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Feb 1-5, 1999 / Bahman 12-16, 1377


* Tehran: Jonoob-e Shahr


* Tehran: Traffic immitating life
* Memories: TU & the revolution
* Press: Knowing silence
* Cover story: Revolution: 1979-1999

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February 5, 1999


Jonoob-e Shahr
Where everyone is exhausted

    By Laleh Khalili

    I always assumed that in southern Tehran I would find staunch defenders of the more conservative elements in the regime, but whomever I addressed, whatever conversation on which I eavesdropped, whatever gestures and manners I observed testified to the derisive and pessimistic view of the people towards the regime. Everyone is exhausted and the conversation is invariably about the intended increase in the price of gasoline to 350 rials per liter (4 cents) and the falling value of rial in the black market. In a city where the most prosperous cab-driver makes 2,000,000 rials per month (today, that is $228; one week ago, it was $262 ­ the rial has fallen by 14% in the last week alone), and the ordinary civil servant around 300,000 rials per month ($35), the increase in the price of gasoline means inflation: the price of all goods will increase as the cost of their transport goes up. In the bazaar, where the goods are brought from far and wide, this effect is felt close to the bone. ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 4, 1999


Traffic immitating life
Mercy is not in your vocabulary, not even on the road

    By Shahin Shahin

    I went to Tehran last month. It was my second visit this past two years, and the second in twenty one years. I have traveled to many countries in the world, and have driven in quite a few of them, but nothing can prepare you for the gladiatorial struggles of men and machine that occur on the streets of Tehran. It is without the doubt, the craziest thing I have seen in my life. The second craziest thing I have ever seen was bull fighting, but even that had its rules, which everyone observed.

    The Tehran streets' version of bull fighting spectacle has few Tehrani flavors, but the main theme is basically the same. You will get into your car, and instantly become a vicious conqueror (a bloodthirsty matador), out to grab as much glory and trophy as you can on your way ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 3, 1999


TU & the revolution
"The campus looked as beautiful as I remembered"

    Written and photographed by Armin Alaedini

    It is hard to believe that twenty years have passed by since those turbulent days of the revolution. I can vividly remember looking out the window of my room at the demonstrators. Our apartment was on Farvardin Avenue facing Allahyar Saleh's house. I was only a child, and those shouting demonstrators didn't seem extraordinary at all; they seemed to be a part of daily life. Many of them were university students and most of them showed their hatred and hostility towards the Shah and his regime. ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 2, 1999


    Knowing silence
    Editor of banned magazine on being a journalist

    A court in Tehran has ordered the closure of Adineh, the country's most-respected independent magazine. Here's an editorial from a recent issue (November 1998) written by Gholam-Hossein Zakeri., the managing editor, titled Sokoot kardan raa baladim (We know how to be silent).

    Zakeri makes general comments on the difficulties of being a journalist and mentions that he had recently been warned by previously-unknown organizations to tone down the critical articles published in his magazine (in Persian) ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 1, 1999

    Cover story

    Revolution: 1979-1999
    The events that changed our lives forever

    We have updated this special section with a news satire page and more photos, plus a poem about the early days of the revolution by Hadi Khorsandi (Esm-e Shab).

    Also, you can listen to lefitist revolutionary songs in the Times music section.

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 Cover Story

Revolution: 1979-1999
The events that changed our lives forever

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