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Friday, September 18, 1998 / Shahrivar 27, 1377, No. 566

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    Clinton & the Constitution
    Impeaching this president is constitutionally unsound

    By Guive Mirfendereski

    In deciding whether President Clinton should be impeached for offenses alleged in the Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report to the U.S. House of Representatives in connection with the Jones-Lewinsky affair, the members must bear in mind that the House is under no constitutional or other legal compulsion to institute impeachment proceedings. For whatever reason, should the majority of members resolve to impeach Clinton, then the matter will transcend his personal circumstance and inveigh the Constitution's delicate balance itself.

    The Constitution is a fragile document; the violence done to its intents and purposes on this occasion will visit the generations until such time as the Supreme Court or a constitutional amendment would halt future abuses of the impeachment process.

    Under article 2, section 4 of the Constitution, impeachable offenses consist of "Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." The Constitution itself is silent on the definition of "high crimes and misdemeanors." In deciding whether to impeach the president, therefore, each House member should ask whether each offense alleged by Mr. Starr rises to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor, as intended by the framers of the Constitution... GO TO FEATURE


    Isfahan, Florence become sister cities

    ISFAHAN, Sept. 13, (IRNA) - A sisterhood agreement was signed between this historical city and Italy's city of Florence today.

    The accord was signed by mayors of Isfahan and Florence Mohammad-Ali Javadi and Mario Primicerio to promote relations between Iran and Italy through friendship between the two cities.

    The agreement calls for consolidation of friendly bonds based on the two cities' needs and stresses expansion of bilateral cooperation in cultural, social, economic, scientific and artistic fields.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

     NEW: Iran-Iraq war stories

    Onion = Tear jerker

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* Lack of concern for national interests

Hamid Reza Roshanravan writes: Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi opines ["National interests come first"] that the Afghani issue should be thought of carefully and the present regime should take Iran's national intersts into consideration first. Although I agree in principle with what Amirahmadi says, but in reality, I do not believe that this regime cares about Iran and Iran's national interests including the well being of Iranian people.

This regime has shown an abject lack of concern for Iran's national interests during the past twenty years and esepcially during Iran-Iraq war. It spent billions of dollars of Iran's national wealth and human capital in order to continue a war that could be finished honorably after we defeated Iraqi army in 1982 (after the recpaturing of Abadan and Khorramshar).. FULL TEXT

* Kindled a fire within me

Alex Thomas writes: Though not a Persian, I am an Indian who lived in Kuwait for over a decade until I came to the States. The article "The little emigre" starring herself in the lead, was a candid expression of the evolution of human thought and perception throughout life, and it kindled a fire within me.

I was reminded of the time, not so long ago, when I first landed on these shores with a mind full of imaginative anticipation and a heart brimming with innocent (relative to now at least) excitement. I've had my share of losses and looking back upon them now, I thank God I made it through them without turning into an embittered and callous psycho... FULL TEXT

* "Adam barfi" ("The Snow Man) in Berkeley

San Francisco Cine Club and Iranian Film Society present: "Adam barfi" ("The Snow Man). Monday Sept 28, fine art cinema, 2145 Shattuck Aave, In Berkeley, California. Show times:5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

* Religion: Dr. Mirza Aghassi in the Bay Area

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Thousands mourn Iranians slain by Taleban

TEHRAN, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of people marched through Tehran on Friday to mourn Iranian diplomats whose killing by the Afghan Taleban has sparked high tension between Iran and Afganistan's dominant militia. ``Our country did not submit to America, the Soviet Union or Iraq. This group (Taleban) is too little to be taken seriously. Our people and armed forces are prepared to answer any plots threatening our borders,'' Jannati said in a Friday prayer sermon ... FULL TEXT

Taleban to free 5 Iranian prisoners-Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taleban movement, locked in a tense standoff with neighbouring Iran, will free five Iranian civilians on Saturday, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz said. ``As a goodwill gesture, the Afghan government had earlier released five Iranian prisoners and had followed it up by an announcement that another five would be released tomorrow, Saturday,'' Aziz said ... FULL TEXT

Pakistan's Aziz meets Iran's Habibi on Afghanistan

TEHRAN, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Pakistan's foreign minister met Iranian First Vice President Hassan Habibi for talks on the Afghan crisis and handed him a letter from Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, IRNA news agency said on Friday. Sharif also ``categorically denied the allegations of Pakistan's interference in Afghanistan'' and ``urged that Pakistan and Iran should work closely for the promotion of a durable settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan,'' said the radio, monitored by the British Broadcasting Corporation... FULL TEXT

Tous editor heads home to jail

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- The managing director of Iran's only independent daily newspaper is flying home Saturday to be arrested. Mohammad Mohsen Sazgara is not sure what the charge is. He doesn't know what punishment he faces, where he will be jailed, or when he'll be able to speak publicly again... FULL TEXT

Azadegan league off to a rough start

TEHRAN (Hamshahri) - Azadegan soccer league matches have begun after a six-month delay. It is obvious that some teams are not as ready as they should be... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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I'm a citizen of Iran, first of all. Second, my friends are in jail

Mohammad Mohsen Sazgar
Managing Director of the banned Tous newspaper giving reasons why he is returning to Iran to be arrested.
Associated Press
Sept 18, 1998

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