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    December 29, 1999

    My daughter reached for the CD player in the car and put on some music. She asked me if I knew who the singer was. I didn't. She said it was Andy. "Andy?!" I asked as if I was being force-fed a chocolate-flavored diarrhetic.

    Truth is that I had never heard his music before -- except for 15 second video clips on Iranian TV stations now and then. My impression was that he's the worst of Iranian music in exile -- silly, devoid of any musical value and good for that certain LA crowd. And dude, what's up with that headband?

    When my daughter played his Tanhaie CD in the car, I only heard two songs. Based on that, I still would not rank Andy close to Ebi or Daryoush. But, hey, I enjoyed it. I really did. Has my taste deteriorated? I don't know. All I can say is that it was fun and entertaining.

    * Khoshgel-e mahalamoon
    * Naaz naaz

    * Tanhaaee
    * Yambosanam
    * Cheshm-haaye naaz

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