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Friday, November 20, 1998 / Aban 29, 1377, No. 610

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Shahin & Sepehr

    Baba Taher

    In peace

    Virtual cemetery
    A short tour of a very special final resting place

    Photographed by Ashkan Aryan

    I always wondered what Zahirodoleh cemetery looks like. I had heard that Forough Farrokhzad is burried there, as well as many other literary greats and old politicians.

    Then comes Ashkan Aryan, a 22-year-old amateur photographer. He sends an email saying he recently got into the cemetery -- after haggling with the gatekeeper; it's closed to the public -- and took a few quick snap shots. Would I be interested?... GO TO FEATURE


"Banoo" released

I was looking for something in Pedram Missaghi's Iran Media site and suddenly I noticed this news: Dariush Mehrjuie's "Banoo" which had been banned after it was made seven years ago, has now been released at movie theaters in Iran. Read all about it (in Persian)


Eltemaas-e doaa in Denver

Denver International is the first airport to have a mosque on the premises. Located on the 6th level of the Main Concourse, next to the Interfaith Chapel.

News forwarded by Simin Habibian

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* Stop blaming others

Jafar Dehghan writes: I think Khodadad ["Minorities: Not an Iranian problem"] is living in some dream world or fails to see his own country from a broader perspective. For one thing, racism is an issue facing all scoieties. Bias is something that we human beings inherit almost naturally. Secondly, I would like to ask Mr. Khodadad to describe these commonly used Persian words for me : "Arabe Mooshkhor," "Armani Najes," "Turke Khar," "Yaroo Lor-e Lor-e," "Yahoodi Khassis," and "ajnabi."... FULL TEXT

* Insightful contributions

Saba Ghadrboland writes: From time to time, I read your articles [Massud Alemi's index of articles] in The Iranian. The variety in styles you have mastered is fascinating. Thank you for your interesting and insightful contributions.

* Film: Divorce Iranian Style, in New York

Directed by Kim Longinotto and Ziba Mir-Hosseini
80 MINS.

One woman tells the judge her husband is crazy: in 30 years he has refused to let her answer the phone. (In Iran "craziness" is one of the few acceptable grounds for divorce when proceedings are brought by a woman; for men, divorce is granted upon request.) A 16-year-old, married at age 14 to a man 2 1/2 times her age, explains that she desperately wants a divorce to go back to school. Another pleads for custody of her 4-year-old daughter, having already lost custody of the older child. "You're poisoning my tea," mutters the judge to a woman who insists he find her misplaced file within the hour (he had suggested she return in a week). Inside an Iranian divorce court, a stream of veiled women (some only teenager others elderly) make use of reason, wit, charm, and chicanery to get what they want above all else: a divorce. Daily: 2, 3:40, 5:20, 7, 8:40, 10:20

Book of the Week

Deer Table Legs

Poems by Katayoon Zandvakili

The University of Georgia Press, 1998

Zandvakili lives in Piedmont, California, and writes for Publishers Weekly. Her poems have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Five Fingers Review, Hawai'i Review, and the anthology A World Betwee: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans.

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Russian atomic energy minister to visit Iran

MOSCOW, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Russia's Atomic Energy Minister Yevgeni Adamov will go to Iran on Saturday for a visit certain to be viewed askance by the United States which believes Tehran is trying to acquire nuclear weapons. A ministry spokesman said Adamov would visit Iran from November 21-24. He gave no further details but Russia's RIA news agency said he was expected to visit a nuclear power plant being built with Russian aid at Bushehr on the Gulf coast... FULL TEXT

Political courage needed to break u.s. iran deadlock, says sick

London, Nov. 19, IRNA - former u.s. president jimmy carter's principal aide for iran, gary sick, believes that the prospects exist for a rapprochement between the u.s. and iran, but suggests that it will need political courage to overcome 20 years of deadlock. "one side or the other is going to have to take a political risk and make a gesture," he said in an interview with irna, but added that he could not make a prediction when this might happen... FULL TEXT

Silver lining for OPEC in lengthy low oil price

LONDON, Nov 20 (Reuters) - For OPEC the prospect is alarming, but more of this year's crippling price pain may be the oil cartel's best long-term hope of reasserting its grip over world petroleum markets. Analysts say a bout of weak prices will at least hasten foreign investment back into the group's huge low-cost reserves and undermine the costlier oil output sources that have drained its market share. ``There is a silver lining to low prices for OPEC,'' said Mehdi Varzi of Dresdner Kleinwort Benson bank... FULL TEXT

Iran resumes Shi'ite Moslem pilgrim trips to Iraq

TEHRAN, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Predominantly Shi'ite Moslem Iran has given its nationals the all-clear to visit sacred shrines in neighbouring Iraq after a cooling-off in the Iraqi crisis, the official news agency IRNA reported on Friday. It quoted Behrouz Karami, governor of the Iranian border town of Qasr-e Shirin, as saying trips resumed on Thursday after a one-week suspension due to safety concerns over Iraq's standoff with the United Nations... FULL TEXT

Imad-afshar passes away

Tehran, Nov. 20, IRNA - Hossein imad-afshar, professor of methodolog and persian literature at the iranian university and the academic institutions died here thursday... FULL TEXT

27 teams in Asian Games

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Iran will be represented by 27 teams (197 athletes) in the upcoming Asian Games in Thailand... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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The dollar now offered at up to 705-710 tomans

Source: Sehaty Exchange (U.S.) Tel: 602-595-0777

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Bonyad Mostazafan

The largest economic block in Iran, second only to the government.

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Have before had

He makes you feel the wanting you have in common, the have before had.

Katayoon Zandvakili
"the Boy & the Girl"
The Iranian
November 19, 1998

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Twins separated

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Farid Farjad

Classic Iranian tunes played witgh a violin. Beautiful!

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