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Oct 5-9, 1998 / Mehr 13-17, 1377


* In America: Hot dog


* Poetry: Beshno az ney...
* Abadan: We take pleasure...
* Refugees: Dignity denied
* Cover Story: Coming out

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Oct 2, 1998

    In America

    Hot dog
    What did you expect me to say, Ghormeh Sabzi?

    By Yasaman J.

    Ever since my son was born six years ago, I have been through an interesting journey with him. Being born and raised in Iran as a part of the majority Farsi-speaking Moslem population (although my family was never religious) it has been interesting and sometimes heartbreaking to see my son grow up as a first generation hyphenated American.

    He is trying so hard to fit in, where as a child it came so easy and effortlessly to me and I took it for granted in such a careless and delicious way.

    Roshan did not speak English until he was almost four. It breaks my heart to remember his beautiful Farsi with no American accent. As soon as he picked up English though, as if to make up for lost time, he dropped his Farsi all together... GO TO FEATURE

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Oct 8, 1998


    Beshno az ney...
    Badri Tarvij's cries of love, loneliness and life in exile

    There's an abundance of pain and sorrow in most of Badri Tarvij's poems which leave the reader quite distressed. But what makes them bearable, and often deeply satisfying, is her incredibly skillful but modest delivery of simple truths in beautiful verse.... GO TO FEATURE

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Oct 7, 1998


    We take pleasure...
    Leisure in Abadan? Sure. In 1969.

    By White Cloud

    The best shot in the arm and boost to the adrenalin is the flicks. A color film on a rectangular screen with the sound of music, surrounded by the darkening evening sky full of stars makes the Hollywood opiate work like a charm.

    Seated on tubular chairs with feet resting on the empty canvas chair in front, and with a good stretch of the imagination, you could be sitting in the over-stuffed plush seats of Joshua Logan or Elia Kazan or Billy Wilder's private home cinema. Only the orange flares on your right place you squarely in Abadan at the Naft Club. On evenings when the film is a lemon, you can look up and watch the stars... GO TO FEATURE

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Oct 6, 1998


    Dignity denied
    Refugees in Germany

    By Ozra Dejam

    The following article describes the difficult lives of Iranian refugees in Germany. It was first published in Payam-e Emrooz monthly magazine in Iran (Mordad 1377 / August 1998). (In Persian):... GO TO FEATURE

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Oct 5, 1998

    Cover Story

    Coming out
    Outdoor festivals in U.S. show Iranians more relaxed

    Photos by J. Javid

    We drove into New York with great excitement. We expected the "first Iranian-American street festival" to be filled with people, vendors and various cultural activities. What we saw was just a lot of people wondering around and -- for lack of anything better to do -- checking each other out.

    Although a disappointment in terms of organization, the New York festival showed Iranians as much more relaxed and confident about their Iranianness. You could see individuals representing all religions and political affiliations (even a woman in full black chador). But there was no sense of fear or suspicion, which were common among expatriates after the revolution. You could feel an invisible bond, even toward strangers... GO TO FEATURE

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 Cover Story

Coming out

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