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B.S. from Argooz U., M.S. from Massachosetts I.T. PhD from Oxfed U; Post Doc @ Kharvard U; Big Shot @ Sheikh Mir Hassan Bank. Plays for a band: Ayatoilet & the Shits. The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh!

7 Lessons for Iran from the Ukraine Crisis

1)            Don’t give up any nuclear capability without an Alliance   Ukraine was fooled. Pure and simple. When ‘peace’ broke out at the end of the cold war, Ukrainians were persuaded to give up all Nuclear weapons. In fact, it was always believed that this arsenal was NOT well protected and could end up in rogue hands. There were reports that t ... Continue reading »

Our Generation’s Challenge & Why Iran Matters

It’s a simple reality. The population of our planet will rise from 7 Billion to 9 Billion by 2050. There will be 5 Billion human beings in the ‘middle class’ by 2030 rising from 1.8 Billion today. The rise of global communication means there will be NO human being alive that is not aware of the living standards in the West. And this means there wil ... Continue reading »

America’s Great Strategic Loss – Afghanistan!

This week, President Obama declared that all US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. This, might have been a hollow threat. But, whatever the end date the outcome is clear. The US is retreating in a similar vein to America’s experience in Vietnam.   And this is a simple recognition that the U.S. is ‘not welcome’ in Afghanistan ... Continue reading »

Why is Iran so … “Evil”?

One feature of “Google” searching is the auto-fill process. A word appears that is the most popular word for that search string. So if you type in “Why is Dubai so …” it will automatically insert “rich” … because that is the most popular word on google for that string. If you replace Dubai with “Tehran” …it will autofill …”polluted” (i.e. why is Te ... Continue reading »

After Sanctions are lifted, Iran Should Still Do No Business With Europe

We keep hearing of delegation after delegation of Europeans visiting Tehran to start doing business??? And yet, Iran’s demise today is the direct result of complex and underhanded planning by Europeans. I am sure of it.   Three times in the past one hundred years, Europeans have schemed to undermine Iranian democracy. That is a simple fact.   Irani ... Continue reading »

Doesn't Dejagah Look Like a Freak?

  In the West, people who walk around bible bashing are sometimes called “Jesus Freaks”, and why not call Islamic fanatics who walk around the West ‘emulating’ the prophet with long beards, “Muslim Freaks”?   Because, quite honestly it looks freakish!! Especially on a soccer field. I mean how many soccer players are out there with a long beard cha ... Continue reading »

Top Iranian military official warns Kerry against attacking Iran's nuclear facilities | The Daily Caller

Tweet The chief commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the United States yesterday that if it attacked the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities, it would blow back in America’s face.   Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari was responding to a statement by Secretary of State John Kerry made on Thursday to Al Arabiya that if Iran does not abide by ... ... Continue reading »

Is Iran now more liberal than Saudi Arabia? Do we need to change allies? | Telegraph Blogs

Could we be looking at a future ally? In Davos, Hassan Rouhani is mounting a formidable charm offensive. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reckons that "the 30-year US vendetta with Iran is over in all but name". This prompts a wider question. Are we about to see a radical realignment of the West's relations in the Middle East? Or, more specifically, are the ... ... Continue reading »

Movie Review: THE PAST (An Iranian – French Movie on wide Release)

The Past, written and directed by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, has stayed fixated inside my head for almost exactly one week since I saw it at the Landmark Theater in Washington DC. Every few hours, a scene flashes and I begin to appreciate the undertones Farhadi had in mind, and then I kick myself for not ‘figuring it out’ while I was sitting ... Continue reading »

The Great American Oil & Gas Boom & the Future of Iran

No country, No Nation, has ever added oil production capacity – yes ever – like the United States has in the past few years. America has gone from producing 5 Million barrels of oil per day in 2011 to over 7.5 Million barrels this past year; and will soon surpass 10 Million barrels of oil production domestically. It’s an incredible oil boom that wi ... Continue reading »

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