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Jan 11-15, 1999 / Dey 21-25, 1377

Latest Iranian site

* Radio Shahrvand


* Parviz Sayyad
* Computer Research Center, Qom
* Safineh
* Persian Cafe

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* Radio Shahrvand

Taraaneh-haaye darkhaasti... Persian music requests from an Iranian station in Sweden.

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* Parviz Sayyad

Beautifully done by Pedram Missaghi, with tons of info on Sayyad's rich body of work. WARNING: Nostalgia-packed!

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* Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences

Qom's Islamic software and comuter services center.

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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* Safineh

Iran's "cheapest" Internet server (WWW access, ftp and email: 110,000 tomans or $150 per year PLUS usage fee).

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* Persian Cafe

A fun site with interesting features, inclduing electronic cards, art works and photos.

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 Site of the Week

Parviz Sayyad

Beyond Iran


Stephen King


Car of the Century


The Sulabh Internation Museum of Toilets


Hollywood Online Trailer Awards


Life in the Fast Lane

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Iranian bookmarks

* "Tehran-Stanford"
* Payvand
* Sportestan
* Zan
* Iranian Friendship Circle
* Persian Outpost
* Netiran
* Sepahbodi, Farhad
* Cyrus the Great


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