last July, sparking several days of riots. A military court earlier Tuesday acquitted former Tehran police chief, Farhad Nazari, and 17 of his men, of all charges against them. >>> FULL TEXT


Judiciary "acquitted crime," student group says

TEHRAN, July 11 (AFP) - A banned pro-reform student group said Tuesday that the Iranian judiciary "acquitted crime and corruption" by giving innocent verdicts to the police officers who attacked the Tehran University campus last July. "Where is the saviour who will come to our aide? Has the voice of justice been smothered in the students' wounded chest?" asked the Reformist Association, which noted that the verdict came down while reformist President Mohammad Khatami was on a state visit to Germany >>> FULL TEXT


Deputy interior minister testifies in "tape-makers" case

TEHRAN, July 11 (AFP) - Iran's Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh testified Tuesday in the case of two reformist lawyers accused of making tapes against Iranian leaders, the official agency IRNA reported. The trial of two leading pro-reform lawyers, Shirin Ebadi and Mohsen Rahami who were arrested along with six other people last month "on charges of disturbing public opinion" in connection with taped remarks against some officials of the Islamic republic, is expected to begin on July 15 >>> FULL TEXT


INS mulls Iranian dissident's fate

WASHINGTON (AP) - An Iranian dissident spared deportation to her homeland by a U.S. immigration court still could be ordered to a third country, the Immigration and Naturalization Service said Tuesday. Mahnaz Samadi, 35, had been in INS custody for three months after she was found to have been a member of a group designated by the State Department as a sponsor of terrorism >>> FULL TEXT


July 10, 2000

Youth, elderly join Iran students in angry outburst

TEHRAN, July 9 (Reuters) - Out-of-work youth, women and old men joined angry students in Iran's worst outburst of social unrest in the past year, creating a combustible mix that has left reformers scrambling to keep up with society's demands. Photo here The trouble began on Saturday after student rallies to mark the first anniversary of the bloody suppression of a pro-democracy rally turned into a general expression of social discontent >>> FULL TEXT


Khamenei blames unrest on Western plot

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed Western powers Sunday for the country's worst social unrest in the past year, saying they planned to destroy the Islamic republic as they had the Soviet Union. Khamenei summoned senior officials, including reformist President Mohammad Khatami and members of parliament to his residence a day after the unrest in a show of unity at the top >>> FULL TEXT


Security forces make more arrests at dorms incident rally

TEHRAN, July 10 (AFP) - Six people were arrested in the northwestern city of Tabriz Saturday during a gathering to mark the anniversary of the police storming of Tehran University dormitories, reports said Monday. According to the conservative Kayhan paper, police forces arrested "six unidentified persons" following an unauthorized (student) gathering >>> FULL TEXT


Reformist newspaper boss goes on trial in Tehran

TEHRAN July 10 (AFP) - The publisher of the banned reformist daily, Arya, went on trial Monday following complaints filed by Tehran's Chief Justice and Armed Forces Intelligence Unit, the conservative Kayhan daily reported. "Hamid Reza Zohdi is accused of provoking public opinion, publishing malicious lies, insulting the state, eroding the regime of the Islamic Republic and (printing) anti-state propaganda," said the daily >>> FULL TEXT


Woman sentenced to death by stoning for murder and adultery

TEHRAN, July 9 (AFP) - An Iranian woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after murdering her husband and burying his body with the help of her lover, the press reported Sunday. Maryam Ayubi, 30, was found guilty of adultery with her lover, Hossein Asna-Ashari, and of complicity in the murder of her husband, the press reports said, adding that the adulterous couple killed the husband, burned his body and then abandoned it in a desert area south of Tehran >>> FULL TEXT


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As of December 31, 1998 (Committee to Protect Journalists) - Since President Muhammad Khatemi took office in August 1997, Iran's press has benefited from his agenda of social and political reforms. Newspapers are now tackling political subjects that would have been unthinkable only a year earlier. But almost as quickly as journalists realized their new freedoms, the press found itself the target of a relentless attacks from hard-line supporters of Iran's spiritual guide Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ... FULL TEXT


Missing: Pirouz Davani

A special web page has been created for Pirouz Davani, a political activist who left his home in Tehran on the 25th of August 1998 and has not been heard from since. On the 27th of August foreign radio stations quoted reports that he had been arrested ... GO TO WEB SITE



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