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Monday, November 23, 1998 / Azar 2, 1377, No. 611

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    Who's next?
    Bestseller blames society for Iran's serious political ills

    It was already decided two weeks ago that Ali Reza-Qoli's Jaame-eh shenaasi-e Nokhbeh-koshi ("The Sociology of Eliminating the Cream of the Crop") would be this week's cover story. And now, by unhappy coincidence, the November 23 gruesome murder of the nationalist opposition leader, Dariush Forouhar, and his activist wife Parvaneh, will bring the book's message more into focus.

    Jaame-eh shenaasi-e Nokhbeh-koshi is a 240-page indictment against those who bare the greatest responsibility in the down fall of the country's most progressive leaders in recent centuries. And who does this Iranian sociologist blame the most? Foreign powers and their Iranian agents? No. Ourselves.

    It is this rare and unequivocal admission that has made Ali Reza-Qoli's book a huge success. Less than a year since its publication, Jaame-eh shenaasi-e Nokhbeh-koshi (Ney Publishers, Tehran, 1998) has been reprinted at least eight times. Here are some excerpts in Persian:

    * Introduction: Foreign conspiracies?
    * Why are we repeating the same mistakes?
    * Society has failed in backing worthy leaders
    * Mosaddeq's views
    * Political immaturity
    * Burdened by "avaamzadegi"


    Forouhar & the death penalty

By Hossein Baqerzadeh
November 22, 1998
Iranian Human Rights Working Group

    Mr. Forouhar was the first political leader inside the country to respond positively to the call made ny Iranian Human Rights Working Group for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran. In a letter and statement he issued on the Human Rights Day (December 10) last year, he declared his and his party's commitment to end the death penalty in Iran. This makes the murder of Forouhar and his wife particularly sad. On the other hand, the best way of showing him respect will be to respond posoitively to the call for the abloition of the death penalty in Iran... FULL TEXT


    First "classical jazz" concert in Iran since 1979

    From Ettela'at newspaper (international edition) Friday November 20, 1998:... Click here

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More Letters

* Better alive than dead

Guive Mirfendereski writes: To oblige Aroosi-e-Khooban's exhortation, the term "patriot" means "a person who loves and loyally or zealously supports his own country." Nothing here about getting one's child or oneself deliberately killed. In contrast, consider Khooban's apparent synonym for patriot -- chauvinist -- whose distinguishing traits include being militant, unreasoning and boastful, fanatical and jingoistic. Of the two, the former contains the promise of life, the latter is doomed to perdition; here Khooban is not necessarily "az ma behtaroon," simply abnormally fatalistic. If there is an Iran and an Iranian nation left it is because of those who lived on, including Khooban and the character in Ali Kalili's story... FULL TEXT

* Film: Mehrjoui in Washington, DC

Dariush Mehrjoui will present his latest film "Golabi" ("The Pear") at Washington DC's American Film institute (Kennedy Center) on Tuesday, November 24.

Book of the Week

Deer Table Legs

Poems by Katayoon Zandvakili

The University of Georgia Press, 1998

Zandvakili lives in Piedmont, California, and writes for Publishers Weekly. Her poems have appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Five Fingers Review, Hawai'i Review, and the anthology A World Between: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans.

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Forouhar: Serious setback for Khatami

The murder of Dariush Forouhar has shocked Iranian people and especially opposition activists. Forouhar was one of the most outspoken critics of the religious leadership in Iran and was among very few well-known opposition leaders who had not gone into exile and dared to condemn openly violations of human rights in his country. Foruhar, who was 70, joined Iran Nation Party, a small nationalist party, in 1951.

Iran vows to clear up murder of dissidents

TEHRAN, Nov 23 (Reuters) - Iranian authorities vowed on Monday they would not rest until they had solved the brutal killings of a veteran opposition leader and his wife in Tehran. ``The judiciary head (Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi) expressed regret over the killing of Dariush Forouhar and his wife and ordered the prompt identification and punishment of the perpetrators,'' the official news agency IRNA reported. Police said an elite task force had been set up to investigate the stabbing deaths of Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh, outspoken critics of Iran's Islamic government, whose bodies were found at their home on Sunday... FULL TEXT

Albright urges Iran's removal from drug list

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in a new move aimed at improving ties with Tehran, has recommended that President Clinton remove Iran from the U.S. list of major illicit drug-producing countries, a senior U.S. official said Monday. This was the latest gesture by Washington in a hesitant, slow-moving diplomatic dance of improving relations between the two bitter enemies that began after a new moderate president, Mohammad Khatami, became Iran's president in 1997 ... FULL TEXT

U.S. wants dialogue with Iran despite bus attack

WASHINGTON, Nov 23 (Reuters) - The United States still wants to encourage contacts between Iranians and Americans, despite an attack on a bus carrying 13 American tourists in Tehran, the State Department said on Monday. But travelers to Iran should realise that attacks of this kind are possible, spokesman James Rubin said. ``We do call upon the government of Iran to adhere to the rule of law and protect visitors to their country. But of course, we also continue to support President (Mohammad) Khatami's call for a dialogue of civilisations and people-to-people exchanges such as this,'' he added... FULL TEXT

Iran likely to accept U.S. invite-coach

DUBAI, Nov 23 (Reuters) - Iran are likely to accept an invitation to play soccer friendlies in the United States in June, Iranian head coach Mansour Pourheidari has said. ``From our side, there are no problems. But we are still studying the invitation... and details have to be worked out still, such as whether to send our Olympic team or our national team,'' Pourheidari said... FULL TEXT

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No wonder

No wonder after some 2,500 years of statehood, the Iranian nation numbers only a meager 60 million; that is so perhaps in part because of the Iranian's insatiable appetite to die and then wanting to kill those who did not.

Guive Mirfendereski
Letter to The Iranian
November 23, 1998

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