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Nov 30-Dec 4, 1998 / Azar 9-13, 1377


* Music: Googoosh cybershrine


* History: Lunch with Khomeini
* Marriage: Tonboon-e faati
* Image: Oil, mean people, dark skin, terrorism
* Cover story: Where on earth?

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December 4, 1998


Googoosh's cybershrine
Finally an internet home for the most-loved Iranian

By Bruce Bahmani

Hello to all you lifetime Googoosh fans! I am happy to announce // is live!

You can hear many of Googoosh's best-loved songs in RealAudio format and browse one of the most extensive galleries of her fan pictures (depicting almost all of her many hairstyles!).

Everyone is encouraged to send articles, letters, features, photos, recollections, and basically anything relating to Googoosh. Be a part of Googoosh's cybershrine!

We will be constantly updating the site. Drop me a line to tell me how it looks and send me any suggestions you might have to make it better.

Above all, if you like the site, pass it along for friends and others to enjoy! ... GO TO GOOGOOSH.COM

December 3, 1998



Lunch with Khomeini
How a former SAVAK chief saved the ayatollah's life

Excerpts from Memoirs of Fatemeh Pakravan: Wife of General Hassan Pakravan: Army Officer, Chief of the State Intelligence and Security Organization, Cabinet Minister, and Diplomat, edited by Habib Ladjevardi (1998 Iranian Oral History Project, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University):

My husband told me, "You know, I had lunch every week with the ayatollah." I said, "Yes. I knew that but you never told me what was the atmosphere of these meetings." He said, "Very good. Very cordial. Very friendly. The ayatollah used to say in this very flowery Eastern way, 'Timsar, I count the days until we reach the day of our luncheon.'" I asked, "How was he?" My husband said, "He was very handsome. And I'm sure he's not as old as they say. I'll tell you why. He was very handsome. He had extraordinary presence, a power of seduction. He had a great charisma." ... GO TO FEATURE

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December 2, 1998


Tonboon-e faati
With so few rights, Iranian brides-to-be are extra cautious

By Nasim Bagheri

Mr. Soroosh:

I read your article "Marrying an Iranian woman" with interest. There are two faces to a coin, the Persian saying goes. Although you are very much attached to your heritage, I am surprised at your naivete when approaching such a delicate subject as marriage with an Iranian woman. Perhaps it is the idealism and the romantic in you that beckoned your loved one to let go of all the traditions and the "strings" that hold her to her roots, and to join you in the land of the free. Things are not that easy in the real world and especially in today's Iran. In the words of Hafez:

... Eshgh aassaan nemood avval, vali oftaad moshkel-haa!

Under Iranian law (which incidentally predates the current regime) a woman has limited rights to her husband's assets either during her marriage to him or in the event of divorce or death. In case of his death a woman will inherit one eighth of her husband's cash assets (excluding land, building or stocks). After the belongings are all divvied up among the man's offsprings, siblings and parents, the wife's share comes LAST. A woman's only "security" in case her husband decides to divorce her or dies is her mahriyeh (dowry)... GO TO FEATURE

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December 1, 1998


Oil, mean people, dark skin, terrorism
Mental images of the Middle East influence relationships

By Yahya R. Kamalipour

"What images come to your mind when you think of the Middle East, Muslims, Arabs, Iranians, and Israelis?" This was a question that I posed to nearly 500 high school students in five cities throughout northern Indiana, during a 1997 world affairs conference for which I was the principal speaker. Using an assessment method called "word-association," I asked them to write, without censoring themselves, whatever images came to their minds immediately after hearing certain terms. Although space limitation does not allow me to outline and discuss the disappointing results, the following responses, compiled in no particular order, should reveal their perceptions of the Middle East, Arabs, Muslims, Iranians, and Israelis:

The Middle East: Terrorism, war, dangerous, Muslims, oil, desert, hot, camels, sand, Saddam Hussein, the Gulf war, PLO, fanatics, radical, destruction, oppression, dark skin, dress funny, black veils, cab drivers, oppressed women, OPEC, always in the news... GO TO FEATURE

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Nov 30, 1998

Cover story

Where on earth?
People looking for long-lost relatives & friends

About a year ago we stopped posting messages from people searching for lost fathers, friends or childhood pals. Maintaining the Lost & Found page was difficult and time-consuming. But the messages keep pouring in. We have listed some of the messages received in recent weeks.

There are a lot of people out there looking for that someone special in their lives. Are you that person? Do you know that person? If so, make someone happy -- really happy ... GO TO FEATURE

 Cover Story

Where on earth?
People looking for long-lost relatives & friends

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