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February 28-March 3, 2000 / Esfand 9-13, 1378


* Persident:
- I want justice, or else

* Green Card:
- Implausible


* The Iranian:
- Zendeh baad!

- Mordeh baad!
- Tears, almost

- Deltang o beegharaar
* Race:
- Knows nothing, obviously
- Kiss the hands

* Elections:
- Political maturity

- Milking the masses

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March 3, 2000

* I want justice, or else

[After the victory of the reformists in the Majlis elections] Mr. Khatami has NO EXCUSES when people such as I and my family press for justice:

Mr. Khatami, I want those responsible for the murder of Dr. Abdolrahman Boroumand arrested, prosecuted, and punished according to the Shari'a. Mr. Khatami, I want those responsible for stealing and selling-off my family's properties and assets arrested, prosecuted, and punished according to the Shari'a... and I want compensation -- in full -- for the damages my family has suffered. Mr. Khatami, I want a public apology for the manner in which my family, and many other Iranian families, have been treated over the past twenty years.

Mr. Khatami, I assure you that if this minimum of action is not instituted, you and your reform movement will find the Iranian people pointing you in the same direction as your predecessors- the direction of the garbage bin. I also assure you that I will NOT remove the pressure from you until justice has been served. Reform is not a slogan; it is a very real commitment to change.

I also want to take this opportunity to very publicly say: Mr. Khomeini (and everything that has followed since) has been the very worst thing to have ever afflicted Iran's recent history. The people of Iran could have arrived at this same point twenty years ago without pain and injustice, if it weren't for the misguided selfishness of that old man. The truth must be said, even if it hurts.

Hamid Boroumand

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* Implausible

I am sending you this email in regards to "She changed overnight". Kasra claimst an Iranian woman married him supposedly for Green Card and then changed overnight after she got ot.

The story has several implausible premises. But the most obvious and amazingly stupid flaw of the story is the claim that his bride got her Green Card less than a year after marriage! Well, unless he and the rest of the non-immigrant population of America are dealing with two different INS, this claim does not even qualify as a good lie.

I am not saying that a lot of Iranians do not run into trouble when they marry virtual strangers half a world away and try to make a life with them. But publishing an email like Mr. Kasra's does not generate any sympathy for this group.

I guess the moral of his story is do not marry part-time prostitutes (his words , not mine) and expect a wholesome harmonious relationship.

Brian Mottaghi

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March 2, 2000

* Zendeh baad!

I just wanted to render my unconditional BRAVO again for a wonderfully professional job, week in and week out! I've really enjoyed your coverage of Iran's recent elections and the related pieces you have presented.

Ben Bagheri

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* Mordeh baad!

Recently I sent you an article about the accomplishments of my nephew which was not only in the newspapers, but it got him interviews with Voice of America, ANT, the Today Show and more.

But unfortunately our own people didn't even acknowledge his accomplishments to show the Iranian readers that there are many Iranian children who are academically successful.

You are a shame not only to Iranians but to the country of Iran.

Nana Farshad

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March 1, 2000

* Knows nothing, obviously

In reply to Michael Chessman's note to The Iranian:

I must first and foremost repudiate the basic point you try to argue. Iranians are NOT European, they NEVER have been European, and they MOST CERTAINLY will never be European. Iranians are descendants of the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, who migrated south and settled on the present -- day Iranian plateau 7,000-10,000 years ago. These people were known as the Aryans.

There was another group of Aryans who split off and migrated westward toward Europe, and so it can be argued that Iranians share common ancestors with some modern-day Europeans.

But so what?

Frankly way too much has been made of the whole bit about Aryan ancestry. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. But to claim that Iranians actually descended from some blood line originating in Europe is absolute rubbish. It's obvious that this guy knows nothing whatsoever about history. He's just making arguments based on racist underpinnings.

Dennis Brandon

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* Tears, almost

Reading Roozbeh's moving letter to Khatami ["Dialogue among ourselves"] almost brought tears to my eyes, especially because I find this kind of compassion towards their homeland quite rare among second generation Iranians.

I hope our beloved president hear Roozbeh's voice and he and his parents can visit iran soon.

Ataollah Togha

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February 29, 2000

* Kiss the hands

Thank you very much for publishing Ms. Amimi's paintings ["Hand me a pillow"]. It was high time for our painters to come out of their restrictive shell and express themselves freely.

The works of Ms. Amini is a breath of fresh air much like what our late Forough Farrokhzad brought to our poetry. The only thing I can say is that I wish I could kiss the hands that worked on these paintings. What marvelous, refreshing, thought provoking works of art.

I wish Ms. Amini well and The Iranian, which provides us with the opportunity to discover highly talented compatriots.

Hodjabr Hakimi

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* Deltang o beegharaar

Mr. President,

man 13 saal-e pish vatan raa tark kardam. Az roozi ke shomaa President shodid kheili doost daashatam keh biyaam beh vatan, amaa hanooz ehsaas raahti nadaaram ["Dialogue among ourselves"].

omidavaaram keh shomaa va melat betavaanid keh emkaan-e bargasht bataa-ye iraaniaan khaarej az vatan raa raaht-tar konid keh maa in tars raa az del biroon konim va pedar va maadar va saayer khaanevaadeh raa bebinim chon man 11 saalam bood keh aamadm khaarej vali hich-jaa vatan nemisheh.

hameh-ye iraaniaan vatan raa doost daaram va aarezoie movafaghiat. bebakhshid agar faarsi khoob naneveshtam.

deltang o beegharaar az U.S.A I hope you win again.

Pezhman Kayedan

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February 28, 2000

* Political maturity

In reply to Jafar D.'s letter:

Your point is well taken. I agree full-heartedly that Iranians should always strive for improvement and should never settle for anything but the highest standard of governance. But, the fact is that there is no perfection in democracy. Democracy is an ideal and a philosophy toward which we strive. We all know that there are different forms and different degrees of democracy around the world--all with room for improvement.

That said, my reference to "democracy arriving" was regarding the level of political maturity among Iranians here, which is absolutely astounding ["The ballot box"]. I was not referring here to the system or the current political process, which continues to have deep and fundamental flaws >>> FULL TEXT

Dokhi Fassihian

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* Milking the masses

In reply to Jafar D.'s letter:

As an ever cynical Iranian I always wonder how did Mohammad Khatami ever receive the blessing from those who decide who can be a candidate for elections. Same goes for all those 6000 or so candidates who ran for the sixth Majlis. To me they all belong to the same family and the fact they have been vetted by the Council of Guardians clearly indicates that even the so-called reformists are nothing but a farce ["The ballot box"]...

How can [Khomeini's] successors be pardoned and forgiven for all the cruelties they committed over the past 21 years? Why are the Iranian people happy with superficial "freedoms"? Who is Mohammad Reza Khatami and who is Ali Reza Nouri [who were elected to the Majlis from Tehran]? Are they of a different fabric than their brothers? Are they really Iranian?

I suppose some may say , Who cares what happened in the past? It seems to me that Iranians as a nation always forget the fact that the past provides guidance for the future... [The clergy] have been milking the nation for over 20 years and keep milking it. Rafsanjani's family has become pretty fat and now it's Khatami's family's turn. Is this what the masses of Iran want or it is what the elite of Iran, those who have always been reaping the benefits by milking the masses, want? >>> FULL TEXT

J. Entesari

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