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Oct 19-23, 1998 / Mehr 27-1 Aban, 1377


* Revolution: Prediction


* Iranians: Glad I have American friends
* Spam: No mercy
* Iraj Mirza: Seduction, not rape
* Revolution: Another Shahanshah? No thank you.
* Racism: Brilliant
* Advertising: Islamic school ad unjustified

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Oct 23, 1998

* Prediction

My ["Hororscope"] predictions are that the Iran will witness a revolution and Democracy will be instituted in Iran, and all religious leaders and officials will be exiled to the moon.

Jamsheed Tehrani

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Oct 22, 1998

* Glad I have American friends

I came to the U.S. when I was 14. We lived in New Jersey and I had limited contact with Iranians. I then went to college in Pittsburgh and rarely came home for six years, so that even lessened my contact with Iranians. After graduating I decided to move to Los Angeles since there were many Iraninans here, I thought I could then get more in touch with my culture. I regret that decision.

I don't know if it's the Iranians that I have met, but people that called me their "brother" ended up being the biggest backstabbing, "Khaleh Zanaks" I have ever met in my life. I have many American friends that I have known for over 15 years, and they are my true friends. We have had our share of arguments and disagreements, but we have resolved what ever it was, and have gone on, even if we had to agree to disagree on certain points.

Iranians have to prove their point to everyone, and if you don't agree with them, then they bad mouth you and make up what ever they need to in order to discredit you. Even my so called "brothers" have shown their true colors. For the past three years I have stuck up for Iranians when ever I heard anything bad. But now, I am extremely hurt and disappointed. Why do we put each other down? With as many of us that are here, I think that we would be able to help lift the whole Iranian population to new heights in any field.

Reading the letters that others have written, it seems that we are making excuses, by talking about what the Mongols and the Arabs and the Greeks did to us that makes us the way we are. What does that have to do with Iranians that have lived their whole lives here [in the U.S.]? I guess we Iranians need to blame someone else for our shortcomings. What pathetic, weak people, it makes me glad that I have good solid, true American friends that I can count on.


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Oct 21, 1998

* No mercy

Very sorry to see that following our mistake in exposing the emails of some of our subscribers yesterday, they have already been targets of spam:

I got these [promotional] emails from, and Ahmad Alizadeh International News and Broadcasting

I'm guessing that a lot of other people on your mailing list got them too. It might be a good idea to send them an email not to use our addresses any more. I'll do that myself too.

Zahra Mahloudji

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Oct 20, 1998

* Seduction, not rape

I don't think this [Iraj Mirza's poem on the chador] is about rape. This is about ignorance. She thought that nejaabat is the same as putting on the chador & roobandeh, even in the middle of fornication! I do agree that Iraj Mirza seduced her, but I don't see rape in the picture.


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Oct 19, 1998

* Another Shahanshah? No thank you.

[In response to Reza Velayati's letter, "Iran is dead":] No matter how horrible the current situation in Iran, dear monarchists, please stop dreaming about your old times and come out of your shells. Stop telling nice stories about the past. Many of us still remember it very well and don't want to experience another "glorious King of the Kings" again.

Mr. Velayati says: "We had everything before the revolution". I wonder why our monarhcists tend to close their eyes on the realities. As a matter of fact, I agree that we might not have achieved much from revolution, but "having everything" during Pahlavi?! Oh yes, we had many things. We had SAVAK, we had censorship, political prisoners too. The human right record of Pahlavi by no means was better than IRI.

I was a teenager at that time and well remember when my father, a young, innocent, absolutely non-political engineer was arrested by SAVAK only because a coworker of him, whom he barely knew, had been allegedly a member of an opposition group. All of their colleagues in the company, seven or eight engineers and technicians, all "disappeared" too. It took us a few days of horror and fear before we found out that my father and his colleagues had been actually taken by SAVAK, and a few weeks more until a member of the family, who was a colonel, did his best to release him. After that, there were several months of weekly reporting to SAVAK and not being able to leave the town, etc. He is not in favor of the Islamic government and in fact hates it, but by no means wants to see the monarchy back in Iran again.

Revolution in Iran against Pahlavi was indeed a popular rising at that time, and relating it to any "satanic alliance" between the U.S., Britain or the Soviet Union is just an ostrich-type excuse to cover the misbehavior of the former government and the dissatisfaction of the people. For me and many others like me, who had seen the nice and rather free days of the first year of the revolution, there is abosolutely no regret about overthrowing the monarchy, although we do miss that freedom and glory of the first year of the revolution, and our dream is to restore it.

But onsecond thought, perhaps this sentence is correct that Mr. Reza Velayati and his family had "everything before the revolution". Okay, you had your turn. It's now the turn of others, the majority, who were oppressed at that time and didn't enjoy the same benefits as your family!

K. Sani

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