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Tuesday, November 17, 1998 / Aban 26, 1377, No. 607

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Marrying an Iranian woman
with strings attached

By Siavash Soroosh

I read Laleh Khalili's marvelously-written "Loving an Iranian man" in The Iranian. Her note appeared very similar to my recent experience. Though mine was somewhat different, we both happened to have been bound by the same expectations that ultimately reduce loving relationships among Iranians to a cluster of traditions and conventions -- conventions according to which it is the mind of the elders that determines fate, not the emotions of the loving couple.

Perhaps one difference between the two experiences is that, in Laleh's case, she ended up being a winner, thanks to the atmosphere of the Western world she lives in, accommodating her individual freedom and therefore her expectations. I ended up being a loser, owing to the traditions hovering over the fate of many, back home.

I hope you find my article a complement to her observations:... GO TO FEATURE


Living Out Loud

Few films have succeeded as much in dealing with broken relationships. Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito give a superb performance ... REVIEW


I'm very much alone


My name is Mojdeh. I'm living in New Jersy. I'm very much alone here. We don't have any Irainan stuff here; no TV channel or magazines. None of the Iranian artists ever comes here to visit us and do shows or somethings. I miss all the Iranian people and I just want to see them and talk with them. I have no news about my Irainan friends. I want to contact some of our singers. I love them all. Please write me back and show me the way wich can contact with them.

"Ghorboone Hamatoon"



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* Nothing patrotic about capturing Karbala

Ali Khalili writes: In response to Aroosi-e-Khooban's response to my article "Farewell cherry tree," I have the following to say: The Iran-Iraq war for the most part was a pointless war that should and could have ended much earlier. Patriotism does not mean mindlessly following the directions of a leader for no obvious reason. There is nothing patrotic about capturing Karbala. Nor is there anything patriotic about capturing Qods.

We are still suffering the consequences of that war. After so long, it's not a bad idea to look back, realize what it was all about.... FULL TEXT

* Film: Iranian women of film in New York

THURSDAY NIGHT, NOV 19 @ 6:00 in 511 Dodge Hall, Columbia University

Open to the public. Free admission, limited seating (COME EARLY!)

The Iranian feature film "The Legend of Sigh" by Tehmina Milani will be screened followed by a panel discussion with several prominent women of filmmaking from Iran, including Niki Karimi, the famous actress. Professor Hamid Dabashi will moderate, along with Dan Kleinmann, Dean of the School of the Arts.

Book of the Week

Deer Table Legs

Poems by Katayoon Zandvakili

The University of Georgia Press, 1998

Zandvakili lives in Piedmont, California, and writes for Publishers Weekly. Her poems have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Five Fingers Review, Hawai'i Review, and the anthology A World Betwee: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans.

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Iran pledges no chemical weapons production

THE HAGUE, Nov 17 (AFP) -Iran told the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Tuesday that it had not produced any type of chemical weapons since the end of its eight-year war with Iraq. Speaking during the OPCW's Conference of the States Parties of the Chemical Weapons Convention in The Hague, Mohammad Alborzi, admitted that Iran had sought to develop the deadly weapons during the Iran-Iraq conflict after Baghdad launched several chemical weapons attacks ... FULL TEXT

Strikers lock out management at troubled textile mill

TEHRAN, Nov 16 (AFP) -Workers at a troubled textile mill in northern Iran locked out the firm's director and other managers after roughing them up on Monday, strikers told AFP. Some 2,500 staff are on strike at the mill in Qaem Shahar (formerly known as Shahi), in the Caspian Sea province of Mazandaran. The strike was called on Sunday to protest against nonpayment of wages and alleged mismanagement of the mill ... FULL TEXT

Bahais warn of fresh persecution

PARIS, Nov 17 (Reuters) - French members of the Bahai faith said on Tuesday that fellow believers in Iran were the target of a new wave of persecution, caught in a power struggle between reformists and Islamic fundamentalists. ``When there is a struggle for power, it is always the minorities who are caught in between and become scapegoats,'' Foad Saberan, a Frenchman of Iranian origin, told a news conference marking the 100th anniversary of an organised French Bahai community... FULL TEXT

Khatami srongly condemns terrorism

TEHRAN, Nov 17 (AFP) -Iranian President Mohammad Khatami strongly condemned terrorism, which he said had "blackened the face of the 20th century", in a meeting Monday with Finland's Foreign Minister Tarja Halonen. The official news agency IRNA quoted Khatami, whose country is accused by the United States of sponsoring terrorism, as telling Halonen that the world, including Iran, had suffered greatly as a result of terrorist acts ... FULL TEXT

Radio Sedaye Azadikhahan closes

THE IRANAIN - Radio Sedaye Azadikhahan e Iran has ceased daily broadcasts to Iran. It blames world powers for forcing its closure but pledges to offer its programs via the Internet ... HEAR LAST BROADCAST

Year-2000 computer bug gets attention

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Iran's highest technology body has called on a research firm to look into potential problems that may arise from the year-2000 computer bug... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Low wrestling moment

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - The ups downs of Iranian wrestleiing: Top wrestlers are no-shows at Moscow championships ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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(Steps toward progress must be gradual but continuous.)

From Simin Habibian's "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"

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