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    July 21, 2000
    The Iranian

    Seen her somewhere before? Shahrzad Sepanlou was one-third of the original Silhouettt trio. In her debut solo album, Qesseh-ye maa, Shahrzad leaves no doubt that she can hold her own.

    It is rare to see so much talent and work going into the production of Iranian music in the U.S. This is no I-want-to-be-famous-no-matter-how-bad-I-am production seen so often in the Iranian community in Los Angeles. On the contrary, Shahrzad's songs are sensitive and intelligent. And the production is highly professional. For more on Shahrzad, go to 1001 Productions.

    From the debut Qesseh-ye maa CD

    * Mesl-e har ruz
    * Eteraaz
    Qalb-e man
    * Bee to

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