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Dec 28-31, 1998 / Dey 7-10, 1377


* New Year: Hello 1999!


* Fiction: In the ring
* Internet: Far from Utopia
* Cover story: Back home
* Tress: ... for Christmas

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December 31, 1998

New Year

Hello 1999!

May your New Year be filled with joy, wonder, peace and prosperity. And remember, there's always hope.

The Iranian

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December 30, 1998


    In the ring
    Pulling no punches even in the face of defeat

    Domal ("The Abscess") is a collection of nine highly-charged short stories and novellas in Persian by Shirindokht Radi (1998 Khorshid Publishing, San Jose, CA). Many deal with issues facing Iranian women under strict Islamic rules and traditions.

    Unlike what you would expect from an Iranian author, Radi does not hide behind symbols. There are no veiled references; Radi's descriptions of characters and incidents do not tax your imagination. Her engaging style makes the reader think and take sides. She takes you with her into the ring even when defeat is certain; what's more important is the fight itself.

    The following pages are from a chapter titled Aasemaan-haaye doordast ("Faraway skies") ... GO TO PAGE ONE

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December 29, 1998


Far from Utopia
A "select elite" don't represent Iran's youth

By Ataollah Togha

"Cyber clash" is the inappropriately chosen title of a well-written article recently posted in The Iranian. The author does not seem to believe in any clash whatsoever between the Western culture and what she calls "the Iranian culture," which she clearly, if not quite explicitly, distinguishes from anything Islamic. The author also refers the reader to less than a dozen of Iranian young men living in Iran who, as she herself is well aware, cannot represent the Iranian youth in any balanced way, and time and again talks to us through "their" words, apparently trying to employ a fallacious generalization to convince the reader of the conclusions of her article, which seem to be, by and large, her own convictions regardless of the flawed data briefly analyzed in her paper.

Unlike the author, I have little doubt that the ideal of the so-called global village is much farther ahead than what we are usually tempted to believe. The Information Superhighway, and in particular the interactive chatrooms may only be a first step in a journey of a thousand miles towards reconciling essentially different cultures, in case we assume that this ideal has the potential to be realized ... GO TO FEATURE

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December 28, 1998

    Cover story

Back home
... in Abadan. Photos and memories

For the longest time I've wanted to start a section about Abadan. I just wasn't sure how to go about it. I guess I wanted it to be perfect.

This is only a start. It will be updated from time to time with new stories and photos sent by YOU ... GO TO FEATURE

December 25, 1998


Christmas trees
Stolen from every corder of the Internet! Ho ho ho...

 Cover Story

Back home
... in Abadan. Photos and memories

Cover stories

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