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Wednesday, June 14, 2000 / Khordad 25, 1379, No. 1001

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Things you'll never hear
Interview with Noam Chomsky

June 14, 2000
The Iranian

Ramin Jahanbegloo's interview with Noam Chomsky, one of America's most provocative intellectuals who is professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jahanbegloo is associate professor of political science at the University of Toronto. The interview was conducted in April. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Khatami seen installing more liberal cabinet

TEHRAN, June 14 (AFP) - Political circles are buzzing with rumors that reformist President Mohammad Khatami will reshuffle his cabinet within a week to install a more liberal team, a source close to the government said. Reformers are also seen pushing for a quick remodeling of the recently passed and highly restrictive press law and for the liberation of political prisoners >>> FULL TEXT

Amnesty International: Annual Report 2000 on Iran

Issues relating to freedom of expression dominated the year. Journalists began to address in print the political, economic and social problems facing Iran and broached issues that had previously been taboo. As the year progressed, a pattern of intimidation, harassment and administrative detention emerged as a mechanism for silencing a range of opinion >>> FULL TEXT

    Left hook

    30th of Khordad

    Rah-e Kargar: In memory of those who were executed follwoing the 30th of Khordad uprising 19 years ago >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN



A limited edition "Album of Miniatures and Illuminations" from the Baysonghori manuscript of the Shanameh of Ferdows is being auctioned on eBay, with the first bid at $50,000. Well, I dunno. A friend of mine called this morning and said he had bought the same book at a used book store in Washington DC for $400 >>> GO HERE

Thanks to Ramin

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* Don't forget Azar-Yazdi

Nima Aryan writes: I read the story "The donkey's gone!" I also checked the book on the Amazon website. I believe the story is a word by word translation from one of the stories in a book written by Mehdi Azar-Yazdi. Mr. Azar-Yazdi wrote a series of books titled "Gheseh-haaye khoob baraaye bacheh-haaye khoob" (Good Stories for Good Children).

As far as I know, he wrote seven such books, each of which is adapted from a classical book in Persian literature and re-written for children in an easy- to-understand prose in Persian. Two or three of the books in the series won UNESCO prizes, and in my opinion, each of them is a masterpiece of children's literature.

It is curious that Mr. Azar-Yazdi's name is not at all mentioned on the cover of the book you have on your website. I believe that Mr. Muhammad Nur Abuds Salam is committing a fraud by claiming that he has translated and adopted the stories from Persian.

Editor: The introduction to the book does mention that the stories are based on Mehdi Azar-Yazdi's adaptation. The excerpt has been amended to include this fact.

* Why, for God's sake?

Maryam writes: In your latest issue you have a feature about "women" titled "Sisters". What for God's sake are you going to say by showing two women in their pajamas! I impatiently followed the links to read the main article! But surprisingly I saw the phrase "Page one" at the bottom of the last picture.

I think readers of The Iranian expect you, as a well-recognized Iranian online magazine, to publish articles or pictures that make some sense, not a private photo album of two sisters before breakfast! The fact that the pictures were taken by the publisher makes the issue especially more annoying.

Music: "Probe" in concert in Washington

The Smithsonian Institute is sponsoring a world music concert by "Probe" on Thursday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m at the Freer Gallery of Art, Meyer Auditorium (Metro: Orange, Smithsonian Stop, mall exit). Admission: FREE passes will be handed out one hour prior to concert. Said Amintinat: Guitars, Roya Bahrami: Santur, Barry Dove: Percussion, Humayun Farzad: Vocals, Harmonium, Debu Nayak: Tabla.

Books & Music from Iran

Check our fourteen new books from Iran including an authoritative history of the Achamenid empire, writings by leading reformists, Forough Farrokhzad's complete works, exquisite books of classical poetry with miniatures, Manichaean psalms and more! >>> GO HERE

New music albums

* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Sadness to me is the happiest time,

When a shining city rises from the ruins of my drunken mind.

Those times when I'm silent and still as the earth,

The thunder of my roar is heard across the universe.

