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November 27, 2002
Audio: Zabooneh roozeh
Talking about fasting and Ramadan on Bern's Persian radio

March 8, 2002
beh monaasebate rooze jahaaniye zan
On Women's Day

February 27, 2002
Harf-e beepardeh
On the whole virginity thing

May 1, 2001
Beemaari-ye hasr
When Iranians in exile get bored

January 3, 2001
Man naboodam, dastam bood...
Everything is everyone else's fault

September 29, 2000
Khob... digeh chetori?
Iranian greeting habits

September 19, 2000
Okay, I'm racist
I must shamefully admit that I don't like Arabs

August 31, 2000
Elm behtar ast yaa servat?
Of course wealth is better

August 24, 2000
Zan gereftan
... shohar kardan

August 17, 2000
Hamvatanan araaghi
... or Mojafeqin

August 10, 2000
Leila ham bad neest
Googoosh is no comparison

August 3, 2000
Bepaa laal nashi
"Learing" English and "forgetting" Persian

July 26, 2000
Anjoman-e Neveesandegaan-e Amaator va Mazloom-e de Eeraynian

September 30, 1999
Persian work ethics
Beh pir, beh peyghambar, we are lazy

December 15, 1998
Two Stripes
A poem

November 5, 1998
Daastaan-e javaad aaqaa
He was a bit of conservative. But he was a good guy. (In Persian)

July 9, 1998
Loving an Iranian girl
Ready for love... Not!

January 13, 1998
My first girlfriend
She wasn't really my girlfriend. It was more like a laas khoshkeh.

December 19, 1997
Maamaan daareh meeyaad!
Heeeeeeeeeeeere's mom!

July 1997
Diling diling communications
Why don't we introduce ourselves over the phone?

Something that bothers me about our moral views.

March 1996
Eat this
I have only known two Iranian vegetarians

January 1996
Why change a name?
A cousin living in L.A., used to be Akbar, now he's Fred.

November 1995
tArof bi tArof
Forgetting Iranian etiquette...


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