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Jan 2-5, 2001 / Dey 13-16, 1379

Books of the week

State and Society in Iran
The Eclipse of the Qajars and the Emergenece of the Pahlavis
By Homa Katouzian

Ta'aamol-e din va siyaasat dat iraan
By Mousa Najafi

Rumi, A Spiritual Biogrpahy
Lives & Legacies
By Barbara Leah Ellis

Qesseh-haaye Qoli

Conflict and Cooperation
Zoroastrian Subalterns and Muslim Elites in Medieval Iranian Society
By Jamsheed K. Choksy

Kootooleh-haa va maajeraahaayeshaan


A Millennium of Classical Persian Poetry
A Guide to the Reading & Understanding of Persian Poetry from the Tenth to the Twentieth Century
By Wheeler M. Thackston

Robaiyaat-e kaamel-e Baba Taher Hamadani

Contemplation and Action
The Spiritual Autobiography of Nasir Al-Din Tusi
Translated by Seyyed H. Badakhchani

Khaanevaadeh-ye iraani dar roozegaar-e peesh az eslaam
By Dr. Mazaheri

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