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Wednesday, November 18, 1998 / Aban 27, 1377, No. 608

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Agonizing reappraisal
A way for the U.S. to end its isolationist policies in the Persian Gulf

By Majid Tehranian

The time has come for the United States and its allies to do what in diplomatic circles is politely called "an agonizing reappraisal." The failure of "dual containment" in the Persian Gulf policies of the last few years have now become apparent to everyone except the most obstinate. Iran and Iraq have not been contained. On the contrary, both countries have taken advantage of the emerging rivalries of the post-Cold War era to develop economic and political ties to subvert those policies. Russia, France, and China as well as the U. S. Arab allies are opposing military action against a recalcitrant Iraq, while revolutionary Iran under President Mohammad Khatami is entering into a rapprochement with Europe and the conservative regional powers, notably Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Despite its current reconsideration of past policies, the Clinton Administration has not yet shown a more imaginative approach. Why is the United States being isolated in this vital region of the world?... FULL TEXT


Copenhagen conference
Opposition groups meet to express their latest views

A first-hand report from a member of Columbia University's Gulf/2000 -- an internet-based forum of Middle East experts around the world:

Rainy, cold Copenhagen hosted seven Iranian opposition groups who had announced a multilateral meeting to discuss "Civil Society, Rule of Law and its relevance to people's rule" in Iran. The meeting was held in a hall not far from the Iran-Denmark Society at Blagardsgade in a mixed and highly populated area near the center of the city. The meeting turned out to be something between a conference with its conceptual limits, and an opportunity to declare some new positions about Iran.

Some of the representatives of the opposition groups claimed they didn't know that other groups would br talking and declared that their presence did by no means imply that they were in a kind of alliance with other groups. Almost all groups implicitly or explicitly distanced themselves from the Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO)... FULL TEXT


Cooking Up a Reply to Big Mac

The Slow Food movement, concocted by an Italian appalled at the incursion of speedy eateries, seeks to preserve a universe of tastes in a world 'moving toward convenience and nothing else.

|Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

TURIN, Italy-- Some people seek the perfect wave, the 26,000-foot mountain, Class V white-water rapids. For Rosalyn Voget and Philip Neumann of Santa Barbara, gourmets and converts to the movement known as Slow Food, the quest is the ultimate meal....

It was 1986, and McDonald's had announced plans to build a restaurant on Rome's celebrated Piazza di Spagna, near the Spanish Steps and the building where English poet John Keats died.

A newly assembled association of Italian gourmets, including Petrini, was aghast. It organized in opposition... FULL TEXT


Sehr stupid

BONN, Oct 31 (AFP) - Germany's secret service tried to woo a computer hacker to break into Iran's state database and steal information about arms programs, Der Spiegel magazine reported in an article to run Monday.

A man posing as a consultant hired a Berlin student and part-time computer hacker to gather information on Iranian computer systems early this year, the magazine said.

Once the student had finished the contract, the supposed businessman told him the secret service would like him to break into Iran's network and gather information about any secret arms programs.

The student rejected the offer, Der Spiegel said.

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* Give Americans the respect we have earned

Christopher Peck writes: I agree with the author of the article "How to become an American" that each and every person from a particular country shouldn't be judged by the actions of the people of his/her country of origins. I am an American veteran of Desert Shield/Storm and also lived in Saudi Arabia when the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was stormed. To say the least, Iran as a whole has not been on the top of my well-liked places list. It is hard to meet someone, though, from somewhere that you perceive has done a grevious wrong to your country and not be a bit biased. We almost always judge first, and then figure out the truth later...

