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An Inspiration to Humanity

As we all know Mr Nelson Mandela passed away a few days ago. With him gone, the humanity has lost a great asset and a unique inspirational icon.   I was going to write an article about the man, his grace his achievements and his amazing capability to forgive. But most of all, about his faith in humanity. However I did not know where to begin as eve ... Continue reading »

"It Wasn't Meeeeeee!" (Iran's irresponsible cry babies)

As a kid I used to be quite a hand full. As I remember every single piece of furniture in the house, every wall, door or window and even the roof top of our house and not to mention in the neighbours house had my marking on it, as it had somehow been destroyed damaged or broken by yours truly.   However as a kid I had a very good strategy to evade ... Continue reading »

Where to, from here?

A few days ago I published an article in this site talking about the situation in Iran and the place that different political parties and their leaders hold in the hearts and minds of Iranians inside the country. However these still seems to be people amongst us who not only do not want to accept their error of 1979, or even worse attempt to shift ... Continue reading »


As I believe most of the readers of this article agree the IRI have reached the end of the rope.   It has not only lost all the legitimacy in the eyes of Iranians inside and out of the country. It also has lost all the appeal in the eyes of its foreign supporters as it keeps becoming more of a liability than an asset. Nowadays even the inner circl ... Continue reading »

Be Honest With Yourself

A few days ago our friend Siavash put an article on this site highlighting the services that the Pahlavi Kings have done to this country.   A counter argument was posted by another fellow countryman @Ashianeh.   If I were a Pahlavi family member, I would thank Khomeini and the Mullah’s regime every single day. Thank to the disastrous current situa ... Continue reading »

BAR ANDAAZ opposition vs. JAA ANDAAZ opposition

    Beware! Be very aware! not to be deceived by this man and his associates again!   Yesterday in my blog ( I tried to warn my fellow countrymen about the scenario that is being cooked for the next twenty to thirty years of Iran's political climate. There are many hands involved in preparing not only Irania ... Continue reading »

A grate danger lurking round the corner.

        As we all now through its life of 35 years the IRI has been threatened with the danger of annihilation several times. But each and every time it managed to talk its way out of the dead end corner and come back stronger than ever.   To achieve such goal the IRI and its cronies have mainly followed to major strategies.   First by creating cri ... Continue reading »

آیا رضا شاه مشروطیت را از بین برد؟

سوم اسفند ماه سالروز یکی از مهمترین وقایع تاریخ معاصر ایران است که مهمترین نتیجه این واقعه (کودتا) ظهور یکی از تاثیرگزارترین شخصیت های سیاسی چند قرن اخیر سرزمینمان بود. درباره این کودتا و نقش دولت انگلیس و همینطور میزان آن نقش و هدف دولت انگلیس هنوز هم بحث و اختلاف نظر بسیاری وجود دارد اما حتی اگر سخن دشمنان رضا شاه بزرگ را بپذیریم که انگلیسیها نق ... Continue reading »

آيا براي حماقت حدي وجود دارد ؟

کشف ژن بی حجابی و دارويی جهت خنثی سازی آن و آزمایش این دارو بر روي کودکان زیر‏ هفت سال!     تو رو خدامارو ببین با کیا 75 میلیون شدیم !؟     ایمیل دریافتی:خانم الهام غلامحسيني، دانشجوي دانشگاه جامعة الزهرا، وهمسرش، آقاي رجب فاطم زاده، دانشجوي دانشگاه امام صادق، که هر دو ده سالي است که به تحصيلات عاليه مشغول هستند، امروز به خبرگزاري ها اعلام کردن ... Continue reading »

ما بد کردیم ، ما تیشه به ریشه خود زدیم

ما به ایران بد کردیم،به خود بد کردیم و به نسل آینده‌مان و بیش از همه به محمدرضاشاه بد کردیم   ما بد کردیم وقتی در سال ۱۳۵۷ فریاد زدیم آزادی، استقلال، جمهوری اسلامی، چرا که نه مفهوم روشن و درستی از آزادی در نظر داشتیم و نه مستعمرة کشوری بودیم که بخواهیم استقلال خود را به‌دست آوریم و نه می‌دانستیم جمهوری اسلامی چه نظامی است.ما بد کردیم که کوچکترین کن ... Continue reading »