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Thursday, June 1, 2000 / Khordad 12, 1379, No. 992

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The reformists and the new Majlis

Interviews by Jahanshah Javid
June 1, 2000
The Iranian

The reformists have a commanding majority in the new Majlis. But will they be able to carry out their promises? Will they be able to realize the electorate's demand for change? Will they be able to legislate reforms despite expected opposition from the conservative Council of Guardians? Here are the views of two political scientists (RealAudio in Persian) >>> GO TO FEATURE




Iran reformers make bid for parliament leadership

By Mehrdad Balali

TEHRAN, May 31 (Reuters) - Liberal allies of President Mohammad Khatami said on Wednesday they would mount a fresh challenge for leadership of Iran's new parliament after an initial loss to veteran revolutionaries.

``We will definitely take over part of the leadership after the vote for a permanent presiding board,'' an aide to Mohammad Reza Khatami, the president's brother, told Reuter >>> FULL TEXT

People? What people?

May 29, 2000 (Bahar) -- Ayatollah Khazali, former ultra-conservative member of the Council of Guardians explains why he believes what the people want is not important >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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I'm very sorry

I'm very, very, very sorry. I just could not resist >>> LISTEN HERE

More Letters

* Not so simple

P.M. writes: I'm way too busy to write a detailed reply to Farzaneh Roudi's piece ["Numbers don't lie"]. It is amazing how many of our intellectuals try so hard to "make sense" of something so complicated and multi-dimensional with a short and easy answer often with attention to one or two aspects.

There's no question that the "reform movement" ( I don't necessary agree with that term either ) has benefited greatly from the support it gets from the youth, but there are so many other angles and twists to this phenomenon that trying to establish clues or reasons behind it with such simple explanations in 100-200 words is a injustice. I Honestly wish it was as simple as she put it, but it just aint.

* One thousand Times

Masoud Modaress writes: In a few days you will publish your 1000th edition of The Iranian Times. Any celebrations or special programs? Send us some interesting back issues, like the first edition or... Either way I would like to be the first to congratulate you for wasting your time and your life for the benefit of the rest of us.

Lecture: Ali Dabashi, publisher, in New York

On Wednesday, June 7th, from 4-6 pm Iranian writer and publisher Ali Dehbashi will be speaking at Columbia University in Room 511, Kent Hall. Dehbashi is a noted critic, and publisher of the contemporary literary publication "Bukhara". He is visiting the U.S. from Iran, and this is a rare opportunity to engage in discussion on issues relating to contemporary Iranian literature and society with a figure who is a central actor in these fields today in Iran. The event is free and open to the public.

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

When your love and my joy conspire to spill my blood

My soul flies from the cage that shapes this human mud.

He's a godless infidel who has the chance to taste

The sin of your sweet lips, and lives on, chaste.
-- Rumi

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More news

Religion meets politics in Khatami death plan

Tehran (Reuter) - The recent uncovering of a plan to assassinate moderate Iranian President Mohammed Khatami has opened a rare window on the murky world where religion and political violence intersect in the Islamic Republic. News of the plan was made public earlier this week when a prominent conservative politician said a member of the elite Revolutionary Guards unit assigned to protect the president had planned to kill Khatami >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, Czech republic seek to remove strains in relations

TEHRAN, June 1 (AFP) - Iran and the Czech republic are trying to improve ties strained over Prague's broadcasts of "anti-Iranian propaganda" and its ban on exports to an Iranian nuclear power plant, the IRNA news agency said Thursday. "We must take steps against obstacles to a thaw in our diplomatic relations," Iranian Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi was quoted by IRNA as saying during a visit here by Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Hynec Kmonicek >>> FULL TEXT

Veteran Iran revolutionary dies in car crash

TEHRAN, June 1 (Reuters) - A veteran Iranian revolutionary and former member of parliament died in a car accident on Thursday, state radio reported. Ali Akbar Aboutorabi, a veteran of the 1980-1988 war against Iraq, died along with his father when their car crashed into a trailer truck near Mashhad, a city in northeastern Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami adviser summoned to appear before press court

TEHRAN, June 1 (AFP) - A reformist journalist and adviser to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has been summoned to answer charges before the country's press court, the daily Bahar reported Thursday. Ali Rabii, director of Kar-o-Karegar daily, and his deputy, Morteza Lotfi, have both been the target of numerous complaints from state radio and television, the police and two former MPs, the reformist paper reported >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Says Wants to Create Market for Caspian Crude

LONDON, May 31 (Reuters) - Iran intends to become a major consumer of Caspian Sea crude oil to bolster economic and political ties with its northern neighbours, a senior Iranian oil official said on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. Holds Firm On Sanctions On Iran Energy Market - Official

May 31, 2000, LONDON -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Secretary of State for the Caspian John Wolf said Wednesday there had been no change in U.S. policy on energy cooperation with Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Increases in oil prices could lead to rise in output: Iran

TEHRAN, June 1 (AFP) - The current rise in crude oil prices could lead OPEC to increase its output under a mechanism it agreed at its last meeting in March, Iran's representative at the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries told state radio Thursday. "A rise in production of up to 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) is enough to halt the rise in prices," said Hossein Kazempur-Ardebili, who is currently in London >>> FULL TEXT

First private TV station "soon"

Tehran (Bahar) -- The first private TV station will begin airing programs soon, according to the finance director of the state TV organization. He said the new station's programs will be business-related >>> FULL TEXT

Amending publishing laws

Tehran (Bahar) -- Suggestions for changing publishing laws, including an argument that sounds like it would require Iran to finally sign the international copyright law >>> FULL TEXT

"Animal Farm" going strong

Tehran (Bahar) -- George Orwells "Animal Farm" is NOT banned in Iran. Here's a new translation by Saeed Koosha >>> FULL TEXT

Iran in final after defeating Jordan 1-0

(Iran Sports Press) -- (With video) The Iranian National Football Team clinched a spot in the final of the Hussein Cup after defeating hosts Jordan 1-0. Despite a lacklustre performance by the young Iranian side, the Iranian side defeated Jordan on a goal scored by Ali Karimi in minute 14 >>> FULL TEXT

Elimination cup finalists: Esteqlal, Bahman

(Iran Sports Press) -- (With video) Two semi-final matches in the Hazfi (Elimination) Cup were played on Wednesday in Azadi Stadium. In the first match, Bahman Karaj met Sepahan Esfahan in their second match. A draw of less then two goals would have been sufficient to put Bahman in the final >>> FULL TEXT

Interview with Ali Daei

(Iran Sports Press) -- (With audio) All eyes will be on Iranian star striker Ali Daei this October in the Asian Cup finals to bring home the Asian Cup to Iran after twenty four years >>> FULL TEXT


Outgoing Majlis

Review of the performance of the outgoing parliament in Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

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