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Dec 21-24, 1998 / Azar 28-Dey 4, 1377


* Tress: ... for Christmas
* Christmas: Not even a mouse


* Identity: Nothing like a book
* Fiction: I dream of you still
* Cover story: Eprime

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December 25, 1998


Christmas trees
Stolen from every corder of the Internet! Ho ho ho...

December 24, 1998


Not even a mouse
Mom would always read " 'twas the night before Christmas..."

By Khordad

It seems that every year I reject more and more those things I label American. In recent years, I have been boycotting the idea of Christmas. Since I am not Christian, the religious aspects of it have never really appealed to me. It's the commercialization and the Americanism of Christmas I have chosen to reject. But inevitably, every year, at the last minute, I get sucked in.

This Christmas though was a little different. As I was aimlessly attempting to find my car on the wrong level of the parking garage at Pentagon City, dragging around this enormous box of dishes I had bought for my sister and cursing the store clerk for not heeding my command to pack the dishes in two smaller boxes, I had a stark epiphany.

I should have seen it coming. It had been building up for weeks. You see, this whole season, I had been remembering a time when Christmas was nice. Quite a different memory than those I have had since I have been in the United States. This year, for the first time in a long while, I remembered Christmas in Iran ... GO TO FEATURE

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December 23, 1998


Nothing like a book
Depressed? Homesick? Pick up a good Persian book

By Ali A. Parsa

Dear Mr. Masood Rad,

I was very much touched by your letter in The Iranian Times. I, too, have been in America for about a total of thirty years, both as a student and resident. I hope you are familiar with the American expression "Misery likes company."

I have personally found reading Persian literature very soothing and the best means of coping with bouts of mild depressions. Fortunately, in addition to our traditional masterpieces such as the works of Sa'adi, Hafez, Khayyam, Molavi, etc., many Persians have written great books in recent years that are both enlightening and entertaining. There are also musical tapes and CD's available, some of which might help. I love traditional music but nothing helps me more than good books.... GO TO FEATURE

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December 22, 1998


I dream of you still
Lying in a pool of black ink

By Khordad

I remember the night I found you. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to being alone. I'm ashamed to say that I was relieved to find the lights off when I first got home. When I did find you though, lying there, lifeless, in the dark, it took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. The reflection of light made it seem as if you were lying in a pool of black ink. My first reaction was to clean up. Clean the house, clean the bathroom. Clean you. Dress you. I wanted to cover your naked body that left you so vulnerable. I wanted to make you presentable, before a hoard of strangers accosted our house to find you lying there, as I had, lifeless, drenched, in your own blood ... GO TO FEATURE

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December 21, 1998

Cover story

In fond memory of Eprime Eshag; friend, economist (1918-1998)

By Ebrahim Golestan

The following was read at last month's cremation ceremony for Eprime Eshag:

In a short while the body of Eprime will return to the purity of basic elements. The memory of what he was will remain with some of us. Our memory of him is the essence of his existence as reflected in the polished, or tarnished, mirror of our mind.

The image that I have of him is of bold sincerity. He was nothing if not sincere. The sincerity was always critical. He was nothing if not critical. The alert analysis that he would make of problems and people, and his almost immediate evaluation of events and situations was, most of the time, judged as abrasive and authoritarian -- by a lethargic and convention-bound mundane majority ... GO TO FEATURE

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In fond memory of Eprime Eshag; friend, economist (1918-1998)

By Ebrahim Golestan

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