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Wednesday, November 11, 1998 / Aban 20, 1377, No. 603

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Zarry's Wedding

By Massud Alemi

A flabby, middle-aged neighborhood matron by the name of Batul Khanoum was having a great time preparing to barbecue a pile of skewered kebabs for dinner. Her facial hair suggested a certain masculinity that could not be ignored. We had circled about her, dying to hear the nitty-gritty details of Zarry's big secret.

"It all began when she was in the twelfth grade, you see," Batul Khanoum said, while fanning the embers. "Their next door neighbor, Bijan, fell in love with her, you know. It may have started even before that. Perhaps they had had something going for some time already. Who knows? Anyway, he used to send her love-letters."

Batul Khanoum looked to her right and left to make sure there were no spies, and continued conspiratorially, "He wrapped them around a rock and threw them in her room by way of a window she left open. This is fifteen, sixteen years ago, now."

A collective gasp went up around her, and she went on: "One night when the Mokris were visiting, there was an enormous thunderstorm. Blackout. Jafar insisted that his guests stay overnight and go home in the morning. Mokri and his wife slept in Zarry's bedroom, while the children slept on the first floor. But this time the window in Zarry's bedroom was closed."... GO TO FEATURE


Revealing an Iran Where the Chadors Are Most Chic

November 8, 1998
The New York Times

IN the sweepstakes for the title Most Interesting and Accomplished Filmmaker the United States Has Never Heard Of, Dariush Mehrjui has certain obvious advantages. While still in his 20's, the Iranian director made "The Cow" (1969), a film so powerful that it not only was credited with launching Iran's modern cinema but also, a decade later, made a fan of the Ayatollah Khomeini and thus helped assure that country's cinema of having a post-Revolutionary phase. Cosmopolitan and ever-controversial, Mr. Mehrjui has had films banned by the Shah's regime and the Islamic Republic, and almost surely is the only filmmaker reared a devout Muslim who counts the novelists J. D. Salinger and Saul Bellow as major influences on his work. He's even made a film of Mr. Salinger's "Franny and Zooey," called "Pari," set in contemporary Iran.

That film, and a retrospective of eight other movies by Dariush Mehrjui, will be shown starting on Friday, when the Film Society of Lincoln Center begins a three-week series on Iranian film.

While the extent of Mr. Mehrjui's career may come as news to American cinephiles, his importance is universally recognized in Iran. In 1997, when the respected Iranian journal Film Monthly polled its readers and critics, the results showed that the readers regarded Mr. Mehrjui's "Hamoon," a dark satire of modern Iran, as the best Iranian film in history, ahead of such internationally acclaimed works as Abbas Kiarostami's "Through the Olive Trees" and Mohsen Makhmalbaf's "Gabbeh." The critics, meanwhile, ranked Mr. Mehrjui higher in importance than Mr. Kiarostami and Mr. Makhmalbaf, and cited "Hamoon" as more significant than any of their films... FULL TEXT



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More Letters

* Deep Dish

Ali Naderzad writes: Did you know that one of two of the biggest producers of electronic music are Iranian? The Maryland-based "Deep Dish" is the creation of Ali Shiraznia and Shahram Tayebi. Together they have been producing their own brand of house music (dark, at times trancey) for over five years, and have quickly grown to become the most sought-after producers in the world, cutting up remixes for the likes of "Everything But the Girl" and Janet Jackson. As DJs they circle the globe and are literally worshipped like heroes in the UK, by far their biggest fan base, and by now their home away from home... FULL TEXT

* Dance: "Moving concepts" in Berkeley

Shahrzad Dance Academy Presents:

M o v i n g C o n c e p t s

Expression through dance and music Shahrzad Dance Academy (SDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing exposure to various cultures through dance and music, with a focus on Classical Persian dance. The company has been experimenting with "fusion" and "conceptual dancing" for the last 3 years. SDA is proud to present its first experimental dance concert involving Persian fusion and expressive, conceptual choreography, with a touch of classical Persian style of movement and music.

November 13 & 14; 8 PM; Darvag Theater, Best Printing 3280 Adeline St @ Alcatraz in Berkeley. Tickets $15 Adult/ $12 kids 12 & under. Reservations: (510)724-2425.

Book of the Week

A Persian Requiem

By Simin Daneshvar
Translated by Roxane Zand

The first published novel by an Iranian woman and one of the most widely read novels in Iran.

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Internship: Christine Mirzayan Memorial Fund

The National Academy of Sciences has established the Christine Mirzayan Memorial Fund to celebrate Christine's love of life, enthusiasm for science, intelligence and high aspirations for contributing to human welfare. Mirzayan, a highly regarded 28-year-old biologist was raped and murdered in a Washington DC's Georgetown last August 1... FULL TEXT

Cash-starved Iran asks West for $3 bln loan

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (Reuters) - The Iranian government, beset by doggedly low oil prices and mounting debt, is negotiating with creditors in Japan, Germany and Italy for $3 billion in bridge loans to stave off a default on debt payments. ``They need to get that $3 billion as soon as possible,'' said an analyst close to the debt talks. ``If these three countries cannot help them, then they may have to declare bankruptcy.'' ... FULL TEXT

Iran official wants black forex market stopped

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian official called on Wednesday for a clampdown on Iran's black money market to stop a plunge in the value of the rial which has fallen to record lows this week, state media reported. ``To prevent all instability in foreign exchange rates, the contraband exchange market must be eliminated from the country's economy,'' said Deputy Economy and Finance Minister Morteza Qarabaqian, quoted by Iranian television... FULL TEXT

Taleban ask Iran to stop returning Afghan refugees

ISLAMABAD, Nov 11 (Reuters) - The Taleban militia asked Iran on Wednesday to stop sending Afghan refugees back and urged the United Nations to provide food and shelter for those who had arrived in Afghanistan, an Afghan news service reported. The Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press quoted Taleban spokesman Wakil Ahmed as saying that thousands of Afghan refugees in neighbouring Iran were being sent back... FULL TEXT

Islamic militants to be allowed greater say in Iran universities

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) -Iran's conservative-dominated parliament approved a controversial law on Wednesday allowing Islamic militia and militant activists to play a more active role in universities. The law in principle allows the militia, a voluntary force of Islamic loyalists, to "reinforce their presence" in universities and regulate cultural activities... FULL TEXT

Lack of exercise threatens Iranian girls' health

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) -The health of Iranian schoolgirls is under threat from a lack of physical exercise, an education ministry official warned Wenesday. Muhammad Reza Pahlevan, head of the ministry's physical education department, said the country's approximately 9.5 million schoolgirls are suffering from an increase in "physical lethargy" because of a paucity of sporting activities in schools ... FULL TEXT

Mahdavi-Kia exempted from military duty

TEHRAN, Nov 11 (AFP) -An Iranian footballer, Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia, has been exempted from military service for scoring a goal in a World Cup match against the United States, a newspaper reported Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Women chess players

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - After recent world championships, Iranian women chess players have improved their world ranking (from 59th to 56th) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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