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Travel package for young Iranians abroad

By Hanieh Bastani & Parichehr Kooshesh
February 23, 2001
The Iranian

Ey Iraan
Ey Marz-e Por Gohar
Ey Khaakat Sar Cheshme-yeh Honar
Door Az To Andishe-yeh Badaan
Paayandeh Maani To Jaavedaan...

We have all sang this patriotic song during sports games and Noruz celebrations outside Iran. A lot of times we wish we were singing it in our homeland. The sad truth, however, is that many of us have not even been to Iran, or at least not in a long time.

The country we left behind is the basis of our cultural heritage; the foundation of what we are today. It breaks our hearts that many young Iranians abroad have only gone to Iran for limited periods and confined to the city where their relatives reside.

We too are young Iranians (18 and 19-years old) who grew up in America, so we understand what is important to you, and hopefully we can all collaborate to create a strong bond of friendship.

We believe it is essential for these young Iranians to experience their roots through the beauty of Iran's nature; the remains of our ancient civilization; the harmony between the mountains/rivers and the good-hearted people; and the cultural vibrancy that surrounds every city.

We spent long nights trying to find some sort of way to create a bridge between young Iranians and Iranian-Americans, to see what they have heard about Iran from perhaps their nostalgic parents or friends.

And we have found the perfect solution! Or at least it's a start. We have organized two-week tours designed especially with the Iranian-American college student in mind.

The first group leaves New York this May 23, the other on July 9. Both tours are adventurous, all-activity and sightseeing that covers Iran north and south. For those first-time visitors this is the perfect opportunity to see breathtaking sunsets on the coast of the Caspian Sea!

You will gaze in astonishment at the view from the top of the Alborz mountain range when you get off the telecabin in Namakabroud. You will be amazed at the numerous cultural sights in Esfahan, the beautiful gardens and historical sights in Shiraz, and the vibrant bazaar and parks in Tehran.

The price for the tours are $1,400 for the one in May, and $1,500 for the one in July. This price includes everything: roundtrip flight to Iran, hotel hotel accommodations and meals, local transportation, and all activities during our stay in Iran.

We are not making any money off this trip. The only one who is making money out of this trip is Iran's economy, which is a great thing! You, as the explorer, are getting an exhilarating trip to discover your roots in a way you never thought of before.

And we are getting our dream come true, that is taking Iranians back to see where they come from in a heartwarming, friendly, and breathtaking atmosphere.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have: And please visit our web site.

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