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I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Landan, Engelis

UK opposes international ban on developing 'killer robots' | Politics

The UK is opposing an international ban on so-called “killer robots” at a United Nations conference that is this week examining future developments of what are officially termed lethal autonomous weapons systems (Laws). Related: The Guardian view on robots as weapons: the human factor | Editorial Ex ... Continue reading »

Man's 'World Destroyed' After San Diego Cop Kills Burberry The Service Dog

A California man is demanding police accountability after an officer fatally shot his service dog in the head. Ian Anderson of San Diego told The Huffington Post he was sleeping in his home when officers pounded on his door at 5 a.m. Sunday over a domestic disturbance call. The 24-year-old man said ... Continue reading »

NATO missile shield in Europe stays, despite understanding over ‘nuclear Iran fairytale’ — RT News

  Despite a negotiated understanding with Tehran on the nuclear issue, the US is still going ahead with its missile defense installations in Europe, being deployed over a perceived threat from “nuclear Iran” – a pretext which Moscow called a “fairytale.”   “The threat to NATO countries posed by the ... Continue reading »

Iranian Defector: 'U.S. Negotiating Team Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf'

An Iranian journalist writing about the nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran has defected. In an interview Amir Hossein Motaghi, has some harsh words for his native Iran. He also has a damning indictment of America's role in the nuclear negotiations. “The U.S. negotiating team are ... Continue reading »

US masterminds behind Ukraine coup, helped train radicals — RT News

The Ukrainian armed coup was organized from Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview for a new documentary aired Sunday. The Americans tried to hide behind the Europeans, but Moscow saw through the trick, he added.   “The trick of the situation was that outwardly the [Ukra ... Continue reading »

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