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I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Landan, Engelis

US responsible for Ukrainian crisis after investing $5 billion in regime change | Russia’s envoy to UN — RT News

The US is to blame for the events in Ukraine as it invested $5 billion in regime change in the country, taking a more radical stance that its EU allies, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, said. “It seems it was the Americans, who tried to push through the most radical scenario,” Churkin said in an interview with Rossiya 24 channel.  ... ... ... Continue reading »

According to the Bible, The Islamic Republic Is the Father Of Lies. Part 1 of 7

I am not in any way a Religous person, I do not follow the teachings of any particular Guru, because I do not believe in a God that communicates with people through Guru's, but may be I do believe in a God after all that exposes itself to us through the understanding that has been given as a gift a little differently to each person.  When one see's ... Continue reading »

Freedom And Independence For Iran are not Negotiable

Iranian Freedom and Independence has been under attack since 1979 and these are not Negotiable, Iranians will tear down any one, even one claiming to be from God.  The situation is changing very quickly and who knows where the IRI will be in the next few years as the people work against them so they can restore the Freedom and Independence the IRI ... Continue reading »

One Rule For Me, Another Rule For You.

Mistakes were made, people did die and those who made the mistakes are not only not accountable, but free to cover up their own lies.   Democratic systems neither adhere to the rule of law, nor do they self correct, not ever, because those running them are more concerned with their own likelyhood of being re-elected than accountability.  Accountabi ... Continue reading »

Are Iranians Warriors?

Do not be disheartened by what we have seen in our recent history, this was a necessary dysfunction that was possible and will be altered in time.   Let’s define our Warrior as A force for Peace, Goodness, Beauty and Truth, are Iranians such warriors?  Clearly some are not and the people’s ability to recognize them is the primary cause of how weste ... Continue reading »

Shah of Iran, The Fall of the Great Civilisation by Ayatollah's lies

180,000 clicks , home made but very good clips put together.  Maybe we had it coming, if the people are looking for a religous man sent from god to help them then really how can anyone blame the late shah or the only person that did not make a mistake and left with out even ordering a singly bullet to be fired and honoring the peoples will for him ... Continue reading »

Iran's Supreme Leader pardons 920 prisoners: IRNA| Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei agreed on Monday to pardon or reduce the sentences of 920 people, the official IRNA news agency reported, in a customary gesture to mark the anniversary of the Islamic Republic. It was the second large-scale pardon this year after Iran's paramount clerical leader pardoned or eased the ... ... Continue reading »

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