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Wednesday October 4, 2000 / Mehr 13, 1379, No. 1078

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Go Gore
Iran is not the main issue

October 4, 2000
The Iranian

It would be a mistake for Iranians living in the U.S. to vote for either presidential candidate primarily based on how they may deal with Iran. No matter how much we love Iran, we are now citizens of another country. We should get involved in domestic politics to improve our lives. And based on that it seems Al Gore is the better candidate >>> GO TO FEATURE


Love Finds a Way in Iran: 'Temporary Marriage

By Elaine Sciolino
The New York Times
October 4, 2000

TEHRAN, Iran -- For five years, Maryam, the hairdresser, and Karim, the home appliance salesman, carried on a love affair, meeting secretly at the house where Karim lived with his parents. The young couple's relationship was officially sanctioned by Iran's Islamic Republic, even though unmarried couples who have sex or even date and hold hands can be arrested, fined, even flogged. That is because Maryam and Karim were married. Sort of. They had a valid contract of temporary marriage >>> FULL TEXT

The Dearest Eggs Since Faberge, Iranian Caviar Returns

By Florence Fabricant
The New York Times
October 4, 2000

HIGHLY prized Iranian caviar, now permitted in this country for the first time since 1987, is being sold in many Manhattan food shops and by mail order. The question for caviar lovers is, was it worth the wait? And what about the prices, as much as 50 percent higher than for other caviars?

After tasting about 15 samples of various types and grades, I can attest to this caviar's high quality. And in today's caviar-hungry luxury market, I doubt that it will linger on store shelves very long, no matter what its price >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Kayhan: Protests against Majlis deputy for defending Montazeri >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    International Federation of Iranian Refugees: Canadian Refugee Council and women >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


    Remember him?

Remember the guy who cut the net of the Iranian goal during the Iran-Australia match? He's been fined for being a serial "pest" at other sports events >>> SEE HERE

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* Googoosh's new songs sad, but real

Faryar Mansuri writes: I beg to differ with Mr. Bagheri's judgment about Googoosh's new songs and Babak Aminis compositions ["Houston, we have a diva!"].

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with most of the talent traveling with Googoosh both before and after the concert in New York. The day after the concert, over lunch and a good deal of humor, punctuated by discussions about life in Iran, religion, music and politics; I learnt a great deal about Babak Amini, his background, influences and his compositions.

Having heard of the five new songs at the concert, courtesy of Napster, that same evening, I was able to form an opinion. The new Googoosh material can only be judged against the backdrop of post-revolutionary Iran, the lives of Googoosh, the people, their experiences and the life of present-day Iranian youth >>> FULL TEXT

* Airing, sharing and caring

Zara Houshmand writes: Oooo! Tears in the middle of the day. A very fine story indeed ["A big beautiful lamb"]. Interesting to think that just by being there, you are making good writing happen -- just a certain degree of airing and sharing and caring about it, and the yeast spreads and suddenly all these loaves are rising, popping in and out of the oven, and writers are being read and everyone gets to feast. Be proud. (Not to mention the lamb squiggle, one of the best... :-)

* No matter where they are...

Mehran Jahromi writes: Dameton garm for this site. It reminded me of Abadan and all the good people of that city; all the Abadanis I have seen since the war. No matter what they do, or where they are, one thing is for sure: they all miss their city, and their freinds. People see themselves in these pictures and we can find some of our lost freinds.

Event: Mehregan in Washington DC

The Iranian American Cultural Association invites you to celebrate the bounty of Autumn during its Mehregan pgarty on Saturday evening, 7 October 2000.

* At the elegant, historic Crowne Plaza in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. at 14th and K Streets, N.W.

* 8:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m., in the Hamilton Ballroom >>> DETAILS HERE




Avicenna: Prince of Physicians
By Reza Shah-Kazemi, Fatima Zahra Hassan


Ghavaanin va moghararaat-e marboot beh zanaan dar Iran
Iran's laws and regulations concering women
By Gholamreza Motamedi

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Tonight, when love's sorrow is forever and ever,

    And the ruby wine is my strength and pillar,

    The law prescribes pain and contemplation.

