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October 23-27, 2000 / Aban 2-6, 1379

Books of the week

J.K. Lasser's Smart Finances for Your 20s and 30s: Get a Grip on Your Money
By Kambiz Foroohar

Zendegi-naamehyeh siaasi-ye Mohandes Mehdi Bazargan
By Saeed Barzin

Iranian Cities
Formation and Development
By Masoud Kheirabadi

Poems by Fereydoun Moshriri

Sutra & Other Stories
By Simin Danishvar

Beh narmiyeh baaraan
In honor of Fereydoun Moshiri


Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Globe
Geotales from Around the World
By Fereydoun Kian

Aah baaraan
Poems by Fereydoun Moshiri

Homogenization and Structural Topology Optimization
Theory, Practice and Software
By Behrooz Hassani

Majlis va nosaazi-ye Iran
By Mohammad Vahid Ghofli

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