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Tuesday, September 15, 1998 / Shahrivar 24, 1377, No. 563

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    Prepare for the worst
    But work for reconciliation

    By Siamak Namazi

    I just got back from Iran this Saturday. The Iranian press has been very active in crying out against war. For example, well before the fate of the Iranian diplomats was known, and even before the massing of 70,000 Revolutionary Guards on the Afghan border, a well-known Iranian political scientist, Sadeq Zibakalam, cried foul in an excellent article published in Tous. Zibakalam's piece was only one of the many written against mounting tensions and critical of Iran's policy on Afghanistan. Perhaps we can help by adding to the anti-war chorus. Judging from talking to people on the streets and in shared taxis in Tehran, the mood among the population is quite against war... GO TO FEATURE


    An observer in Tehran writes to the Gulf2000 academic alias:

    It really looks that they are going to make war against Taliban. Just looking at the face of the anchorman of the 9 o'clock evening news, I feel that they have made a decision. They are drumming up against what they picture as inhumane and unforgivable actions by Taleban, which includes not only the killings of the Iranian nationals but, more importantly, those actions taken against the anti-Taleban forces and the residents in the fighting areas. The Leader (Khamenei)'s statement today and several other statements including that of Great Ayatollah Nuri Hamadani in Qom seem to indicate that they have decided that the Taleban must be punished.

    As a political scientist, I cannot help but think that this cannot be "rational." Given the current oil price and already large government deficits, waging a war at this time will be really a bad idea economically. But come to think of that, this is after all a regime by the so-called "revolutionaries." Their priority may be different. After all, in June 1982, they didn't have to carry the war into Iraq, but they did. Was "retribution" a big factor for inducing that decision? Or am I fooled by the rhetoric? Is the current situation different from that of June 1982? I just hope that I was wrongheaded about all this feeling that a war is imminent.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

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* Lessons from Hitler's Germany

Rostam Farhadieh writes: There is little doubt that a war in the region would not be to the benifit of any nation particularly Iran. However it is important to put some of the movements into historical perspective. British Prime Minister Chamberlin chose diplomatic routes in dealing with Hitler's Germany. He believed sacrificing another nation's sovereignty in order to protect the peace was the most appropriate option. ... FULL TEXT

* Don't be so emotional

(No name) writes: Stop being so damn emotional and extreme on every issue ["We don't need this"]. There are real geopolitical reasons why the Iranian government is acting this way toward Afghanistan (and believe it or not, the diplomats are the tip of the iceberg). Let's try to be more rational in our next attempt at a political statement... FULL TEXT

* Khalili's reply: I do not condone injustices

Laleh Khalili writes: Dear Ms. Aghamiri, Thank you infinitely for your kind words. I just wanted to clarify a small point. I do not condone the injustices committed by the Taleban in Afghanistan. But I also believe that in that war (as in many others) there are no "good" or "just" sides. Rapes, murders, massacres, mutilations, and barbarism are committed by all. ... FULL TEXT


* "Adam barfi" ("The Snow Man) in Berkeley

San Francisco Cine Club and Iranian Film Society present: "Adam barfi" ("The Snow Man). Monday Sept 28, fine art cinema, 2145 Shattuck Aave, In Berkeley, California. Show times:5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

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Khamenei orders military alert

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's supreme leader Tuesday put the military on the alert for orders in a further escalation of the crisis with the Afghan Taleban. ``All officials..., including the armed forces, must be ready for the speedy, timely and decisive implementation of whatever decisions the senior political and security authorities deem necessary and right for the country,'' the official news agency IRNA quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying... FULL TEXT

Taleban say will hit Iran if attacked

ISLAMABAD, Sept 15 (Reuters) - The Taleban said on Tuesday it would hit Iranian cities if Iran's military, which was ordered on alert, attacked Afghanistan. ``Iran must know that if the soil of Afghanistan is attacked, we will target Iranian cities and the entire responsibility will rest with Iranian authorities,'' Taleban spokesman Wakil Ahmed told the independent Afghan Islamic Press (AIP)... FULL TEXT

Bodies of diplomats returned

TEHRAN, Sept 15, (BBC) - Jim Muir audio/video report on the return of the bodies of seven slain Iranian diplomats and reaction in Tehran to latest developments... REALVIDEO HERE

Refugees Report Deaths by Taliban

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Taliban fighters engaged in a ``killing frenzy'' after capturing the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, according to refugees' accounts, U.N. officials said Tuesday. U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said the eyewitness accounts corroborated reports about mass killings following the Taliban's seizure of the city Aug. 8 ... FULL TEXT

Ancient tablets get new life

TEHRAN, (Hamshahri) - Some 70,000 ancient Persian tablets which were locked in a wharehouse at the national museum for years, will now be translated and indexed by an Iranian expert on Ilamite history... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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British Prime Minister Chamberlin chose diplomatic routes in dealing with Hitler's Germany.

Rostam Farhadieh
Letter to The Iranian

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