-- Rumi
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More news

Ex U.S. defense sec urges end to Iran sanctions

CALGARY, June 14 (Reuters) - Former U.S. Defence Secretary Dick Cheney called for an end to investment sanctions against Iran on Wednesday, saying American energy companies should be allowed to operate there along with those from the rest of the world. Cheney, now chief executive of the world's largest oil field service company Halliburton Co, said relations between the two countries were ``a tragedy'', and that it was time to put such crises as Iran's taking of U.S. hostages two decades ago, behind them >>> FULL TEXT

Jews spy trial proceedings end

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Courtroom proceedings in the trial of 13 Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel have ended and the defense has completed its work, a senior judicial official said Wednesday. ``There will be no more court hearings,'' Hossein Ali Amiri, the judiciary chief of Fars province, where the Jews are being tried, said on Iranian radio >>> FULL TEXT

Authorities search reformists' homes: report

TEHRAN, June 14 (AFP) - The homes of three reformist journalists, including the imprisoned Akbar Ganji, were searched under orders of a revolutionary tribunal, the pro-reform newspaper Bayan said Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Minister blames oil price hikes on US demand

TEHRAN, June 13 (AFP) - Recent increases in crude oil prices to above 30 dollars a barrel are due to supply shortages in specific segments of the US market and not to a shortage of global production, Iran's oil minister said Tuesday. Consequently, Bijan Namdar Zangeneh said there "is no question" of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries raising crude output until the impact is seen of a decision by OPEC countries in March to raise production >>> FULL TEXT

Cominco in talks on Iranian zinc joint venture

TORONTO, June 14 (Reuters) - Canadian base metals miner Cominco Ltd. (Toronto:CLT.TO - news) said on Wednesday it is in exclusive talks with a private Iranian company about the possibility of forming a joint-venture partnership at a zinc deposit in northwest Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran in $74 mln deal to build ferrochrome plants

TEHRAN, June 14 (Reuters) - Iran's private sector signed a $74 million deal with a European consortium on Wednesday to build two ferrochrome production plants. The consortium of Swedish-Swiss engineering group ABB and an Austrian company is to build plants in the southern provinces of Kerman and Fara, each with an annual capacity of 25,000 tonnes >>> FULL TEXT

Golshiri foundation for writers

Tehran (Bahar) -- The wife of the late author Houshang Golshiri plans to form a cultural foundation in his name to provide financial support for writers >>>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Religious film festival in Yazd

Tehran (Bahar) -- Eighteen films have been selected in the competition category of the Yazd film festival which is dedicated to religious films. Abbas Kiarostami's "Taste of Cherry" is one of them >>>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Shortage of good screenplays

Tehran (Bahar) -- Yugoslav critics discuss Iranian movies in Belgrade. Iranian actor Parviz Parastooie, who was also in the meeting, said there are many good Iranian directors but not enough good screenplays >>>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Interview with Jalal Talebi

(Iran Sports Press) -- With audio: In an interview with Iran Sports Press on June 12, Jalal Talebi, the Head Coach of the Iranian National Team, discussed the Hussein Cup and LG Cup held in Amman and Tehran respectively >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian under 20 in Inter Milan

(Iran Sports Press) -- The Iranian Under 20 Football Team will depart Tehran on June 19 for Italy to set up a two week training camp in Inter Milan in preparation for the Under 20 Asian Championships to be held from November 12 to 26 in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Iran in 13 sports events in Sydney

(Iran Sports Press) -- The National Iranian Olympic Committee (NIOC) announced on Wednesday the list of teams and Athletes that will represent Iran at the upcoming Sydney Olympics >>> FULL TEXT


Early cinema

Shahrokh Golestan's story of cinema in Iran: Khanbaba Motazedi, educated in France, describes how he was commissioned to film the coronation of Reza Shah Pahlavi >>> LISTEN HERE

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Madeleine Albright made a very weak apology [about the U.S. role in overthrowing the Mossadegh government]. It's clearly a reaction to the fact that U.S. oil companies and other business interests are not happy with the policy. So it's kind of weak step, a response to Khatami's gestures.

-- Noam Chomsky
"Things you'll never hear"
The Iranian
June 14, 2000

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