    Food and sleep and passion are forbidden.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Reformist MP calls for rehabilitation of Ayatollah Montazeri

TEHRAN, Oct 3 (AFP) - A reformist Iranian legislator called Tuesday for the rehabilitation of the liberal cleric elected to succeed the founder of Iran's Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, but who was forced to step down before ever taking up that mantle. In a speech to parliament on Tuesday, MP Mostafa Taheri Najaf-Abadi asked whether it is "just that this man (Montazeri), who fought next to the imam (Khomeini) for the creation and defense of the Islamic republic, should be constrained in his daily life, and theological schools deprived of his teaching." >>> FULL TEXT

Jailed journalists complain of prison condition

TEHRAN, Oct 3 (Hayat-e No) - Detained reformist journalists Mashallah Shamsolvaezin and Emadedin Baghi have written a letter to the majlis and the judiciary complaining about the treatment of prisoners >>> FULL TEXT

Human rights group condemns death sentences

October 3, (Iranian Human Rights Working Group) - Iranian authorities have announced that seven people belonging to a "terrorist netwrok" have been arrested, tried and condemned to death. No details have been given about their identities, alleged crimes or trial. Iranian Human Rights Working Group condemns their illegal treatment >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

German Chancellor Schroeder to visit Iran in 2001

Ocotber 3, 2000, Teheran (dpa) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder plans to visit Teheran next spring, Iran 's Economics Minister Hossein Namazi said Tuesday. ``We look forward to the visit of the German chancellor to Teheran. There is no exact date fixed yet although the visit is planned before the presidential elections in Iran ,'' Namazi said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran plans to open up equity market-cen bank governor

LONDON, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Iran is about to welcome foreign investorsback to its stock market for the first time since the the 1979 Islamicrevolution, a senior Iranian government official said on Friday. ``We are working on the criteria for foreign investment (in the stockmarket) and I hope within a month and a half we will announce them,''Iranian central bank governor Mohsen Nourbakhsh told Reuters in aninterview >>> FULL TEXT

Trade deal pulls Iran in from the cold

The Times (London) -- BRITAIN is to grant medium- term credit insurance for exports to Iran in a move aimed at pushing the British up the league of exporters to the Islamic Republic.The decision to bring Iran back into the fold of countries eligible for the range of export credits was announced yesterday by Richard Caborn in the first visit by a UK trade minister to Tehran for two decades >>> FULL TEXT

Moshiri ill

Tehran (Cinema) -- Fereydoun Moshiri, one of the greatest contemporary poets, has been bed-ridden due to an unspecified illness >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

The rise of Iranian cinema in past 20 years

Tehran (Cinema) -- In the 1980s Iranian cinema officials had a very difficult time entering films into international festivals. But they persisted and the rest is history. Here's a fascinating account >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iranian cinema in Paris

Tehran (Cinema) -- Arlequin Theater in Paris will screen Iranian films from November 7 through December 20 Paris. A report >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

National team in Germany

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The national soccer team has arrived in Germany for training sessions before the Asian Cup matches in Lebanon. Iran will play a friendly match against Hamburg FC Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

Daei: Player of the month

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- The Asian soccer web site has named Ali Daei the Asian Player of the Month for scoring four goals in four matches >>> FULL TEXT

Ardebilis love Reza-zadeh

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Hossein Reza-zadeh, the world's strongest man who broke world weightlifting records at the Sydney Olympics, has returned to his Ardebil, his hometown. And everybody loves him >>> FULL TEXT


Taliban victories

Will Taleban's Latest Military Victory Lead to the Recognition of their Government by World Community? Zahir Tanin in discussion with Abrahim Yazdi, S. Tayeb Javad and Victor Grigorivich Kargon >>> LISTEN HERE

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