I think what I'm trying to say is, that many countries have accomplished some pretty heinous crimes, but their expatriates shouldn't be held responsible. Should I hold all Japanese today responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor? That was totally unprovoked and at a time of day to ensure we couldn't respond very well at all. Were our people in the Embassy in Tehran asking to be held hostage and their lives threatened? But was the author at fault for it, since he was born there only? These are criminal actions, to say the very least. But the U.S. has accomplished similar things in its history, especially to the Native Americans. We have been worse to them than can be imagined. Only a few other countries have treated their people worse (Germany and Russia come to mind). But the world judges all Americans in the same way, as a people to be hated, yet they want to come here. We have stood up for what is right more times than not. We are not always right in our actions, but generally the world is better off with the U.S. than without it. ... FULL TEXT

* Film: Ramin Naimi's "Somewhere in the City"

A noir screwball comedy, that threads the overlapping stories of six residents of a New York City tenement apartment building. Starring: Sandra Bernhard, Robert John Burke, Bai Ling, Ornella Muti, Paul Anthony Stewart, Peter Stormare.

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Mon-Thu 4:20-7:00-9:15 Fri-Sun 2:00-4:20-7:00-9:15
Limited Engagement

November 20th San Jose - Camera Theater
November 20th Sacramento - Crest Theater

Book of the Week

Deer Table Legs

Poems by Katayoon Zandvakili

The University of Georgia Press, 1998

Zandvakili lives in Piedmont, California, and writes for Publishers Weekly. Her poems have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Five Fingers Review, Hawai'i Review, and the anthology A World Betwee: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans.

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Six villages ruined in Iran quake - radio

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (Reuters) - A strong earthquake which hit southern Iran on Wednesday caused landslides in a mountainous area and heavily damaged six villages, Tehran radio reported. It said the quake, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, ``caused destruction of 80 to 100 percent'' in the villages in Kerman province... FULL TEXT

Cash-strapped Iran facing difficulty in repaying foreign debt

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (AFP) - The severe recession in Iran, which has been exacerbated by rock-bottom oil prices, has left both the public and private sectors struggling to pay off some 11 billion dollars in foreign debt. Bankers are seeing a sharp rise in debt defaults and foreign firms in Tehran have been deluged with requests for delays in loan repayments... FULL TEXT

Commander says Persian Gulf-bound ships must report

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (Reuters) - The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday ships entering the Persian Gulf must identify themselves to Iranian forces, Iranian state televison reported. It was not immediately clear if the remarks by Major-General Yahya Rahim Safavi amounted to a new demand by Iran, which often objects to the presence of United States forces in the Gulf... FULL TEXT

Iran says weighing U.S. soccer invitation

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Iran's soccer federation is weighing an invitation to play friendly matches in the United States, a federation official said in remarks published on Wednesday. ``This proposal has been sent to us but we have to study it first...We have not replied yet,'' the daily Zan quoted Nasser Noamouz, manager of Iran's national soccer team, as saying ... FULL TEXT

Iran welcomes "change" in U.S. oil policy

London, Nov. 19, IRNA - iran's deputy oil minister for international affairs mehdi husseini wednesday welcomed u.s energy secretary bill richrdson's commitment for the free flow of oil across international borders as a positive signal. "if true, it represents a change in policy," he said. iran is "happy" to hear that the u.s. supports the non-interruption of oil supplies, devoid from all political impediments, he told an international oil confrence in london... FULL TEXT

Hardliners disrupt student gathering-papers

TEHRAN, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Hardliners disrupted a student gathering and prevented a speech by a prominent leftist cleric in the city of Mashad, 1,000 km (600 miles) northeast of Tehran, Iranian newspapers reported on Wednesday. On Tuesday about 30 intruders attacked the Ferdowsi hotel in Mashad, where a gathering of university students was expected to be opened by Ali-Akbar Mohtashami, a member of the League of Militant Clerics which backs moderate President Mohammad Khatami, the daily newspaper Jahan-e Eslam said... FULL TEXT

"Azeez-eh maaee"

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - "Azeez-eh maaee" (You are our dearest) is a play that tells the story of a soldier who has been missing for the past nine years returns to a home and family much changed during his absence ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Esteeli "most likely" to join team

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Hamid Esteeli will "most likely" be invited to rejoin the national soccer team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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U.S.: Done more good than bad

We have stood up for what is right more times than not. We are not always right in our actions, but generally the world is better off with the U.S. than without it.

Christopher Peck
U.S. Air Force veteran
Letter to The Iranian
Nov 18, 1998

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