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ayatoilet1 @ayatoilet17

B.S. from Argooz U., M.S. from Massachosetts I.T. PhD from Oxfed U; Post Doc @ Kharvard U; Big Shot @ Sheikh Mir Hassan Bank. Plays for a band: Ayatoilet & the Shits. The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh!

New Clue: Bush was Actually Blair’s Poodle, and Confirmation for the Mullahs too

You have to hand it to the Brits! They get an A for audacity. The gall! The sheer brilliance of the Brits – calling Blair: Bush’s poodle!! No, my friends, Bush was Blair’s poodle. It’s the other way round.   During Britain’s recent general election, we heard this constant theme! It was a regular at ... Continue reading »

A Long Fight with ISIS actually helps Iran and Thwarts Saudi, Israeli, Qatari and American Ambitions

Europe’s annual natural gas imports are slated to hit $400 Billion dollars within 10 years or so. That by the way, is more than Iran’s current GDP. It’s a huge volume of business. This is literally Trillions of dollars of revenue at play.  Europe does NOT have its own natural gas supplies and is shu ... Continue reading »

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