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Dec 28-31, 1998 / Dey 7-10, 1377

Latest Iranian site

* Shajarian


* Businesses in Iran
* Iranian names
* Kayhan daily
* Pre-revolution stamps

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* Shajarian Iran's Elvis goes online. with audio links to his classical Persian music.

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* Businesses in Iran

Well-organized sites of Iran-based businesses which offer products and services worldwide.

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* Names for girls / Names for boys

Still looking to name your child? You'll find many suggestions here with the meaning of each name. Good luck!

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* Kayhan daily

One of the oldest newspapers in Iran - now under the control of right-wing conservatives. Click on top right next to "NEW" button (in Persian).

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* Pre-revolution stamps

As a boy who grew up collecting postage stamps, I never dreamed that one day those stamps would become such an important personal symbol of my heritage and come to represent a chapter closed in history.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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 Iranian site of the Week

Kayhan daily

Beyond Iran

Sites of the Week


Legendary Lighthouses


Tallest person in history


6 billion Human Beings


Bach Central Station


NASA Human space flight

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Iranian bookmarks

* "Tehran-Stanford"
* Payvand
* Sportestan
* Zan
* Iranian Friendship Circle
* Persian Outpost
* Netiran
* Sepahbodi, Farhad
* Cyrus the Great


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